Homeowners nowadays are all about adding value to their property and making it functional. They steer toward particular renovations that would give them just that. One upgrade is constructing additions to your house that help increase its convenience and curb appeal.

There are multiple additions you can make to spruce up your property. Make sure that if you are planning a renovation, you contact and assign the project to the best fit out company possible. You don’t want to deal with the headaches of substandard work. Go through online reviews and ratings first before you finalize who you want for the job.

A home addition is a renovation technique for adding extra space to your house. They can make a place look more spacious and visually appealing by making it feel less congested. However, many homeowners shy away from such a significant renovation due to the cost.

They may also not be confident in their contractors and fear that they’re ruining the space. However, many trustable companies offer affordable quotes designed according to your needs. The cost also pays off when you resell the home.

Checkout 3 Prime Home Additions That Can Boost Your Property’s Value:

Home addition plans

Let’s discuss the additions that can successfully increase the value of your place.

1. A Bump Out

A bump out is an extra room that you can construct at the side of your house. The room is mainly for single use, such as a bathroom or a bedroom. Adding a bump will help improve the structure of your place, making it feel more spacious.

It will also make the house more functional by providing extra storage space. This attracts many buyers and increases the property’s value. Adding large spaces like living rooms, however, poses complications, so many contractors avoid them.

The addition will first require an inspection. The contractor will check if the area you wish to convert can withstand the process. Certain factors weigh in here, such as the flooring, the position of the beams, and the drainage system in the case of a bathroom.

You need to consider all of these points and determine whether your home is ready for the addition. A room addition will also require a new roof line where you’ll have to choose between a shed-like roof or a flat roof. Be sure to ask your contractor all of these questions and do your research to ensure your money is well-spent.

2. Garage Addition

If your house doesn’t have a garage, we recommend changing that. A garage is essential to keep your car safe and can also be used as a storage space. It also adds excellent curb appeal to the house, and many homebuyers look for it in houses.

Since it is a space that is added to the exterior of the home and not the interior, it does not require many inspections either. However, it is a bit more costly than a room addition and needs extra attention.

3. Sunroom

A sunroom is a sitting arrangement made at the side of the house, usually with a glass roof. It is a multipurpose recreational area that you can use for reading and sunbathing, or you can also convert it into a temporary living room or a greenhouse for your plants.

Sunrooms are not expensive as they’re made from prefabricated materials such as aluminum. They also aesthetically elevate a house’s look, something many homebuyers desire.


Home additions are an excellent investment in the present and the future of your house. They may seem expensive, but if you have done the proper research, you can decrease the expenditure. Don’t just settle for any installation.

Before venturing out to bring home additions, ask yourself these questions; will the addition be beneficial for my family, will it be possible on my budget, and will it increase the property’s value? Dive in only when you’re sure of the pros and cons.

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