Do you love the idea of traveling for an extended time but aren’t sure how to manage your house and other responsibilities at home? One of the biggest obstacles that people face is their housing situation.

But don’t let owning a home make you feel tied down! Just because you own a home or want to keep a rental for home base doesn’t mean that you are stuck in one place. With a little bit of creativity, you can plan ahead and enjoy time on the road.


Tips For Renters

If you are a renter, there are several factors to keep in mind before you travel. Take a look at your lease to know how long you are locked into the agreement. You’ll need to plan far enough in advance to give your landlord notice.

Depending on the timeline, you might postpone your trip until the lease is over. Or, there’s a possibility that you will need to find temporary housing after the lease ends and before you travel.

Some people want to maintain their rental, so they have a place to return to. In this situation, have a conversation with your landlord about subletting options. Then, you can bring in another renter to live in the space while you are gone.

Tips For Homeowners

Tips for Homeowners

There’s more work to do if you own a house or condo. But it’s worth the effort to feel the freedom when you are on the road! Most homeowners want to maintain their property, so they look for options to rent their homes while traveling.

Consider these factors when determining if you should keep your home or sell it:

  •     Do you want to come back to the same home when you are done traveling?

right now?

  •     How good is the current rental market?
  •     Will you be able to get enough rent money to pay the mortgage?
  •     Are you underwater on your mortgage?

One option is to find a private agreement with someone who will rent your home while you are gone. Or, if you don’t want to worry about maintenance and logistics, another option is to hire a property management company.

Although there are a few other options that you can explore depending on your needs and choice.

Consider A Home Exchange

Another possibility to consider is to find a home exchange. You put your listing on an exchange website and inquire about other places with homeowners who might be willing to swap for a while.

List Your Home With Airbnb

One of the best and most viable options, when you are traveling, is to put up your house on Airbnb. That way you can have long-term or medium rentals staying at your house for a certain period of time.

For this, you have to give certain access to the house and give information about all the amenities at the house and even near it.

Rent Your House To Someone

If you are going for a simpler option, then the best thing that you can do is to rent out your house, if you are gone for a substantial amount of time.

You will be assured that your property is safe if you have a proper lease agreement signed by your tenant. If you want immediate renters, then you can also ask your friends and family to help you out and even move in themselves, for the time being.

Sell Your House

Sell Your House

If you think that once you are gone, you might not come back to that house or even the city, then the best option will be to sell the house.

Since you already know that you are not gonna stay there in the near future than giving it up seems like the best option.

So talk to a real estate agent and put your house up for sale that way it mat get sold before you leave for your trip as well.

House Sitting

If you are just leaving for a few days or weeks then to avoid any chances of robbery, you can ask someone to house-sit. It would be better if you ask a friend or even a family member.

That way even if you have a pet, they will already be accustomed to them and you will be assured that your house is well taken care of.

Wrapping Up!

It is a dilemma for people to own a house of their own, but if you are a frequent traveler, that is when it gets tough to leave the house alone.

But now there are a lot of options that you can explore, to keep your house in check, while you are going to be traveling for a long period of time.

And those are exactly the options that we have listed in this article to help you out and make you aware of all the viable options.

Written by Becki Andrus in partnership with Checkworks personal and business checks

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