Renovating or revamping your house is an essential part of making sure that the house’s personality keeps changing with you. After all, why would you want to live in a place that does not make you feel at home or that you cannot resonate with?

If you have been thinking about making small changes in your house by adding small elements, let me tell you- it is a great and an elementary idea.

Doing simple things like painting a wall with a different color, adding a little showpiece, bringing in some plants, and even hanging something on the wall are the easiest ways of bringing change to your room. Almost anyone can do that.

Egg Chairs: What Are They?

Egg Chairs What Are They

You must have heard the name of the egg chair. This convention-breaking design has made it to the headlines of many tabloids, cafes, and even some homes ever since it came to the market.

Shaped in an egg, this chair is best when left hanging. However, that does not mean that you cannot use this chair with your sofa set. Even though it defeats the purpose of the shape of the egg, it still does the work.

Hanging Egg Chair Ideas: Top 10

Hanging egg chairs have become one of the most common garden staples. It does not matter whether it is on the patio, on the lawn, or near the entry to your garden; having a hanging egg chair will make your guests feel welcomed and feel like a furball!

If in case you were looking for some of the best hanging egg chair ideas to decorate your house, you have come to the right place. Here are the top ten best ideas that you can use to decorate your home:

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1. Indoor-Outdoor Iron Hanging Chair

Indoor-Outdoor Iron Hanging Chair

One of the most common hanging egg chairs that you might see is the indoor-outdoor iron one. You can easily spot these at a cafe and in many houses.

Generally, the color of the chair and the ‘egg’ is black, which gives a great contemporary look to the whole ensemble.

2. Nest Hanging Egg Chair

Nest Hanging Egg Chair

Made with wood or bamboo strips, the nest egg hanging chair is a handcrafted piece of art that can add a rustic look to your house if that is something that you are going for.

The chair can either come with a seat pad, or you can get one yourself. You can even stack up more than one seat pad or cushion to make yourself more comfortable. All you need to do is make sure that you have taken the necessary measures for protecting the outdoor wooden furniture.

3. Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

This type of chair comes with a cozy headrest and is very durable. The ones that are UV proof are great for an outdoor environment.

They are very sturdy and can handle a lot of weight. Spend your days and nights by the pool or in the garden swinging in this chair.

4. Two-Seater Hanging Egg Chair

Two-Seater Hanging Egg Chair

Need more space? Then maybe you should think about installing a two-seater hanging egg chair.

These can be made with bamboo strips, resins, or even wicker. They are very durable and can even be great for the outdoors.

5. Floating Bubble Hanging Egg Chair

Floating Bubble Hanging Egg Chair

Are you looking for something different for your house? Maybe a hanging egg chair that looks like a floating bubble will help you with that.

This kind of chair looks like a bubble as the sides and the back of the seat are made transparent. You may decorate your chair with fairy lights and add a heavenly look.

6. Low Hanging Egg Chair

Low Hanging Egg Chair

While most hanging chairs are higher from the garden, you can opt for a low-hanging egg chair. The chair adds a different look and is easily accessible to those short.

Getting up and down from the hanging egg chair is also easier if they are hanging low.

7. Pop Of Color Hanging Egg Chair

Pop Of Color Hanging Egg Chair

Imagine having something that adds a pop of color to your otherwise neutral room. That is something that a multicolored hanging egg chair will do to you.

This kind of chair helps make the room look brighter and adds a great contrast to the monotone.

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8. Hammock Hanging Egg Chair

Hammock Hanging Egg Chair

One thing that comes to our mind when we think of camping is the hammock. So the hammock egg chair hanging is an excellent idea for your to have if you are someone who loves comfort more than style.

But does that mean that the chair does not look good? NO.

Instead, it is a great chair to have if you love the boho and even cottage-core vibe. Also, the room is more in this one to have two people. It is also great for the garden.

9. Swinging Hanging Egg Chair

Swinging Hanging Egg Chair

If there is one egg chair that genuinely looks like an egg, then this one. These are the hanging egg chair without a stand.

The swinging egg hanging chair is a beautiful piece that helps alleviate the look of your house. Ensembling the chair with cushions of different colors and making yourself feel at peace is something you can do to your home.

10. Weaved-Up Hanging Egg Chair

Weaved-Up Hanging Egg Chair

You must have noticed how people are all into the warn trend these days. So many craftsy individuals have made chairs out of yarns, macrame, and crochet.

If you want to experience something out of the box, then it is best to get yourself a weaved-up hanging egg chair. It is going to give your house a bespoke look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Are Egg Chairs?

Egg chairs are record-breaking innovations that hit the market and broke all conventions. These are, also known as garden egg chairs or egg chair swings, are famous for their unique shape. 
Once you look at it, you instantly feel all cozy and comfortable.
Formed in the shape of an egg, the chair is an excellent option for people of all kinds. The hanging egg chair is all for you, whether you want a contemporary vibe, an aesthetic vibe, or a boho vibe.

2. Are Egg Chairs Fashionable?

If you are thinking about some of the easiest ways to renovate and revamp your house and garden, try hanging an egg chair.
It is also a great low-budget bedroom decor idea. These are some of the most comfortable and stylish elements that will amplify the look of your favorite corner and make it Instagram-worthy.

3. How Much Weight Can A Hanging Egg Chair Hold?

There are many forms of hanging egg chairs with stand and without stands. Many can be found online. A good quality hanging egg chair is excellent for your house as they can carry a lot of weight.

Wrapping It Up!

Egg chairs have broken conventions ever since they hit the market. Shaped in the form of an egg, this chair is one of the best and most comfortable chairs that give the room a cozy and comfortable look.

There are many ways to incorporate the hanging egg chair into your house. Some of the best ideas and the easiest ones have been mentioned in this article above.

I hope you found them helpful. If you have any other questions or ideas about using the hanging chair, feel free to let me know in the comment section. Till then, have a blast!

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