How long do home inspections take? This is a very valid question that, often, real estate property buyers and sellers ask. Sellers and buyers both go through multiple legal steps during property deals. But home inspection time is entirely in the hands of the buyers and the sellers. Hence there are many factors that determine how long the process will take, even though this process is not mandatory.

Before covering the answer to ‘how long does a home inspection take? It will be better to take a look at a few factors, like who is going to perform the home inspections and other factors which are influencing the home inspection.

So I am starting with the definition of home inspection which means what is a home inspection. Then taking services from asbestos inspection becomes much easier as you are already aware of the steps of the home inspections.


What Is A Home Inspection?

The home inspectors initiate the inspections through the real estate agents or some real estate inspectors. During the home inspections, are things the home inspectors looking through?

How long do home inspections take? This answer entirely depends on how experienced the inspectors are and what they are checking through.

What Is A Home Inspection

The Real estate agents are looking through both things, from structural issues to aesthetic issues of the property. Of course, in the easy, buyers want to buy a good property in good condition.

And buyers are hiring an experienced inspector for assurance. Hence everyone wants to go for the best deal on the property. The inspectors can be real estate agents or professional inspectors.

What Do Home Inspectors Look For In The Property?

Here is the checklist. Read it and know what inspectors are inspecting on the property. You must know the answer right before seeking the answer for how long does it take for a home inspection.

  • Home Air conditioning and heating system
  • Central air conditioning system and duct.
  • The situation of interior plumbing along with electrical systems
  • Constructions of the roofs.
  • The situation of the rain gutters
  • Attic construction.
  • Walls and ceiling constructions.
  • Floors, Windows, and doors construction
  • The foundation of the basement
  • Other property structural components

After seeing this checklist, you can already count how long does it take to do a home inspection. Of course, larger properties require more time for the whole inspection.

Who Asking For The Home Inspection?

Who is paying for the home inspections? The buyers are paying for the home inspections. The real estate agents are performing the home inspections on their own, or they are hiring somebody else to carry forward the home inspection work.

How long do home inspections take? If renegotiation requires then, planning is also passed on to the seller through the inspector’s recommendations. So not only the buyers sometimes, but the sellers also appoint inspectors before presenting the real estate property to the market.

Not every buyer accepts the reports which are paid by the sellers. If any buyers want to have a safer deal, then it will be better to appoint the home inspectors on their own. Then, when they hire the inspector, the opportunity to get better deals increases.

How Long Is A Home Inspection?

The average home inspection times can be different from one place to another. The standard home inspections need only 2 to 2 and half hours. But if the property size is large, the home inspections require more time.

Not only the size of the property but the experience of the home inspectors are also making a difference. Inexperienced homeowners are taking more time for inspections. On average, an investigator takes one or half hours to inspect 1000 sq feet of home space.

How Long Is A Home Inspection

Experienced investigators already know which areas they have to look at. But a veteran does not know. They need more time to execute the whole project. There are several factors which are influencing the time of the property inspections.

The factors and influences are also hiding in the answer of how long do home inspections take. How long does a home inspection report take? When the inspectors are already providing all data and information related to the home inspections. They can prepare the reports within 1 to 2 days.

What Happens After The Home Inspections?

Do you know how long do home inspections take on an average basis? But what next? A buyer is asking for the inspection report. The inspector hands over the report after the inspections.

Some home inspection services deliver the report directly to the buyers or through the agent. Then they are finalizing which will be the next action to take after the home inspections.

Home Inspections report

The home buyers are asking for the details about the necessary repair work. Even on the basis of the repair work, home buyers can cancel the agreement of purchase. For a seller, the inspections also can change the property listings.

Hence other than this, they can carry forward the property-buying process.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

On an average basis, hiring an average house inspector costs about $340. But depending on the inspector’s experience and the property types, the hiring fees can vary from $283 to $402. Even location and property situations are also two factors that influence the inspector hiring fees.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost

Often the buyers prefer to hire an experienced inspector. But if your state does not provide any licences to home inspectors. Then there is one solution, and that is to screen the investigators by seeing their experiences.

So when you are hiring an experienced person asking this how long do home inspections take question sounds weird. This is pretty obvious, experience investigators’ fees are high, but they will complete the work fast.

Is There Any Extra Charge For Follow Ups?

This extra charge is also depending on the presence of a few factors in the property. For that type of case, the home inspections often take longer than your expected time.

For that type of case and answer for how long do home inspections take. There will be more time and money.

Even many of the investigators are going to ask for extra fees for that. Hence many of the home investigators are seeking to offer some extra services like radon checking and mould removal. They do not ask for the extra charge during the follow-ups.

Extra Charge For Follow Ups?

Here are the concerning points for which your home investigators can ask for extra fees.

  • Presence of lead in piping or paint.
  • Presence of radon.
  • Presence of mould
  • Water and pipe damage issues.
  • Safety concerning issues.
  • Presence of asbestos

Even many of the houses require camera repair services. For these types of cases, there is a possibility your investigators are going to charge more. Before hiring the investigators, do check on their services and the other legal aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What Is Home Inspection Contingency?

A home inspection contingency allows the buyers to hire professional investigators who will go to tell them about the home’s minor issues before purchasing it.

Q2: What Are The Areas Which Home Inspectors Do Not Look At?

Here is the list of items:

Inside house walls
Inside pipes and sewer lines
Electrical panel’s inner situations
Chimneys inside

Q3: Can You Write A Counter Offer After Home Inspection?

After the home inspections, you can ask a broker to negotiate the necessary repair works. Get the quotes from the local contractors, take the help, then offer again. In this way, the buyers will know that sellers are not obligated to repair anything in the house.

Q4: What Length Of A Home Inspection Is Perfect?

Most home inspection companies offer a warranty for 90 days long inspections. This is a very common time for home inspections. But for a better deal, you have to spend more time and money. And home inspections are one of the crucial parts of the whole property purchase game.

In Conclusion, Always Go For A Good Property Deal

I think you get the answer about how long do home inspections take. And what are the things the inspectors are looking through during inspections. Many states of the United states do not give licences to home investigators. So you will not know who will go to be perfect for your home investigation works. Then, my suggestion is to find an investigator who is much more experienced in this field. What is your opinion? You can share your opinion through the comment section.


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