A dream house means a lot of things to the ones who dream of a house. We want each and everything done according to how we envision it. A good living room, cozy dining, kitchen, balcony…everything needs to be just as planned. Yes, the color, too, needs to be just as planned.

When talking about the colors of your house, the Paint sheen plays a big role. Wait, you don’t know what paint sheen is? The paint sheen determines how glossy and shiny your paint looks. But that is not all– it also determines the durability, maintenance requirement, and moisture resistance of the paint.

So, if you are planning to use high gloss paint, you should really pay attention to the type of paint sheen and sheen finishes. There are different types of paint sheens offering other qualities and shades of paint to your house.


What Is A High Gloss Paint Sheen?

The high gloss paint sheen adds a new aesthetic to your walls. When you are ready to make a bold statement, you can go for extreme glossiness. But there are more. This paint finish is gleaming and will reflect your picture on the surface you paint it on.

When you want your room to look brighter, you can use a high gloss sheen to make the light bounce off of the wall. Extreme glossiness works best with darker and dull colors. But if you want the light to get absorbed, then the matte versions of the colors work better.

You can apply highly glossy paint to the exterior of your house or to your bathroom. But you must remember to get it done properly. The high gloss sheen extremely highlights the wall. So, if the wall is bumpy and the paint is not smooth, the most minor reflections might look bad.

Here are different sheens and where they suit the best.

Type Of PaintDurabilityBest For
High GlossVery highBathrooms and exterior walls
Semi GlossHighKitchen & living rooms
SatinHigh durabilityFamily rooms and children rooms
EggshellMediumLiving rooms and dining room
Matte PaintMedium or lowBedrooms
Textured FinishHighInterior walls

Things You Need To Know Before Using High Gloss Paint

If you want to paint your room with high gloss white paint or similar, you need to know a few things before doing so.

Shines Bright Like A “Glass”

The high gloss shine of the glossy paint gives your walls mirror-like feel as if you can see your own face inside the wall. Especially if you want a little out-of-the-world touch inside the living room, then this is the paint you should choose.

Shines Bright Like A "Glass
  • The high gloss finish is smooth.
  • It has a mirror-like charm.
  • It works best on the ceiling of your living room.

The High Gloss Paint Talks “Lavish” To Other Finishes

If you have different sheens on the walls of your room, why not pair them up with some high gloss paint? Believe me; they are quite talkative when they are together. The best idea yet would be to pair it up with different sheens of the same color.

High Gloss Paint Talks "Lavish" To Other Finishes 
  • You can balance the dull and dazzling color with a mix of different sheens.
  • The best idea is to pair it up with other gloss types.
  • The glossy color pops and is suitable for the guest room and the ceiling of the living room.

Make A Contrast With A High Gloss Enamel Paint

You can make a contrastive effect in your house only with different glosses of paints. For example, high gloss paint on the kitchen sink, the cabinet, and the taps can make a bold contrast with the colors and the designs around the room.

Contrast With A High Gloss Enamel Paint
  • You can add a great accent with glossy paint if you have a flat pink wall.
  • When you want a specific part of the interior to stand out, add some glossy paint to it.

Keep It Glossy, And It Will Keep It Clean

I, too, feel that urge to paint a wall completely white. While eggshell paint is what we madly desire, we cannot keep it clean. But if you want that pristine white on the wall, use some high gloss white paint. 

Keep It Glossy, And It Will Keep It Clean 
  • Glossy paints clean easily.
  • It is stylish.
  • And it is white and clean.

The Most Durable Gloss Goes To…

The high gloss paint is the most durable one. Do you know why the hallways or the family rooms are glossier? Because they are super durable and they are the easiest to clean. High-crowded areas do well with glossy paint as they are more durable and they are easy to clean.

Most Durable Gloss Goes To
  • The exteriors of your house or the bathrooms need more durable paint.
  • They make a bold statement and add extra glamor to the walls and the ceiling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popularly asked questions, and I have answered them for you-

1. When Should I Use High Gloss Paint?

These paints are the easiest when it comes to cleaning. You can use these paints on the doors and on your cabinets. When exposed to dirt and oil, you can easily clean them.

2. Is High Gloss Better Than Gloss?

There are different types of glosses. High gloss paint contains more than 70 percent gloss, while semi-gloss has 41% to 69% gloss. More glossy paints are easy to clean. The matt paints are great for bedrooms. It depends on where you are using the paint.

3. What’s The Purpose Of Gloss Paint?

The high gloss paint is high sheen paint. It makes the light inside your room bounce off of each other. The gloss paint can make your room look bigger than it appears. These colors work well in the hallways, the exterior, and the bathroom.

Bottom Line

When it comes to coloring your own home, you need to try out the mix of not only different colors but also different sheens. The high gloss paint is great for different parts of the house, like the exterior, the bathroom, and the hallway.

I hope you can better decide where to use glossy paint. If you need any more info, you can ask me in the comment.

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