We all want to feel like we have space to breathe, but homes in cities only seem to be getting smaller. Even larger homes can feel unnecessarily cramped, even if you do technically have the square footage. If you want to open up your space, you need to think visually.

Physically having the space is great but feeling like you have space is better. With these top design tricks, you can brighten your home and feel better every day.

Top 5 Ways To Free Up Space In The Home To Make It Feel Bigger

Free Up Space

Replace Railings

Not all railings need to be replaced. If your stairway isn’t near any large windows you aren’t going to brighten up the space by changing them out.

However, if you have a second-floor balcony or large windows in your hallway, changing out a slatted railing with a glass alternative can make a massive difference. You will need to find a Q-railing contractor who can safely fit such a railing, though, as it’s not a DIY-friendly update.

Use Mirrors

Large mirrors in particular cast back a lot of light and help any space feel bigger. You will want to be careful about where you place the mirror, though – if it only shows you an unsightly closet when you’re cuddled up on the couch, you won’t get the same benefits. Think about positioning in terms of how much light gets bounced back and to where, as well as what type of view you get from your favorite positions in the room.

Hide Clutter

There are many ways that you can hide clutter, and you don’t need to go minimalist to do it. When it comes to clutter, hidden storage is your best friend. This can be built-in storage units that have doors, or it could be ottomans and couches that have under-seat storage.

Baskets are another great way to add a visual element that also hides your clutter from view. When investing in these options, you will still want to declutter, just so you give yourself the best chance at successfully hiding away what you don’t want to see.

Use Larger Rugs

If you have hardwood, then know that larger rugs can actually make a space feel bigger. The rug in question should extend almost to the edge of your living room or bedroom furniture. This makes the space feel larger and unifies your furniture so that everything feels more cohesive.

Use Vertical Space

A lot of space is wasted vertically, but it doesn’t have to be. An extreme example of how you can use your vertical space to free up floor space is by attaching a hanging chair. Not only is this very fun, but it also leaves space under the floor that opens up the space visually.

Now, most won’t want this option, but the good news is that the everyday example is to put up shelves along the wall and either get larger artwork or create a gallery wall so that the eye is drawn up, instead of hovering around the waist level.


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