Moving is among life’s most stressful tasks. Still, it’s noted that Boston moves to prove difficult considering it involves maneuvering a big truck through hectic, narrow streets, and doing so on the coming Allston Christmas, September 1, can be almost maddening.

The wild thing about this year is Labor Day and Allston Christmas are within the same weekend. You’ll either decide to renew a lease for another year and relieve yourself of the incredible burden or face the chaos head-on like a champ – maybe hold off a week or two.

The planning for a September 1 Bostonian move starts roughly five months ahead of time because there is such a demand for move-ins with leases on this date. It seems almost surreal but a genuine “tradition,” if you will, in the local Boston area.

It’s suggested that roughly 80 percent of leases will either renew or turn over on this date.

Find tips on moving in Boston at What are some suggestions from the pros? Let’s learn together.

How Do Top-Rated Boston Movers Help You Move

Top-Rated Boston Movers

Boston is difficult for a moving truck to maneuver the busy, narrow streets. Still, on Allston Christmas, September 1, and Labor Day, falling on the same weekend, these streets will be heavier in traffic, with movers charging a premium for anyone deciding to transition on those dates.

If feasible, the suggestion is to choose another day besides August 31 or September 1. A little flexibility in the schedule could save considerably, not just monetarily, but stress and frustration.

Consider a few tips and some helpful guidelines from Boston movers familiar with the challenges. These experts have had their share of “in-demand” moving days and gained much insight from the experiences.

• Move any day except Labor Day or Allston Christmas

The first tidbit from professional movers is to move on a different day, even if it might be challenging to do so. The crew will be able to supply a much more affordable and smoother move on literally “any other day.”

Traffic will be at its worst, and moving companies will incorporate a premium fee with the suggestion that you alter the dates either a few days sooner or push it back a couple of days out.

• Plan well in advance

A moving company recommends planning roughly two months ahead of the move-in date by contacting them to arrange a schedule. At this time, a few companies can offer in-home quotes, and you can book the one with the most competitive offer.

It will also allow time to obtain elevator reservations and parking permits when moving into the city. Remember, the cheapest movers are not necessarily the best choice when getting quotes. You should prioritize quality of service, licensure, and insurance.

• The parking permit is a priority

You can avoid hefty parking tickets when moving to Boston or other areas like Somerville, Cambridge, or Brookline by getting a parking permit at the place of origin and the destination for the mover’s truck.

The permit will allow the movers a reserved space on the move-in day, preventing a hectic search for a convenient spot. Some companies will offer quotes on handling the permit for you. These should be applied for as soon in advance as possible, roughly four weeks.

• What is the move-in/out times

You don’t want your belongings piled on the street for hours before you can move into your new home. It’s critical to time the move-out with the move-in. Speak with the managers or agents at each location to develop a manageable plan with the movers.

Help With Packing

Some moving companies will come in and pack the entire house, load it in the moving truck, and haul it to the new house. They will also unload and unpack for you at the destination place.

When you have a hectic move like the one you’re planning over the Labor Day/Allston Christmas weekend, it’s wise to have the packing done well ahead of time.

This sort of move must be done rapidly since you’ll already pay top rates for moving on this date. Go here for the best places to get moving supplies and boxes.

What can you do while things are being moved to ensure a smooth transition? Let’s look at some tips and helpful suggestions from the pros.

• Wait until after the move to buy new things

The professional moving company is there to move all your belongings, but when they do a walk-through of the place and supply a quote, they already have a general idea of what to expect.

This helps the crew develop a moving plan ahead of the scheduled day. If you surprise the team with other items, like perhaps a new hot tub, they might need added equipment for the load they didn’t expect.

If you do make a significant purchase, let the company know as far in advance as possible so the associates can prepare.

• Hard work on a holiday

It’s not unheard of to supply refreshments to the movers for their hard work on what’s a holiday for them as well. Even if it’s some cold drinks and light snacks, it goes a long way to show appreciation for their time and effort, plus it makes the move much more pleasant.

Final Thought

Allston Christmas is so named because citizens get free “gifts” from abandoned items left on the sidewalk from residents who move on that designated day in September. Try to do your part in keeping the city clean. Not all items are removed, and the leftovers leave behind a mess.

While this day has become synonymous with leaving things along the street, the sidewalk shouldn’t be viewed as a garbage can. If you’re paring down, the ideal thing to do is to donate, gift, sell, or toss away properly on trash day before moving.

Boston offers a recycling and trash guide you can reference to dispose of items in the city. Reach out for further details.

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