Do you wonder how to design an empty room? Maybe you are confused to select the most suitable idea among the hundreds.  

Well, You can start the interior design of an empty room with a choice of color, type of finishing materials, and tastes in painting and literature.

You can create a unique room design that reflects your inner world. Let’s go!


Design An Empty Room: Several Ideas

Here are several ideas that you can follow to design your brand-new empty room. These are simple but beautiful. With some green touch, color shade, and customized relevant furniture make your room as you want. 

1. Favorite Color And Color Combinations

Color Combinations

Your favorite color should be at the heart of the color scheme of the interior design of an empty room. He will not be alone, it will be correct to surround him with tones and semitones. 

How to match colors in the interior? This is what colorists learn. A huge number of nuances cannot be covered in a short period of time and, most importantly, cannot be kept in mind. So, for now, I dismiss the idea of attending courses.

The first rule is to listen to yourself. But the tips below will also be useful for empty room interior design:

  • For a small empty room, choose cold shades, and for a spacious room – warm. In both cases, the complementary color will be the color of the same temperature, and the color with the opposite character as an accent color.
  • Use the color wheel and color schemes. Opposite and neighboring colors are combined. There is a concept of contrast – light and dark, cold and warm colors.
  • White color is combined with any color, but if you decide to use the contrast of white and black colors, there is an association with neoclassical art deco or ultra-modern hi-tech. You can use light shade color for the empty room background. The combination of white with shades of blue, pink, and yellow will indicate country style. Provence style is especially gravitating towards such color combinations.

2. Favorite Painting Sets Style

Painting Sets

A favorite picture that you are going to hang on the wall will help determine the style and design of an empty room. This will help in creating interior compositions. 

In the finished interior, it will be difficult to determine what comes first – a picture and its color palette and style, or pieces of furniture and decor. You can see what it looks like in the interior at Stock Photos & Images on the website

Try to follow the style and atmosphere of the picture, the room will acquire a unique look and combination of design techniques. To complement colors and style, you can use the soft or rough texture of fabrics, colors, curves, and furniture silhouettes. 

Design styles are closely related to styles in art. Preferences in the field of art indicate the historical era and style that you like best. 

3. Furniture Selection

Furniture Selection

Do not rush to buy new furniture. First, you need to decide what will be necessary and useful to design an empty room. The main thing is the ease of use of furniture. Expensive dark polished furniture does not justify the high price and requires constant care, it is afraid of moisture, and the touch of hot objects. 

Draw a plan of the room on paper, for example, on a scale of 1:20. On the same scale, draw and then cut out images of furniture from paper. This will help you decide what is needed and what is not. Upholstery should be practical.

Get enough space to store everything you need and clear the small area as much as you can. In this case, custom-made furniture can be the best idea. It can save room space and make your home clean.  Such structures are designed by the millimeter so that the visual impression of a monolithic “wall” is created.  No need to use unnecessary decorations and details in your home, it can make your room clumsy. 

Furniture on wheels can be moved from the living room to the kitchen and taken out (or brought in) during the visit of guests or relatives. Such tables, poufs, and even sofas can be easily moved from one corner of the room to another. Just think about it.

4. Room layout – Measurements And Arrangement

 Room layout

Room measurements will help to avoid serious mistakes while you are designing an empty room. It is important to determine the ratio of the size of the room and furniture items. A mistake will cost a lot because you have to return the sofa or wardrobe. And, with furniture made to order, this is not possible at all. 

Experienced designers warn – furniture should not be placed near the wall. The modern design trend is the creation of furniture islands with a specific purpose. A coffee table and two armchairs, a cozy sofa and a pair of reading lamps – any set of furniture should look natural in the interior.

For the classical style, the center of the composition is important, around which the interior is built. For modern style, it is important that colors and objects evenly fill the space.

5. Lighting Fixtures As Design Elements

Design Elements

To design an empty room, the choice of lamps should not be neglected, as their shape and style determine the style of the overall decoration. The random look of the shades will ruin the design intent and become the biggest design mistake.

Wearing a chic necklace on a black dress turns into a sexy evening gown, similarly,  the shape and material of the lampshades are involved in shaping the style of the interior. 

Cylinders, balls, and rectangles, as well as a shape reminiscent of spotlights for a stadium or a theater stage, is an industrial style. Smooth lines, the shape of a half-opened flower, and pyramidal floor lamps covered with textiles are inextricably linked with the classics. 

Hidden lighting and LED strips are a sign of minimalism and hi-tech. How to distinguish two styles from each other? Hi-tech is characterized by colored illumination – most often in the blue spectrum.

6. Ceramic Tiles For Wall And Floor

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the only material that conveys any decor on its surface:

 Imitation of natural materials – wood, natural stone (marble, quartz, onyx, granite, and slate), and artificial – concrete, metal, and textiles. It can be matte, semi-polished, polished, glossy, and velvet satin, with alternating areas of the matte and polished surface. 

Wood effect tiles are traditionally used for a variety of classic and modern interiors. Stone-look tile is a Mediterranean motif in the interior. Tiles for metal and concrete – modern interior styles (industrial, hi-tech). Various patterns, ornaments, and aged surfaces are enough to recreate Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and other national customs in your room interior

Bottom Line: Design Tricks

If the walls are decorated with ornaments, do not decorate large spaces with the same ornament – sofa and armchair upholstery, carpets, and curtains. It is enough to complement the interior with decorative pillows, a tablecloth, or a rug with a similar ornament. 

The similarity in color, material, and decor are the tools that allow you to create a harmonious interior.

Hopefully, this article will help you to design an empty room. If you are already on it, don’t forget to share your ideas. Without sharing ideas, the decoration can not be completed.  


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