The last several years brought serious disruption to what people used to view as a working schedule and job habits. Due to the lockdown, people were forced either to stop going to work and earning money or instantly switch to the remote work format.

Naturally, the world had not seen such a totality of remote work, as the full-time office job was normal. As a result, companies, and employees had to adapt quickly. Luckily, the current technology made such a switch easy and almost painless.

Throughout the lockdown, many remote employees have forgotten what the in-house format feels like. Then, when it became safe to go to the office again, the full-time format proved to be outdated. The solution to such a situation is hybrid work.

In this configuration, one can choose whether to go to the office daily, work remotely once in a while, or keep working from home. This way, looking for a new job is easier: simply view your opportunities and get help from LinkedIn profile writers who can always give you a hand with the application.

The company lets the staff decide whether to work in the office or from home in the hybrid work format. The organization keeps the office functional and running, so there is always a place for a laborer to come for concentrated work or interaction with their team.

This format is less profitable for employers. However, since the employees could see the benefits of remote with no damage to productivity, the fully in-house format seems not to work anymore. Hence, here is how to navigate the new format and reap the benefits of combining both approaches.

Benefits Of Hybrid Work

Benefits Of Hybrid Work

Although the remote format was perfect, mostly for introverts, the hybrid format is more flexible. Check out the main benefits you will recognize when going hybrid.

1. More Opportunities for Life-Work Balance

The problem a lot of people fail to notice is the amount of extra time going to the office every day takes. One must take an extra hour to get ready to leave the house and another just to commute. With a hybrid work model, one saves time on preparation and transportation. In addition, with your time returned, you can improve or expand your morning routine, take on a hobby, or simply sleep an extra hour.

Some people do need the transportation hour to tune in with their concentration and working mood. However, the lack of need to transport daily gives a lot of space for a more balanced schedule.

2. No Limitations for the Productive Work

One of the greatest concerns for employers, managers, recruiters, and team leaders was remote work productivity. Primarily, bosses thought about the productivity of their departments or particular employees.

However, as the lockdown progressed and people got used to the new working format, their productivity was even higher at home. Hence, people have all the tools to be productive regardless of their location. So, choose the best place to work every day and keep your productivity high.

3. Lifted Dress Code

Sometimes, there are days for getting all dressed up, and other ones are for the most relaxed outfit imaginable. If you choose the hybrid work format, you will not have to select any extremes. Different offices have their approaches to the dress code in the organization, but even the most casual outfit will not compare to the cozy outfit a person has for their time at home.

No need to plan outfits for the whole week, but there is always an occasion for a random style inspiration to try.

4. Burnout Mitigations

The everyday routine of getting ready, taking the transport, and spending 9 hours in the office may feel as pressure after one tries remote. Such a rhythm now feels a bit overwhelming. With a more balanced picture of work and leisure, a person has fewer chances to burn out at work. The hybrid schedule gives more space to work in different places and has more free time. It does not feel like a trap to those who tend to burn out.

Tips for Productive Hybrid Work

Tips for Productive Hybrid Work

To keep this format working, one must approach it systemically. There are several simple principles to preserve productivity, positive attitude, and mental health.

A. Draw the Line Between Work and Leisure

Even though it is cozy to work in pajamas lying in bed, there must be a line between work and free time. If a person brings the work into their personal space, job-related stress and anxieties arise. Therefore, it is best to have a well-organized workplace separated from personal things and errands. It is crucial to categorize the professional and the private for productivity and mental well-being.

B. Do not Get Stuck at Home

The hybrid work format is about seeing one’s co-workers and taking time to recover from crowds, which is especially relevant for introverts. However, everyone who went through the lockdown can tell that isolation is unhealthy.

It is important not to lose touch with the outside world, your company, and the team to have a balanced life and production work. Do not disappear from the radar; try not to skip corporate and social events.

C. Check Your Communication Channels

Before going free, you must ensure you can reach your manager and team anytime. There is a controversy regarding whether one should install all the work channels of communication on their phone. On the one hand, it allows work to bother you in your free time.

On the other hand, it ensures one never misses an important update. Setting boundaries is an important step towards efficient independent work.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid work is worth trying if your profession allows doing your tasks remotely. It combines the benefits of in-house and remote work, as individuals can always choose what format to use daily.

More about the professions that could provide a hybrid work schedule you can read at TopResume. Nonetheless, to manage it successfully, disciplines and systems are still needed. So try the format and figure out the best productivity strategies that work for you. 

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