Did you ever think about upgrading both your backyard and front yard? But then you thought there was no way you could afford it? We get it! But what if we tell you that we can give you some inexpensive desert landscaping ideas that can help you turn that dry, arid yard into a beautiful landscape? 

Keep reading to find out all about it! 

15+ Inexpensive Desert Landscaping Ideas In 2022 – Updated Designs

So here we are with a curated list of inexpensive desert landscaping ideas – desert landscaping ideas but on a budget! Sounds exactly like what you were looking for…doesn’t it? So without wasting any more time, let’s get started with these ideas. All you have to do is stick around – scroll down to read now! 

1. Landscaping With Rocks And Stones:

One of those desert landscape ideas which is not just inexpensive but also simple to execute is using rocks and stones for landscaping your backyard. There are various choices in terms of shape, color, and size of rocks and stones – plus, since these are pretty low-maintenance, you don’t even need to look after them. 

2. Ditching The Lawn:

Yes, grass lawns are beautiful but guess what? These are expensive. You have to not just pay for its maintenance, you also have to take care of your grassy lawn. So why not ditch the lawn and instead get some gravel or even install artificial turf? Yes, turfs are costly, but these are highly sustainable, and you don’t have to pay maintenance – look at it like a one-time investment. 

3. Repurposing Old Things:

While looking up inexpensive desert landscaping ideas, we stumbled upon the concept of repurposing old things. And we found this idea pretty environmentally-friendly and creative. For instance, you can consider old tires. You can do so much with these – from building your kid’s recycled tire climbers to creating decorative planters, you have multiple options. 

4. Installing Fiberglass Planters:

While old tires are great for a short time period, using fiberglass planters for decoration purposes can prove to be a budget-friendly alternative in the long run. These stay pristine outdoors for several years, even in really hot desert areas or landscapes, and also come with a relatively long span of life. 

5. Go Vertical:

If you don’t have a spacious area, then going vertical can actually make your place look really spacious. Perfect for a low maintenance desert landscape backyard, going vertical comprises ideas like using tall planters with your plants, washing old containers for hanging succulents, and even repurposing old photo frames for creating vertical gardens for succulents. 

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6. Wood Rounds:

Choosing to use natural elements such as stone and wood is perhaps one of the best ways to include nature inside your desert landscape. Think about large slices of wood as cool stepping stones, ideal for your pretty backyard. You can even try adding gazing balls or lawn statues to boost the effect. 

7. Add Wildflowers:

One of the most inexpensive desert landscaping ideas is adding native wildflowers to your backyard. Our choice? You can try out the Fountain Bush, also known as the Firecracker plant – these babies give out a glossy red spray of flowers in just about a week. And the best part? These are super cheap, and you can purchase them from local street vendors.

8. Tapestry And White Gravel:

While seeking inexpensive desert landscaping ideas, you can’t ignore tapestry, and white gravel brought together in the most beautiful way. It highlights the beauty of the outdoors and only adds to the desert-like vibes. In addition, the tapestry and the gravel ensure that your backyard resembles a real desert. 

9. Flowers And Stepping Stones:

If you are looking for front yard desert landscaping ideas on a budget, then you can definitely consider adding flowers and stepping stones. It does not just bring a zen-like vibe to your front yard, but it also adds to the greenery and elegance. The flowers also make your front yard look vibrant with a visually appealing splash of colors.

10. Creating A Stone Bed Full Of Flowers:

Yes, we love flowers – you guessed that right. So here’s another idea with flowers. You can consider creating a stone bed made entirely out of flowers. Imagine a nice yard with a flower bed bordering the sides – doesn’t it look beautiful? We think so too! And it also makes everything in your yard so aesthetic – the perfect backdrop for the gram! 

11. Building A Cacti Backyard Desert:

So you are looking for an inexpensive drought tolerant landscaping idea! We got it – how about building a backyard desert full of cacti? A backyard desert with specks of greenery – sounds perfect, right? Get hold of some tall cacti and other plants – keep things neutral with a few flowers too. 

12. Groundcover And Palm Springs:

Groundcover and palm springs work out so well – you just have to keep things even. It is pretty easy and inexpensive to plan a few palm springs in your yard and add a ground cover. It would be perfect if you also added some boulders and rocks. These boulders and rocks will add some elevation to how your yard looks

13. Building A Succulent Garden:

Succulent plants are not just low-maintenance, these are also cheap. So why not build a succulent garden in your backyard? That way, you will get some cool landscaping done without shelling out much. This is the perfect idea for everyone who wants a beautiful yard but doesn’t have the time or money to make it look good. 

14. Creating A Garden Oasis:

If you love trees and plants, you can also try to create an oasis outdoors. It will not elevate the look of your place, it will also help you to chill out, especially after an exhausting day. At the same time, it would not even burn a single hole inside your pocket. So give it a thought – we all deserve some greens in our gardens! 

15. Installing A Seating Area:

So you are looking for inexpensive desert landscaping ideas that would make your yard look vibrant and lively. Why don’t you add some colors and a nice, comfortable seating area? Maybe build a fascinating rock garden by the seating area? Add a few cushions, preferably in bright shades like purple and orange. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to inexpensive desert landscaping ideas mentioned below. 

1. What Is The Cheapest Type Of Landscaping?

Ans: One of the least expensive and easiest ideas for landscaping your backyard is planting ample trees. You will just require some digging tools, a bit of mulch, and some trees. Plus, if you manage to plant the trees in the right areas, then you will be able to save more. 

2. What Is The Best Low-Maintenance Landscaping?

Ans: The best low-maintenance landscaping idea is perhaps blending gravel and succulents. Cimino often uses succulents since these need relatively less maintenance as compared to any other plan In addition, these add a vibrant green pop to your backyard – plus, succulents provide an aesthetic sculptural quality to your backyard. 

3. What Are The 7 Principles Of Landscape Design?

Ans: The 7 principles of landscape design are as follows,

➊ Unity, 
➋ Scale, 
➌ Balance,
➍ Variety,
➎ Emphasis,
➏ Simplicity, and
➐ Sequence. 

4. What Is The Prettiest Desert Flower?

Ans: The prettiest desert flowers are as follows,

➊ Desert Sand Verbena,
➋ Prickly Pear Cactus,
➌ California Poppy,
➍ The Desert Cactus, and
➎ Desert Lily.

And It’s A Wrap!

So here we are, with our curated list of inexpensive desert landscaping ideas! Now the point is, what do you think? Which one of these ideas appeals to you the most? It’s always best to go for ideas that work the best for you – in terms of budget and, most importantly, space. 

So share your thoughts with us, and in case you have landscaping experience, feel free to tell us all about the same in the comments below. 

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