If you are in the market for a new set of kitchen taps, whether you’re looking to upgrade the look of your home’s heart or renovate your kitchen, you’ll find a wide variety of options.

They are all different in terms of type, material, finish, and so forth so, making a choice might not be as straightforward as one might think, her is what you should bear in mind;

The decorative taps are the best interior part of the kitchen. Not only the kitchen, but your restroom and the outdoor tap styles also prove the homeowner and the designer’s good taste and the excellent set of eyes for choosing the right product along with the beauty and the design. 

5 Types Of Modern Design Taps For Your Use

You have to choose a very robust kind of tap as the plumbing and the faucet breaking down are the most common types of plumbing problems.

Here are five designs for your kitchen taps.

1. Single-Handle

1. Single-Handle

Kitchen taps mixers with single handles are the most common type. They have one handle, which can be turned left or right, which controls the temperature and flow rate of water. 

As well as being able to move up and down, it can also be moved side to side to regulate the temperature of the water. In busy kitchens and for those seeking modern solutions that can be used in small spaces, this model is a great choice!

2. Black Satin & Matte

If you are looking for black bathroom tapware you will find that in more modern and contemporary kitchens, matte black taps have gained in popularity due to their sleek and minimalist look.

As the name suggests, this is a matte or satin black pigment that is applied to steel, brass, and iron surfaces. You’ll find the satin finish to be silky and smooth. It also reflects more light than matte and can be washed easily without losing its appearance.

In more modern and contemporary kitchens, matte black has gained in popularity due to its sleek and minimalist look. As the name suggests, this is a matte or satin black pigment that is applied to steel, brass, and iron surfaces. You’ll find the satin finish to be a hit!

3. Double-Handle

3. Double-Handle

A Kitchen tap mixer with two handles (cold and hot) might be a better choice for some people when changing their home design. It all depends upon your personal preference. To achieve the desired temperature, you’ll need to strike a balance between the two, making it less convenient than a single-handle faucet. 

Taps with two handles are available as compression washers and cartridge kitchen taps, respectively. To turn off the water, you have two options – either tighten down the switch or smoothly shift it; some may work slightly differently, though as there are many different types of kitchen taps with two handles.

A cylinder-shaped head or a four-sided figure is most common; design-wise, they’re more classical in nature.

4. Hands-Free

In order to operate a hands-free kitchen tap, a sensor is placed inside the main tap’s body. The sensor detects movement, so when you put your hand close to it, hey presto, out comes your water. 

They are one of the coolest and easiest sets of taps to use and in a messy pantry or when your hands are dirty. This can be a very practical solution. Clean-up time is reduced, and contamination is prevented with the hands-free kitchen tap. Despite their simplicity, these taps are incredibly eye-catching.

5. Brass

5. Brass

Dezincification Resistant Brass is required by Australian and New Zealand standards for brass kitchen taps (DR Brass). When the water supply is highly chlorinated or high in oxygen and carbon dioxide, this type of brass has properties that help prevent severe corrosion. 

Kitchen taps made of brass must be protected with a coating, or they become tarnished. Most of the time, they are coated with chrome, but they can also be coated with nickel, copper, gold, or brushed stainless steel.


These five designer taps are the best picks for you. Along with your home kitchen, also you can use this kind of designer taps on your office use. For example, the kitchen and the restroom’s interior are conveying a clear message to the guest. And for the lavish outlook experimenting with the taps is the best way.

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