A house is a significant investment; therefore, many people begin saving for one early in life. But when the perfect moment to seek a home arrives, the decision of whether to purchase a house and land package or just the house arises. The choice really isn’t difficult if you consider which one provides more value.

When you go for the house and land package option, you get to own a house plus the parcel of land it sits on. While with the alternative, you must obtain the house and not the land it’s built on. Each of them presents various advantages and disadvantages, and this article will help you decide which one is best for you. Here are some factors worth considering:

Buying And Building Process

If you want to acquire two properties at once, purchasing a house and land package is your most viable choice. Because you don’t have to buy them individually, the process of owning them is made simpler.

Trusted real estate developers would have the house ready to be occupied and conveniently accessible. Therefore, if you want to own a home without any hassles, you can purchase a package at Homecorp.com or other websites run by companies in the same industry.

On the other hand, if you’d rather have free rein over the design and features of your new home, you’re better off purchasing a house by itself. You will have to buy the land separately if you want, but this option gives you more freedom and creativity to build your home as you see fit. You could even add extra features to suit your taste.

Costs And Affordability

At first, glance, purchasing just a home without buying the land appears more cost-effective. This is accurate to some extent because the value of the land could vary and may sometimes increase. However, since you’re only buying the structure, the landowner may demand a monthly rent payment so you can continue residing on their property. As a result, the sum of the rent can equal the costs you’ve already paid for the home.

In contrast, buying a house and land package gives you ownership of both properties. Most packages have fixed prices, which is perfect for those who dislike paying unforeseen additional charges. It’s considerably cheaper than buying a house alone.


The best part of homeownership is being able to modify your home to suit your preferences and needs. And if the structure is something you built from scratch, you are free to make any alterations you like. The downside is that you can only touch the building and not the land, unless you already own it or have permission from the landlord

On the other hand, some house and land packages discourage irreversible alterations. Also, not all properties are adaptable to certain modifications. But the good news is, some developers might agree to make a few modest adjustments at your request. Buying a house and land package is best if you’re not too particular about features and designs.


In a package, the house and land are included together as a whole. You can’t get only one or the other, in this case. So, even if you find a beautiful house, the land it’s on may not be up to your standards. The property might also be too small, large, or far from commercial areas, which ultimately affects its value.

Some homeowners, particularly those with families and pets, place great importance on the size and location of a property. As such, they’re least likely to buy a house and land package that lacks usable space.

They may even avoid house-only purchases since these may stand on unserviced land. Whereas with buying a package, you don’t need to service the land yourself since the developers will do the work for you. That would mean less effort and money on your part.

However, if all you need is a house, you can find several options in various locations. It can be on a plot of land that’s compact or wide enough and located in quiet neighborhoods. Others may be near business districts for easier access to public transport and commercial hubs. Like house and land packages, proximity to entertainment and recreational areas contribute to a house’s value.


Many people buy homes to reside in permanently. But when life leads them to other paths, they are forced to sell their properties. The returns you could receive from selling your home hinges on its value. Therefore, choosing a home you think would offer you higher returns when sold is also a priority.

The value of a house and land package could go high or low, depending on where it is. It’ll be harder to sell if it’s too far from commercial districts. But the closer it is to urban areas, the higher the value will be. Properties also appreciate over time. So, if you sell the land with the house, you could earn significant returns. This is why homeowners pay great attention to their property and apply landscaping maneuvers to increase the home’s value.

Buying just a house is an affordable yet risky decision. Unlike real estate properties, houses alone can depreciate, and it isn’t easy to make renovations to increase their market worth. On the bright side, they can be profitable if you rent them out as a guest house.


It takes time and careful planning to decide whether it’s ideal to purchase a house and land package or just a house. Given the factors above, you can discern which option works for you. People with families may benefit more from house and land packages.

Meanwhile, individuals or companies who want to rent out homes may prefer owning only the structure. Each choice is good, depending on your lifestyle and what you hope to achieve.

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