Before listing your home for sale, you should note that potential buyers judge its value by its convenience and comfort levels.

They also evaluate if they will later shell out more money to repair or upgrade crucial electrical appliances. Most potential buyers want to know how the house efficiently and economically meets its heating and cooling needs.

You shouldn’t hesitate to make HVAC upgrades on your home before listing it for sale. While there are many HVAC system upgrades, you should focus on updates that can increase property value.

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Do HVAC Unit Upgrades Increase Property Value?

Most potential homebuyers consider HVAC units as basic equipment. While it increases property value by approximately 10%, HVAC unit upgrades don’t fetch much like a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom. However, potential buyers are immediately deterred by an old or malfunctioning system.

While home appraisers won’t inspect HVAC components thoroughly, they verify the existence and functionality of the system.

A non-functional HVAC unit lessens your property value. If you want to sell your home, you should choose between repairing or upgrading the existing system.

HVAC Upgrades That Improve Property Value

With various bells and whistles in modern HVAC units, choosing your next upgrades may prove challenging.

Below are important HVAC upgrades that fetch in the property market:

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Upgrading your HVAC unit by installing a programmable thermostat improves system efficiency and property value.

Thermostats extend the HVAC lifespan, maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, and reduce energy costs. The best part about thermostats is being able to set preferred temperatures for specific times.

For instance, you can have it adjust to high system temperatures while at work and cool down some minutes before getting home. This feature saves energy while ensuring that your indoor temperatures remain comfortable.

2. Increase Ventilation

 Increase Ventilation

Homeowners in humid climates often have limited choices in increasing their home’s ventilation. Since you can’t freely open the windows, you should try other options, such as ceiling fans, a whole-house dehumidifier, and an energy recovery ventilator. All installations are important upgrades that increase comfort and property value.

An energy recovery ventilator recycles conditioned air while drawing fresh outside air. Unlike other methods of increasing ventilation, ERVs work without energy loss, which is better than letting air into your home through open doors and windows. Similarly, a dehumidifier draws outside air while filtering humidity, while ceiling fans circulate hot rising air.

3. Install a Zoning System

Install a Zoning System

Zoning your HVAC functionality is another excellent way of improving comfort and house value. Fortunately, most programmable thermostats have multi-zone abilities.

Through these systems, you can set specific temperatures for different areas in your room, so the unit will only be functional in rooms with heating and cooling needs.

For instance, you can reduce the heating of the basement if there’s no one in the room or decrease temperatures before your family retires to bed.


HVAC system upgrades improve indoor comfort and increase property value. Potential buyers will be in awe of these improvements. Fortunately, you shouldn’t necessarily replace the entire system unless it is over 20 years old.

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