Recently, the Karnataka State Government announced the “Gruha Jyoti Scheme.” The scheme aims to provide free electricity to eligible households. Despite rising electricity costs, not only in India but around the world, this scheme is an innovative approach that is an effort to subsidize the electricity costs of the residents. The state wants to target energy affordability as a commitment to economic relief. 

In this article, you will learn about the Gruha Jyoti Scheme and how it works. Furthermore, you will also learn about the various benefits that it offers to Karnataka residents. Apart from that, this article discusses the eligibility criteria for availing of the benefits of this scheme. Finally, it shows you how to apply for the scheme both online and offline. Hence, to learn more, read on to the end of the article. 

What is the Gruha Jyoti Scheme? 

What is the Gruha Jyoti Scheme_

The Karnataka State government announced the implementation of the Gruha Jyoti Scheme. This helps in resident welfare, as it provides free electric power to eligible residents of Karnataka.

According to ClearTax, “The main objective of this scheme is to reduce electricity costs by providing free electricity for up to 200 units to every residential household of Karnataka. The government also stated that the existing Kuteera Jyothi, Amrutha Jyothi and Bhagya Jyothi schemes would be merged with the Gruha Jyothi scheme.” 

The major aim of the scheme is to improve the living conditions of the residents, especially the impoverished population of Karnataka. Here, if a household uses electricity up to 200 units per month, then the electricity is free. The government officially launched the scheme on 1 August 2003. Here, July 2023 is considered the initial assessment month. 

You heard it right. If you use up to 200 units of electricity in your house per month, you will get it for free. However, if your monthly consumption exceeds 200 units, you will have to pay for the electricity charges. Hence, you can save up to ₹1,000 per month. 

The goal is to develop the quality of life of citizens in the state, as the scheme offers 100 units of complementary electricity. Hence, it has become a major transformative initiative for the government. The aim of the strategic move is to help Karnataka households go towards a brighter future without the burden of expensive power bills. 

How Does the Gruha Jyoti Scheme Work? 

The State’s Energy Department explains that it is anticipating five to ten lakh applications for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme on a daily basis. If you are a resident of Karnataka, you will be able to register for this scheme from your phones, laptops, and desktops through the Seva Sindhu portal.

However, if a resident wants to register for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme through a physical visit (offline), then it can be done through a Bangalore One, a Karnataka One, or a Grama One center.

Furthermore, the scheme will also assist more than 2 crore families who consume less than 200 units of power every month. This data is found by averaging the consumption of the last year. Hence, if a household consumes less than 200 units of electricity in a given month, that household will receive a zero electricity bill. 

Here, the government found out the average on the basis of usage in the year 2022-23. Hence, the people who averaged less than 200 units per month will get zero electricity bills. 

This is a huge step from the government as it will also motivate people to consume less electricity or not waste electricity. The zero electricity bill will inspire people to keep their electricity consumption within 200 units every month. Hence, the scheme offers incentives to those consumers who consume less electricity. 

Calculating the Gruha Jyoti Scheme 

Under the Gruha Jyoti Scheme, people who are residents of Karnataka can get free electricity starting July 2023. As per the announcement of the state government of Karnataka, all consumers who consume an average of 200 units of electricity per month in a given year will get zero electricity bills. That is, a consumer will get free electricity if he consumes (on average) up to 200 units of electricity per month over one year. 

Here is how one can calculate the average electricity bill consumption in a given year: 

​​Average Electricity Consumption = (Average Electricity Consumption between April 2022 to March 2023) + 10% increase in units.​ 

Hence, by using this formula, you will be able to determine whether you are eligible for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme or not. If you are eligible, you will be able to avail of the zero electricity bill along with 100 units of free electricity for the year. 

What are the Benefits of the Gruha Jyoti Scheme? 

The Gruha Jyoti Scheme of the Karnataka government helps in illuminating the path towards inclusive development. This shows the government’s commitment to ensuring eligible households have free electricity access. Furthermore, it also shows the long-term vision of this initiative, which starts a new era of energy equity. 

The scheme blends the accessibility of electricity with economic and environmental sustainability. Apart from that, the scheme not only works towards citizen empowerment but also creates a culture where people will consume energy responsibly. 

According to India Today, “The scheme offers 200 units of free electricity to every household in the state of Karnataka. As of now, the scheme has received registrations from over 8 lakh households and counting. The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited has recorded a total of 8.16 lakh consumers who have already registered for the scheme as of June 20th.” 

Under the Gruha Jyoti Scheme, people residing in Karnataka will receive up to 200 units of electricity for free every month. However, this only applies if a given consumer consumes up to 200 units on a monthly average over one year. This benefit is available to all people irrespective of their location and status within the state. Furthermore, even tenants and people from other states who reside in Karnataka are eligible for this scheme. 

Hence, a household that consumes less than 200 units of electricity per month over a year will get a zero electricity bill. Hence, they do not need to pay for electricity and can save money. 

Gruha Jyoti Scheme: Eligibility Criteria 

Gruha Jyoti Scheme_ Eligibility Criteria

The India Today website adds – “To qualify for the scheme, the applicant must reside in the state where it is implemented and meet the ownership or tenancy requirements specified by the authorities. Their property should be situated in a rural or underserved area and should not have any existing electricity connections.” 

Hence, you can see that to be eligible for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme, you only need to be a resident of Karnataka. However, if you reside outside Karnataka, you are not eligible to enjoy the benefits of this scheme. Furthermore, this scheme is eligible for household connections only. For example, if you have a shop and want the benefits of this scheme, then you are not applicable. 

The following are the major eligibility factors for this scheme that you need to learn about: 


If you want to be eligible for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme, you need to be a resident of the state of Karnataka. You will need to prove your residence and your location in the process of applying for this scheme. 

Electricity Connection 

You need to have a registered electric connection under your name if you want to apply for this scheme. Only that person can apply whose name is recorded in the electric connection with the state. 

Consumption Limit 

You will have to make sure that your electricity consumption is not more than 200 units per month (on average over the whole year). Then you will receive a zero electricity bill for the year, as per the scheme. However, if the per-month consumption exceeds 200 units, you will not be eligible for a zero electricity bill, and you will have to pay for your consumption. 

Required Documents 

The following are the documents you need to apply for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme: 

  • Aadhar Details: This is the basic identification document necessary for verification purposes. 
  • Details of consumer ID/Account ID (whichever is available) on any month’s electricity bill. This will act as proof of your current electricity connection. 
  • Tenancy document for tenants (Rental/lease agreement) 
  • Voter ID: to show the address of the premises. This document will confirm the permanent address of the applicant. 
  • A Passport-sized photograph 
  • You will also need to provide your email address and mobile number, whether you are applying online or offline. This will help you to get notifications related to your connection. 

Eligibility for Tenants 

According to official sources – “Tenants can register with address proof – rental/lease agreement is furnished along with Aadhar for the concerned connection.” 

If you are a tenant and the electricity bill is in the name of the owner, you can still avail of the benefits of the Gruha Jyoti Scheme. However, you will need to prove your tenancy by showing the address of the residence you stay in. Furthermore, you will also need to show your Aadhar details for the connection. 

How Do You Apply for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme? 

How Do You Apply for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme_

To apply for the Gruha Jyoti Scheme, you will need to follow the steps below: 

1. Open the Seva Sindhu Portal on a web browser through your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. You will find the Gruha Jyothi Scheme within the portal. 

2. Once you click on the scheme, you will receive an application form where you will need to fill in the necessary details of your connection. Check the “Required Documents” section in this article to fill out the form, 

3. After this process, make sure you verify and re-check all your information in the form. Then, proceed with the authentication process. Here, you will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on your phone. Use the OTP to verify the process. 

4. After the verification process, you can submit your application. Thereby, you will get a confirmation message that your application is successful. Make sure you note down the application number since you will need it later. 

Wrapping Up 

Hope this article was helpful for you to learn more about the Gruha Jyoti Scheme of the Karnataka government. However, if you want more details, make sure to visit the Seva Sindhu Portal to learn more. You can also learn more offline by visiting the Grama One, Karnataka One, or Bangalore One center. 

Do you have more information to add? Consider using the comments section below to share your ideas and opinions.

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