How about getting to know Malaga before you go to Malaga?

If you stick till the end of this article, you will have seen, (through the eyes of words), what life is like in Malaga and if you would like it there. This preliminary information will help you determine whether it is an excellent place to buy a property. 


whether a location is a great place to buy property as a migrant or a tourist will depend on a set of preferences and the intent for the premises. It is advised that you consider all of the aspects and not just the price before launching a sale. For more information, read more on the official website Spain-Real.Estate.

7 Exhilarating Things to Know about Malaga

Know about Malaga

Are you looking for property in Malaga? Here are the seven things you should look forward to experiencing in the tourist bubbly city of Malaga.

1. It is a Coastal city in the Mediterranean autonomous district of Andalusia: To sum up all of those grammars, it has many beaches and coastal apartments, from where you can enjoy the warmth of the sea and feel the gentle breeze sweep over the land.

Little wonder why Malaga was categorized among the places fondly nicknamed the Coast of the Sun. It is always warm around the city area, and you would be perfectly justified if you like to sunbathe endlessly.

2. The city is rich in history. Britannica records reveal that Malaga has been a relevant town in the Mediterranean area of Andalusia since 713; the Turdetanos first occupied the site and after that, the Romans did. It is such a place where you can feel the history on the city’s walls and have a wealthy historical record to immense.

3. The city has a rich culture and celebrates many unique festivals yearly. This city’s rich celebratory options are the Malaga Carnival, the Malaga Fair, the October Picasso Month celebration, the Semana Santa, and Saints Day. Each festival brings a touch of history and art, and you can experience it all.

4. The Food is fantastic: If you are a collector of tastes and cuisines, don’t sleep over it; visit Malaga. The city is well-appraised for its delicacies. You could try the dish of the mountains of Malaga, the El Palo fishermen’s soup, or the espeto. Interestingly, these delicacies have local names that tell you of the native importance placed on them.

5. Many lovely places to visit: For tourists, locations of history, beauty, and relevance in a country are like honeycombs. They attract people from far and wide who come to see through these places’ architecture and experience their purpose at various times.

Examples of such locations include; the Alcazaba de Malaga, the 110 massive towered structure which was built in the 11th century and advanced by the Romans for defense purposes; the Castillo De Gilbralfaro, which dates back to the 10th century and refurbished in the 14th century; and the Gothic and mesmerizing cathedral de la Encarnación de Málaga that was so massive that it was never completed. What’s more interesting about these sites is that many of their original forms are being retained up until now.  

6. The Malaga Market: touring local markets are the best ways to see locals and experience the actual city. Luxurious areas are often fine-tuned to suit international purview; when you visit Malaga’s Muelle Uno – its public market, you will see the true way people dress, the local snacks, and the apparel that decorates the stalls, and experience the originality of the town. The Malaga Market stands out as one of the wonders of the city.

7. Pablo Picasso’s hometown: If you are a painter, seeing the lifestyle and scenery that inspired the legend may also inspire you. Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga. A festival is celebrated to commemorate his memory every October by displaying some of his work in a month-long exhibition.


Drawing from the above is Malaga, therefore, an excellent place to buy property. That is answered in the affirmative. You will find the city excellent as a personal realtor, and as an investor, you will likely always have tenants. 

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