The entryway to your home could be something you don’t normally pay attention to, but it’s the first element that captures the attention of your guests and family when they come and visit.

Although people only spend a few seconds to some minutes in the entryways, it’s vital to keep them looking classy and stylish. Hence, if you’re looking to spruce up your entryway, you’ve found the right page.

Hallway painting alone can make a lot of significant changes to your foyer. However, painting is a project that requires more knowledge and tips.

You can’t just buy cans of paint and start rolling the brushes into the walls. It would be much better to go to this next page to choose the best painting services.

Besides, it pays to know more tips to make your entryway stylishly beautiful.


1. Choose A Bright-Colored Paint

 Bright-Colored Paint

One helpful tip in creating a stylish foyer is choosing bright-colored paint. By bright, you should opt for a tone that illuminates the interiors. It should appear brighter and lighter even without natural or artificial light. 

If you want your guests to feel welcomed the moment they walk in the door, choose a color that gives them a warm feeling. You can choose from conventional neutral colors such as ivory white, beige, cream, nude pink, and so on.

However, if you’re following a color palette for your interior design, you can choose any color’s muted version of the paint color. This allows complementing all colors together while still creating a light and airy ambiance. 

2. Consider Using Contrasting Tones

If you’re bored of using a mono shade, it’s ideal to use two and integrate them. For instance, go for two different and contrasting shades for the walls of your entryway, and you’ll be surprised at how they will turn out.  

You can also go for opposites like black and white or any other vibrant colors that look great together. The key here is to ensure that the contrasting colors still complement each other. This allows the overall vibe of your home to follow a consistent rhythm. 

3. Create A Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are stapled decoration ideas for many contemporary houses. They have lived up to meet the needs of many homeowners for many years.

There are many creative and interesting ways to make this home feature happen. You may start by creating a gallery wall with your preferred props and paint it accordingly in your entryway. 

No matter how narrow or wide your entryway walls are, it’s a great idea to turn them into gallery walls to liven up the space. Put your favorite photos and artwork on the often-overlooked wall space and mimic an art gallery. While at it, ensure that the colors and designs are well put together. 

Aside from incorporating photos, hang in some memorabilia, keepsakes, and postcards that are dear to you and you’ve collected through the years. This area will surely be a hit among your family and friends when they visit you. 

4. Make The Door Stand Out

One useful tip to make your entryway stylish is to make the entry door stand out. After all, it could be the focal point of your home’s entrance. If your hallway is quite long, it’s wise to invest in a beautiful door that makes the walk to the hallway more appealing. With this, guests can look forward to looking at your door closely.

Longer hallways also mean there is no available space to add storage or furniture, so the door is the only element to highlight. Consider going for bolder colors if you want your entrance door to captivate your guests.

You can also add more details to their elements like the frame, hardware, door knobs, and panel. Additionally, consider the outer side when painting your door, as it should be resistant to weather and other external elements.

5. Use Beautiful Art Pieces

Beautiful Art Pieces

Choosing aesthetics over utility is an excellent choice for the wall space in your entryway. Thus, don’t forget to hang charming art pieces when painting your hallway. These will contribute to elevating the overall look of your foyer.

Whether you’re an art aficionado or not, you don’t have to break the bank to find the best art pieces for your entryway. These art designs can range from beautiful paintings to photographs of sunsets taken by a family member.

It’s all about adding life and personality to your entryway to make it more stylish and welcoming. Moreover, such art pieces make great conversation starters when you open the door for your guests.  


Entryways could only be a menial part of a home for some, but you should treat them like the rest of the other areas. Hopefully, the next time you decide to paint your hallway, you can refer to the tips and ideas above, so you’ll have a stylish and up-to-date hallway. 

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