With technologies and machinery’s magnificent evolution, manual labor has been limited. Additionally making things much easier for us which would have generally taken hours and vigorous hard work to get done in the yesteryears.

One such wonder that witnesses what a machine and a man can do is Hydro Excavation. Now, hydro excavation; in its name sounds slightly complicated.

Okay, maybe a lot!

If you are someone planning to call for the services of a hydro excavator then you have stumbled across just the right place. In this excerpt below, you will find answers to all your queries before you call for that service.


What Is Hydro Excavation?

What Is Hydro Excavation

The process of removing soil with the aid of high-pressure water is called Hydro Excavation. Afterward, according to the next mechanism; the soil or the debris is vacuumed and then settled in the debris tank.

This makes the entire process cleaner and suitable for a larger area.

The concept of hydra excavation started in Canada from an inconvenience with frozen soil. It was then that they realized how much help the force of water can be off when it comes to daylighting; especially with heated water.

If you want to know the answer to ‘Hydro Excavation services near me?’ then simply put your zip code which will give you some quality services.

How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

Hydro Excavation Process

It is only through hydra Excavation that we will never underestimate the power of water. Therefore, here is the step-by-step process of how the mechanism works.

Firstly, the hydro excavation equipment proceeds to combine the forces of high-pressure water and air vacuum. Through this vigorous force, the soil particles are shattered and broken.

The soil is turned into a slurry which is thereafter picked and transferred properly to a debris tank, leaving no residue behind.

Now going to a much detail-oriented explanation, hydro excavation equipment will obviously require a vacuum source. Now, these don’t come with the truck which is used for the procedure. Hence, something else has to be externally set up.

The two options for this are a positive displacement blower or a fan. A fan will definitely move the air in a huge pressure and quantity; hence allowing for a faster excavation. It is pocket-friendly and lighter, in contrast to the other option.

However, with the positive displacement blower, long distances can be covered with such intricate machinery. The depth of work is undoubtedly greater however the work is comparatively slower than the fan system.

So, for domestic purposes the fan is great but for big commercial areas, the hydrovac truck should come with a displacement blower.

Hydro Excavation Nozzles

Hydro Excavation Nozzles

These are the hydrovac excavations and these are the nozzles that are used. So, to start with we have…

Ripsaw Rotating Turbo Nozzle – 3200

This is the nozzle engineered for the rough and Hydro-Excavation industry. It has a cone-shaped pattern that flows to make it the ideal nozzle for potholing purposes.

Switchblade Static

The rugged design of this nozzle allows you to cut through the rigid dirt at an impressive speed while using less water.

HXXpose Nozzle

This high-functioning nozzle can go from 0 degrees to 3000 PSI in seconds, and also has a high-speed rotator with a cone coverage of 18 degrees.


What could be better than a straight jet hydro excavation nozzle which is known for its immense multitasking? With dramatically less water usage, you can dig while maintaining your productivity. The fatigue of labor is also decreased with its efficiency.

What Is Badger Hydro Excavation?

Badger Hydro Excavation

Badger Hydro excavation contractor provides a smooth hydro excavation to the huge commercial ground with the aid of a hydrovac vacuum truck which goes deeper up to a fleet of 1400.

It is a zero destruction excavation process and is present in more than 140 US and Canadian locations.

Hydro Excavation Jobs

Since, you don’t necessarily need a college degree unless you are trying to open a business in the field, becoming a hydro excavator only requires some primary qualification and set of skills and a two-year training program.

If you work hard and gather the experience required, you will be able to gain the position you design which is maybe that of a hydro excavation contractor.

How Much Do Vacuum Truck Drivers Make?

Hydro excavators make up to $335,00 to $97,000 dollars per year, according to statistics. The median salary is $25,000 however, they can also make more than $100,000 a year if they have the experience and they are heading a hydro vac excavation firm.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation Benefits

It is known to be the preferred digging method for many reasons.

  • The first reason why it is known to be the best method is because of its smooth finish and damage control. It is accurate, methodical, and limits many accidents that laborers always use to endure.
  • It not only controls external damage but also limits them when it comes to underground pipes and other installations. Protecting us from the high expenses that are required for the reparation.
  • The job is also done at a higher speed, making way for the next process and clean up also taken care of as the slurry collected from the vacuum is put in the debris case.
  • Liability and insurance costs due to construction site accidents have also been brought down significantly since the usage of hydro excavation has maximized.

This brings us to a very interesting question.

Does Hydrovac Work Hard?

Yes, manual labor is definitely minimized. However, there are still a lot of skill sets that you have to learn in order to operate the Hydro Excavation truck.

How Deep Can Hydrovac Go?

A strong and powerful truck can go up to 60 feet deep and it can also keep digging 600 ft far from its original positioning. It can be used at any surface whether it is ice or clay.

What Is a Hydrovac Operator?

The person handling the truck and responsible for removing soil from the location is called hydrovac operator.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone looking for a hydro excavation nearby then it would be helpful to read and understand the mechanism a little to analyze whether the area you wish to excavate can take it, and which vacuum system should be used on it.

If you are someone pursuing to be a hydro excavation contractor then this is just the tip of the iceberg since the two-year training is due. Hopefully, it still helped you to make that decision.

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