“There are no curtains too vibrant for when the lifespan has crossed two months, even the brightest red could look the dullest blue.”

If you find yourself heavily relating to this line, then there are two possibilities.

  • You are a home decor enthusiast who is never satisfied with just one decor. There is a new style for every month. Plus, how can we forget the seasons?


  • You are picking the wrong color or style scheme for your curtains.

Yes, you should definitely love the pattern and texture of your curtains. However, when it comes to every ornament of your room, keeping your room in mind is very important.

Similarly, having a green bedroom doesn’t limit the Picasso of interior designers in you. You just need some help!

Sit back, relax, and take some notes!

Green Room & Their Dilemmas

Green Room & Their Dilemmas

It is absolutely true that there is a certain color palette that goes with a green room.

First, it has a specific cool tone. Therefore, not all warm tones will match, and even if you are placing a contrasting tone for your curtains, your green has to be that of a particular shade.

This is one of the reasons why we need to understand your room first and then go for the different aesthetics that might match that of the curtains you are picking.

Curtains For A Green Room

Curtains For A Green Room

We have talked to different interior designers and even some interior architects, and they were able to give us the best curtain designs and ideas that could fit your green room like a glove.

1. Neutrals

We all know nothing can go wrong with a little neutral!

Something clean will always go with a good green. So, for example, if your bedroom is painted in pewter, then an opaque solid beige curtain would be the perfect choice for you.

The curtains will definitely not take too much attention from the other decor and let the earthy tone of the green shine more.

However, this might not be a great choice for someone who is not into this elegant upper east style home decor and would like some more vibrancy in their house.

2. Warm Contrasts

Now, you are not someone who is a big fan of clean neutrals?

Then, going for the contrasts will give you that homely feeling. Contrasts don’t always have to be a bright red. However, a bright red curtain will look fabulous with a dark green wall.

It is like Earth and fire!

Quite a bold choice, right?

Well, you definitely need to muster that personality to pull those bedrooms off. This bedroom is also great for ornamenting with some plants.

3. Cottage Core

Nothing can go wrong with a little cottage core, and what better color to match the simple countryside aesthetic than the earthy tone itself?

Now, you must be thinking!

What is even a cottage core curtain?

No, you cannot go to a certain store and ask for a cottage core curtain; they would probably be confused. A cottage has some aesthetic elements which can help you decorate your green room.

When it comes to the curtains, it is generally white transparent or with a net patterned texture. Sometimes, you can also experiment with opaque white.

4. Wooden Pull Chords

Earth on earth, and the combination is beautiful, no doubt!

Whatever the color scheme of your bedroom is, you can never go wrong with wood. However, when it comes to green, wood somehow brings out the hue even more.

Do not go for a brown curtain because that would fall under your experimenting with neutrals. Go for wood!

A wooden pull cord is not only the most beautiful choice, but it is also a very convenient choice if you live in a hot place and you have too many windows. It will ensure that you are not burnt to a crisp on a summer afternoon.

5. Green Textured

This could be a very bold and controversial choice, but green on green is something that is quite on-trend now.

All you need to know is how to choose the greens properly. For example, if your walls are a fine pine, then the patterned curtains should be of a pickle.

When it comes to the patterns, go for plant prints like palm leaves. This will give your bedroom a cool bohemian meets L. A lifestyle blend.

6. Pastels

Now, when we talk about pastel, we are not just referring to the green or neutral pastel, which you can experiment with. Like mint green and pistachio, although not that they would look bad.

However, you can also get a little wild and try something like pastel pink or lavender. Again, how well it will ornament your room really depends on the colour of the wall.

Of course, a sea-green pastel wouldn’t accentuate a parrot-green wall.

7. Match An Accent Piece

Yes, we talked about matching the walls. However, it is not necessary!

Your walls could be as it is, and the accent pieces could match the curtain. This will give your bedroom an elegant monotone freshly cut from the architectural digest.

If you have a gold monotone going on in your bedroom, like a gold vase, gold photo frame, or gold mirror, then an opaque gold curtain is the ideal choice.

8. Seasonal Decor

If you are someone who accepts to be a little frivolous with their interior decoration, and they like to decorate according to the seasons, then here are some options for seasonal green bedroom decorations.

– Get some burnt orange or burnt maroon curtains when the weather gets chilly and autumn is upon us.

– When it’s time, and the birds are chirping merrily, a breezy white curtain or an elegant floral print is the way to go.

A Change Without Paint!

Curtains are an excellent way to change the overall look of your bedroom without getting into the hassle of painting again.

With each hue, there is a different mood and a different setting!

So, it isn’t necessary to have one set of curtains. You can have many and change them according to your aesthetic mood.

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