With digital listings and endless scrolling, improving your home’s curb appeal is an essential selling strategy. People rarely give a home a second chance, so if you blow your first impression because you haven’t taken the time to enhance your home’s curb appeal, you’ll likely never get another opportunity.

But curb appeal is essential not just when it comes time to sell your home but to ensure it doesn’t lose its value. Keeping on top of maintenance and regularly updating outdated features makes your home more comfortable to live in and helps hold and increase its value.

Plus, when it does come time to sell, it will be much easier to get your home in order if you’ve been keeping up with maintenance and aesthetic improvements.

Improving your home’s curb appeal has many advantages. Read on to learn some of the best improvements to your house to boost its appeal and value.




If you’re only focused on improving your curb appeal to sell your home right away, and your current windows don’t have any obvious issues, windows might not be the best return on investment. After all, it’s a big project and a significant expense. But if you’re looking to improve both value and appeal, the investment is more worthwhile.

Windows play a big role in a home’s look and function. If your current windows are approaching two decades in age, it might be time to consider replacing them. Not only will some new awning windows for your home improve the look and appeal, but new windows will perform better, bringing more value to your home. They will improve your home’s energy efficiency significantly, which is also a prime selling feature.

Front Door

Front Door

The entryway to your house is another thing that plays a significant role in your curb appeal. Your front door should be the focal point and be eye-catching, not blend into the background. If your door has become drab, chipped or warped, it needs some attention.

For curb appeal, you can simply sand your door and paint it in a bright, bold color to make it stand out. But depending on the age and condition, you might want to replace your door entirely. This cost is much less than new windows but has a higher return on investment. A new front door will make your home look stylish and secure, two impressions you want to give.



Another big part of your home’s aesthetic is your property, and you want it to be healthy and lush.

The condition of a yard sends a big impression to potential buyers, and anyone really, of what type of homeowner you are. Are you someone who lets your lawn become dull, yellow, and unkempt? Or do you nurture it and take the time to make sure it thrives?

However, people think your treat your yard; that’s how they will think you treat your house. A well-maintained lawn signals that the house is also well-maintained. An unkempt lawn signals your house is also unkempt.

If you’re not planning to sell your home immediately, you’re in luck because it gives you time to get back to basics with your lawn care to ensure it’s well-fed and seeded.

Once you have a healthy green lawn, you can focus on upkeep, getting into the habit of regular watering, mowing, and edging for a manicured lawn that will ensure buyers are impressed and bring value to your home.


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