The gutters are one of the elements in a house that many first-time homeowners overlook. Moving into a new home is a significant milestone, and it’s crucial to keep such an investment functional for years to come. Among the various elements in a house, it’s vital to pay close attention to the gutter system and for proper gutter Care.  

The gutter system serves as a drainage channel that maintains the structural integrity of the roof and foundation, preventing potential water damage during rainstorms.

Buildup Debris Causes Overflow The Gutter

If you allow debris to build up in your gutters, the water will overflow and spread within the perimeter of your home. Sadly, if the water does not drain away rapidly, it’s likely to result in flooding in your basement.

Routine cleaning and maintenance of the gutters are necessary since it prevents basement flooding. Aside from regular maintenance and gutter care, consider investing in leaf guards or covers to prevent debris buildup.

As for the replacement, vinyl gutters require one every ten years, while metal can last longer, usually up to 20 years. 

Checkout Six Prime Tips For Gutter Care And Maintenance:

Don’t wait for the gutters to become overflowed with debris before making a move. Schedule routine maintenance to ensure your gutters stay clean and functional throughout the year.

That said, here are more gutter care and maintenance tips to keep in mind: 

1. Conduct A Thorough Inspection 

cleaning the gutters

An initial task you need to do before cleaning the gutters is to perform a visual inspection of your gutters. Go around the house to check for any evident physical damage so you’ll know areas that require special attention later.

You should also note down areas where possible overflow occurs. In most cases, you’re likely to see discoloration or staining on the walls. If you happen to find these areas, timely action for gutter care is necessary to prevent water damage from developing. 

2. Maintain Safety By Ensuring The Ladder Is Steady At All Times

Safety should be the number one priority in any chore. The same applies when cleaning the gutters. For first-time homeowners, always keep the ladder steady. Remember that you’ll work at a certain height level, so your ladder must be stable.  

You can ensure the ladder is steady by checking if the base is stable or level, which prevents the ladder from moving. Do this before moving up the ladder and start your gutter care and cleaning project. 

3. Prepare For The Gutter Cleaning Task

Gutter Cleaning Task

Before cleaning the gutters, make sure you have the right gear. Generally, it’s best to don work pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and rubber gloves. If you have a few trees on your property, expect more debris every routine cleaning.  

Once you have a steady ladder in position, move up to the area you’ll start first. It’s best to utilize a small plastic scoop to eliminate debris from the gutters. Plastic is a preferred choice to avoid damaging the gutters and for perfect gutter care.

You can bring along a pail where you’ll gather the debris. However, if holding a bucket is bothersome, an alternative is spreading a plastic cover below where you can directly throw the accumulated waste. After removing all the debris, flush the gutters and downspouts using a garden hose to eliminate any leftover remains.    

4. Pinpoint Any Damage And Seal Any Leaks 

While flushing the gutters, the flowing water will show if there are any leaks present. You can seal any leaks using caulk. Apply caulk over the areas with leaks and leave it to dry.

We know finding the damaged areas and sealing the leakages is a pretty complicated process. So if you can not do that work with yourself, then you can also appoint gutter care services.

Depending on the caulk you use, some will take 24 hours to dry completely. If this is the case, apply caulk during good weather conditions.    

5. Make The Necessary Adjustments To The Slope

Gutter System

When the gutters have standing water, there might be an issue with the slope. Generally, gutters have a minimal decline at around every 1/4 inch in the direction it goes. Once you find standing water in one section, adjustment to the sloping is necessary.  

If you lack time to do this task, you can call a gutter care professional to handle it. When you’re hands-on, you need to measure the span of the gutters and multiply by 1/16. The figure that you’ll get is the ideal drop or slope. The next task is to remove any rivets or fasteners and make the necessary adjustments until there’s no more standing water in the gutters. 

6. Inspect The Drainpipes 

The drainpipes are also another element overlooked by many homeowners. Although it has an important role, most fail to give it attention until they end up blocked. Once obstructions build up in the drainpipes, it can cause water to back up and overflow at some point. 

You can remedy this gutter care issue by using a plumber’s auger to remove debris buildup in the drainpipes. Once the water freely flows away from your home, you have eliminated the blockage. 

Final Thoughts 

Gutter care and maintenance should be one of the priorities of any first-time homeowner. Neglecting the gutters can bring about significant damage, not only to your home’s roof but also to the foundation.

Keep the gutters clean if you don’t want the hassle and costly repairs. With the help of these maintenance tips in gutter maintenance, you can keep your gutters clean and functional for years to come.

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