There are several ways of skinning a cat in the real estate industry. Therefore, becoming a real estate agent is not the only way of building a successful business. A real estate developer is an entrepreneur who identifies prime real estate, develops the land, sells the developments to get profit, or collects rent from the lessees. Most people don’t know how to become a real estate developer. To succeed in this line of business, you require more than a deep pocket.

You need the right educational background, foster key relationships, have a vision, understand the market, and build a team that has the right connections among others.

These Are Key Elements To Understand How To Become A Real Estate Developer:

How to become a real estate developer?  You can earn a bachelor’s degree, take internships and learn about the industry; there are many steps for you to ascend before you become a real estate developer.

Here are a few tips on how to become a real estate developer.   

1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

Earning yourself a Bachelor’s degree is a crucial step for anyone to become a real estate developer. Your educational knowledge forms the foundation of practice in this industry. However, the degree should not be necessary for a particular subject.

You only need a course to help you build your skills as an aspiring real estate developer. The main subjects include management, business, and civil engineering. It will be hard for you to move forward in the industry unless you have the right academic qualifications.

With a degree in civil engineering, you will get to understand how to build things. Programs in management or business will help you to develop analytical abilities, critical thinking, and reasoning skills to add to learning modern managerial practices.

2. Complete an Internship


Another answer to your question on how to become a real estate developer is an internship. When you participate in an internship program, you will make some valuable contacts and learn how to apply the skills that you learn in the professional context.

You can also get mentoring programs for real estate development. With mentoring programs, the learner will work one-on-one with industry professionals and learn how to work with peers, serve customers, contribute to the community, and manage his business.

Apart from the college degree, the internship will help you to gain basic knowledge in urban development, contractors, construction, and real estate transactions.

You cannot succeed as a real estate developer unless you understand the basics of the industry. This exposure will make you familiar with the key elements of property management. The knowledge that you acquire at this point will give you a solid foundation in the industry.

3. Get Industry Experience

real estate developer

If you want to know how to become a real estate developer then first, you must know about the industry and gain some experience. Before you start your career as a real estate developer, it is good to work in a related field like real estate in order to gain experience.

You can search for entry-level positions that entail real estate development, purchasing, and selling to get exposure in this industry. Getting a career in consulting or planning will also help you to prepare for a career as a real estate developer.

4. Consider Getting a Business License and Certification

Once you become a licensed real estate agent, it will help you to increase your experience in sales and communication. A large part of your work as a real estate developer will entail possessing interpersonal skills.

You will also become familiar with the prices of houses in the region to help you make wise investment decisions once you become a developer.

Even though certification is voluntary, you need to consider these credentials for your region. You have to submit several documents before you qualify. Some requirements include an up-to-date real estate license, six months institute membership, and real estate experience of at least three years.

You should also complete some professional courses and pass them well. You cannot learn how to become a real estate developer and leave out the element of certification.

5. Continue with Your Education

Consider continuing with your education program (preferably a Master’s Degree) if you want to excel in this industry. Several learning institutions will give you a chance for higher education in real estate.

Some of the courses you need include financial analysis of development projects, advanced real estate finance, land use policy, real estate law, and advanced development practices. Get an institution that offers the best-advanced courses in real estate and subscribe to these courses.

6. Understand Your Market

It can take a real estate developer several years before they can get to understand their market. Therefore, it is crucial to align yourself with experts in your local market.

You need to identify a highly experienced real estate agent and create an alliance so that he can alert you of prime commercial properties. These insights will help you define the parameters that exist in your market.

For instance, you may focus on developing residential or business properties. These two sectors differ significantly in terms of profit and investment opportunities. It is important to understand the market if you want to learn how to become a real estate developer.

7. Set Small Goals for a Start


Rome was not built in a single day and the real estate career does not entail sprinting out of the get as you try to develop the biggest property in the market. Set goals that are attainable like acquiring a single property at a cheap price, developing it, and then selling it for a profit.

When you go through the property development process at a smaller scale, you will understand the challenges that you face better like contracting issues, construction delays, zoning, and business permits. Once you handle these challenges at a small level, you will get the confidence to deal with the big issues that will come your way over time.

8. Build Your Team


A career in real estate development is not a solo endeavor. You need a team of experts who will compensate for your non-experience.

You typically need a builder who has good experience, an engineer for solving structural issues, a designer, a zoning guru, a finance expert, a lawyer, a person who has an in-depth understanding of the zoning restrictions, permits, and licensing.

All these separate skill sets are crucial to help you handle a broad range of issues that may arise as you try to build a big investment.

9. Pay Attention to Effective Communication


It is crucial to learn to communicate through different people and using different methods. In real estate development, there are so many moving parts and this needs so many people. You need to communicate your needs, wants, goals, and expectations and this is vital if you want to see your project through to completion.

Learning to listen to other people’s needs and worries is another part of effective communication. Show everyone that you are open to listening to them. These strong communication skills will help you to interact with various individuals. You can consider courses in public speaking, English, and communications to help enhance and develop these skills.


The above tips will teach you how to become a real estate developer. It is crucial to grasp all these factors if you really want to succeed in the industry. It will help you to get on the desired path of success within no time.

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