Do you have any questions about septic tank inspection? I am sure you have; otherwise, you would not have been here. Well, you are at the right place, and you will answer all your questions here. 

A septic system examination may be required if you are purchasing or selling your house. So, get septic system guidance from a professional and engage with a seasoned real estate agent in the process.

As the property owner with a septic system, it is critical to managing it properly so that there are no problems now or when it’s time to sell. Unfortunately, in certain provinces, passing a septic tank inspection is a major stumbling block. So this guide will speak about septic inspections in detail along with several other related information. 


Why Is A Septic Tank Inspection Crucial?

Why Septic Tank Inspection Is Crucial

Before we dive deep into the importance of septic tank inspection, let us take a look at what a septic tank system is. Septic tanks are basically wastewater treatment facilities under the ground. It is observable mainly in rural regions where centralized sewage lines do not exist.

This system works by separating wastes into three specific layers. What Are Those? – Solid Waste, Effluent Waste, Scum Waste. These solids eventually deposit on the bottom, where microorganisms gradually decompose them. Although the scums are lightweight wastes, hence they suspend at the top. 

If you are planning to buy a new home soon, take care of the septic tank inspection beforehand. A proper inspection enables the septic tank system to operate normally. This, in turn, prevents you and your family from facing multiple issues like leakage and others. 

Not only before buying or selling a home but also while staying at home, you can run an inspection. Many homeowners do it by themselves, but it is advisable to take the help of experts for a successful review.  

How Often Is A Septic Tank Inspection Required?

How Often Septic Tank Inspection Required

Inspections of septic tanks are a fundamental aspect of its proper functionality. So you must inspect it once every 3-5 years. If you follow a schedule like this, your septic tank will function well throughout your life. It is roughly the same regime you require to stick to while pumping the tank. 

But, ironically, the majority of the homeowners simply overlook this routine. Even they ignore the need for inspection, which results in a myriad of problems later, and ultimately they call the inspector. However, the inspector checks if the tank system is replaced or recommends if any part of the system is at fault.

Of course, the expenses at this stage would be far more than the total cost of following the system diligently. 

How To Inspect Septic Tanks?

How To Inspect Septic Tanks

Generally, inspections of septic tanks are of two types- Visual Inspection and Full inspection. Visual inspection includes simply collecting information about the maintenance history and overviewing the age of the system. Moreover, The inspector verifies its workability by flushing the toilets, checking the drain field, and observing the water stagnancy.  

If he finds any issue that needs further exploration, he proceeds towards Full Inspection. A complete inspection includes all steps of visual inspections plus much more. It involves checking the tank level by lifting the lid, regular flowage of water, amount of deposits, etc. Often, the inspector enters a dye to correspond to what depth it enters within the tank. 

These tests are only to indicate whether there is any obstruction in the system and whether other arts are smoothly working. One of the most prominent signs of tank non-functionality is if the water is over the distribution box’s pipeline. It is time to look for a quick replacement for the septic tank. 

What Are The Costs Of Inspecting Septic Tanks?

Costs Of Inspecting Septic Tanks

A septic tank inspection cost varies from one area to another. Some triggering factors are the tank’s size, the complexity of the issue, license of the inspector, local standards, rules, and policies. 

The total replacement of a septic system is $10,000 to $50,000. Some other vital determinants are existing soil, groundwater, installation difficulty, and slope of the land. 

Nonetheless, in some states of the U.S.A like Texas, there is no requirement or license of the inspectors, so the cost automatically reduces. But it also means that the inspector is not qualified enough to be able to detect the problem. The cost of an average septic examination can be between $300 to above $1000.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Who Pays For Septic System Inspections?

Septic Tank

If you are going to sell a house or buy it from someone, the responsibility of paying for the inspections belongs to the seller. There are some states in the USA where it is not possible to sell a house without clearing septic inspections. But if you run an assessment while owning the home, the responsibility is yours. 

Íf you find the amount too high for you, you can speak to the local health department as they provide inspection facilities at comparatively lower prices.  

2. What Is The Longevity Of The Septic Systems?

The median years for the sustainability of a septic system is 20-50 years. Furthermore, if you take proper care, then it would last longer. A secret tip to enhance the longevity of septic systems is not to dispose of garbage in them. Solid wastes would disrupt the internal functionalities faster. 

The Final Lines

Now that you have understood how essential septic tank inspection is at your home book one if you have not done it yet. Also, consider the costs and all the formalities before scheduling an inspection. Then, I am sure that all of your issues regarding the septic tank would be resolved. 

You can drop a comment below if you have any further thoughts on the topic. Also, share this post with anyone who is encountering septic tank-related complications or wants to book an inspection. 

If you have any other concerns, kindly leave your queries in the box below, and we will provide you with satisfactory answers as fast as possible. Lastly, subscribe to our website to obtain more intriguing reads like this one soon. 

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