For people considering moving to Clarksville, Tennessee, you may have a list of queries about the gorgeous city’s livability scores in terms of choosing the right neighborhood, schools, work opportunities, living costs, and much more.

We’re here to help you answer your questions!

In the following blog, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of living in Clarksville TN, and most importantly, assess whether you should consider it an option.

Let’s begin with the demographics of Clarksville, followed by a detailed pros and cons section.


Living in Clarksville, Tennessee

Clarksville is located in Montgomery, an average-sized city within the state of Tennessee. Clarksville is home to around 150,602 people.

The population growth rate has been 1.1%, which is significantly low compared to other cities.

Let’s talk about density now – Clarksville TN has an urban-like feel and can feel quite dense and fast-paced on most days.

People are always on-the-go and are always either going to work or coming back from work. Life in Clarkville during the day is all about hustling; however, the locals also enjoy socializing during the evenings.

Note: There are great family-friendly restaurants and cafes with cuisines from all over the world, where the residents are spotted regularly. On top of this, Clarksville is also at par with its urban nightlife.

Pros of Living in Clarksville

Let’s now look at the advantages of living in Clarksville:

Pros of Living in Clarksville

1. Livability

The livability score of Clarksville has consistently been above average. It is calculated based on the critical factors and variables that play a huge role in the quality of life of its residents.

It is primarily determined by its quality and accessibility of good education, work opportunities, living costs, the housing market, crimes, neighborhoods, and most importantly, its residents!

Clarksville’s livability score currently sits at 6 out of 10, which is more than the national average.

2. Living Costs

The costs of living in a new city play a huge role in deciding whether you should consider relocating. When you are looking at options, the cost of living is something that has to sync with your income and affordability.

The good news is that the costs of living in Clarksville are relatively lower than in most cities in Tennessee. This is because real estate prices, health care, transportation, and many other miscellaneous costs are still below the national average.

If you want to compare the prices of the housing market in Clarksville, look into real estate trends 2022.

3. Climate

Hands down, Clarksville has to be one of the most livable cities in terms of weather and climate. It has traits of a subtropical zone with four seasons, with summer being the year’s longest season. It can get extremely hot and humid during the day.

During winter, the locals experience their share of snowfall, with temperatures as low as 20F. So whichever season you choose to move to Clarksville, make sure you are dressed suitably.

4. Recreational Activities

There are various outdoor and indoor entertainment options in Clarkville that are popularly availed by its residents, such as picnic spots, plazas, playgrounds for children, scenic walks, and much more.

An award-winning vineyard known as Beachaven is also home to Clarksville, which attracts people from all over America for its wineries. If you are an outdoor adventure lover, you can also enjoy hikes, tours, and fishing spots all throughout the year.

Cons of Living in Clarksville

Some of the cons of living in Clarksville are discussed in the following section. Let’s take a look.

Cons of Living in Clarksville

1. Infrastructure

The residents of Clarksville have expressed that its infrastructure and road management has a lot of room for improvement. Traffic and transportation, in general, have become an issue over the years with an increase in population.

However, locals reported that it takes less than 23 minutes to get to work regularly, which is still lower than the national commute time of the country.

2. Environmental Factors

Population density has been linked to the quality of life, especially in Clarksville. The city’s people feel that it impacts their overall life; hence, the stress from environmental factors is considered a disadvantage of living in Clarkville.

This city’s air quality has received much criticism lately due to the population density and too many cars.

Is Clarksville, Tennessee a Good Option?

The answer is a definite yes! It is a beautiful place for people to relocate with a world of opportunities.

There is something in it for everyone, including children.


The education system and school quality are ranked quite high compared to other cities in America.

It is a small city, where the people are a part of a bigger family, tightly-knitted. This is perhaps one of the perks of living in Clarksville for sure.

Notes: Another winning point is its low living costs – affordability brings people to Clarksville, especially families with children. Great schools, job opportunities, and a growing economy play a huge role in  Clarksville’s high livability score.


Lastly, Clarksville is a city of diversity. It welcomes people from all cultures and religions. Needless to say that the pros indeed meet all the basic criteria, making it an excellent home for its locals.

Moving to Clarksville, Tennessee, in other words, is definitely worth a shot. However, you should tour its neighborhoods before you shortlist your options.

For ultimate convenience, choose one that is close to your workplace. Good luck!


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