After a tiring and hectic day, we need some relaxation. 

That’s why a lot of washing takes a long hot shower by the end of the day. But only having a shower can not cure the stress you are going through. You might just sit under the shower and think about life. 

But wait, that’s not relaxing. That’s what we do after having a bad breakup. 

You need something soothing and a little luxurious.

Also, in our daily schedule, we can’t afford to go to a spa really often, so why not build a home spa with hot tub landscaping on a budget? 


Top 12+ Ideas For Hot Tub Landscaping On A Budget

It’s completely usual to have a budget concern when you are fulfilling your inner desires or wishes. After all, this is not as necessary as having a roof above your head. That is why here I am with hot tub landscaping on a budget. 

Now, let’s check them out without wasting any more time. 

 #1 Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle

You can always install a hot tub into a full backyard redesign, especially when you are considering hot tub landscaping on a budget. This way, you will be able to make your backyard an extra room for your home. Here, you just need to ensure that you are slightly sinking the hot tub to make it stand out but not that much overbearing. 

#2 Use The Most Of The Pool

We all know how great pools are for those sunny summer days. But when the winter comes in, enjoying your backyard becomes difficult. So, complement your stunning pool with an elegant sunk hot tub. This will help you to keep your backyard a destination throughout the year. 

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#3 Minimalist, Cohesive Spa Deck

Your hot tub comes in a square shape. Have you thought of mimicking the square shape in other elements in your backyard and getting some suggestions from hot tub landscaping ideas? This will create a cohesive yet minimalist feel, which will give you “peace of mind”

#4 Use The Most Of It 

Make the entire space enjoyable and purposeful both inside and outside the tub. Design the space as a luxury lounge area. With some cozy seating areas and movie screens, you can have the perfect getaway from the everyday hustle-bustle. 

#5 A Seating Home Spa Area

Just because you have a hot tub in your backyard doesn’t mean you just need to relax inside the tub. With multiple seating areas along with formal landscaping, your built-in spa will become the perfect backdrop for entertaining a sleek backyard. 

#6 Hot Tub With Bar Counter

Just imagine you are in the hot tub soaking in hot water and sipping your favorite wine or cocktail. Nothing can be more relaxing and revitalizing than this. So, why not set up a backyard waterside bar?  

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#7 Outdoor+Indoor: Have Them Both

Your backyard hot tub doesn’t necessarily have to be completely outdoors. Afterall your privacy also matters. So, why not have an indoor/outdoor home spa? That means you can enjoy nature and the outdoors and that too with the privacy indoors. 

#8 A Little Private One

I know when it gets hot, you want to enjoy the outdoors more. Here, a dedicated deck area around your hot tub can be the perfect one. With the comfort and coziness of your backyard, it will create a private spa experience for you as well. 

#9 Pergola Hot Tub 

Opt for a pergola along with some light curtains. This will not only make the entire spa area beautiful; but also provide you the private “room” experience with hot tub enclosure ideas. You can add some minimalist cozy furniture, rugs, and flowery plants to make the place more vibrant. 

#10 Why Not, Natu(re)-(lu)xury?

After all, it is mother nature; it has to be soothing. On the other hand, having a hot tub is a luxury. So, why don’t you place luxury with nature? Plant some shade trees and hedges around your home spa deck. Also can include some flowery plants in the area. 

#12 Zen Set-Up

As I have mentioned, your hot tub needs a little privacy, so you can try the zen-like setup with traditional wooden blocks and glass. Revamp your backyard area with plants to get the calming touch of nature and build hot tub landscaping on a budget. Always try to make the place as minimalist and sophisticated as possible to reflect more of the natural beauty. 

#13 Typical Home Deck Spa

Have a usual home spa deck in your backyard; now you just need to revamp it a little with bottom lights. Also, include a cozy seating area. And then use plants and hedges to give you privacy and also a relaxing environment

#14 Poolside Hot Tub 

If you have a large backyard, you can have both the pool and hot tub. And you absolutely do not need to follow the small backyard hot tub landscaping on a budget. Just make sure you are installing them as a complete unit side by side. Use stones and blocks to get the conventional look. Layer-to-layer backyard landscape will go amazing with some plants. 

#15 The Flintstones Hot Tub 

Just because you have a backyard hot tub, that doesn’t mean that it has to be completely indoors. You can be the “The Flintstones” and have a stone age hot bath. Build a small cottage home spa in your backyard. To maintain the rustic look, ensure the stones and block wood finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I know you get enough hot tub landscaping on a budget; now, check out some most commonly asked questions with their answers so that you can plan your home spa area properly. 

Q1: How Can I Make My Hot Tub More Attractive?

Ans: Just because you are opting for hot tub landscaping on a budget doesn’t mean your hot tub can’t look attractive. Here are some tips for you.
• Pick the right place. 
• Build a home spa gazebo. 
• Use walls for concealing. 
• Place beautiful plants up to the edge. 
• Enhance the area with some accessories. 
• Keep your drinks close with cup holders. 

Q2: What Plants Look Good Around A Hot Tub?

Ans: After all, your outdoor hot tub needs some privacy. So, I would recommend you to go with arborvitae, Pieris japonica, bamboo trees, rhododendrons, and laurel for creating a natural fence. You also can enhance your backyard with some flower plants as a part of your hot tub landscaping on a budget. 

Q3: How Do I Make My Spa Look Nice?

Ans: There are several ideas that you can use to make your spa area look nice;

• Patio furniture.
• Gazebos.
• Plants. Outdoor lighting.

You also can utilize custom steps and decking for completing your spa design. And if you are thinking about creating a cohesive look, opting for a particular theme or style would be great.  

Q4: What Do You Put Around The Bottom Of A Hot Tub?

Ans: When you are thinking about a hot tub base, gravel can work best. Especially when you are using gravel hot tub pads with larger crushed rock, they make the best possible supportive base. 

Every Day Is A Spa Day!

Now, you have a lot of ideas to build your hot tub landscaping on a budget. I will ask you to always focus on different hot tub landscape ideas. Always maintain the minimum space that is required to maintain your hot tub while living up the space. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start working on your dream of having a home spa. 

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