Are you thinking about redoing your home flooring?

Or are you finally building your dream home?

There are several options when it comes to flooring. Even if you have made a decision to go with vinyl flooring, you still need to choose from two variants; the usual one and the glue down vinyl plank flooring.

Glue down vinyl flooring is becoming more popular at present. Here, I will talk about it so that you can get all your answers before opting for it.


What Is Glue Down Vinyl Plank Flooring?

As the name suggests, the installation process of this particular vinyl plank flooring involves the use of an adhesive in order to attach your back dry vinyl flooring to its actual base.. When the adhesive is being used here, it creates dimensional stability and makes sure that the flooring maintains its natural characteristics.

Benefits Of Choosing Glue Down Vinyl Plank Flooring

Now, I will discuss the benefits of choosing glue down vinyl plank flooring.

#1 More Durable

Although we are not here to compare floating and glue-down vinyl plank flooring, let’s be honest. When you opt for lower-quality flooring, it comes with some issues like click-together and tabs breaking.

But vinyl plank is super durable and also waterproof. So, there is no chance of water leaning and any durability issues.

#2 Offers More Thickness Options

Glue down vinyl plank floorings is usually much thinner than compared to other varieties. Also, you will get a wide variety of thickness options when you are opting for click-together vinyl; thicker planks come with thicker and wider interlocking grooves.

It means you will get more strength. Now, this is another reason why glue-down vinyl plank floorings are so durable and last longer.

#3 More Resistant To Different Environmental Changes

Glue-down vinyl plank flooring is always attached directly to people’s subfloor. That means they are not going to move under the influence of heavy traffic. They have more resistance to environmental changes, like temperature, humidity, and other things.

The scenario of it getting warped or bent is pretty rare, although whether it will be resistant to environmental changes or not, and up to what level, depends on the brand and the quality you are picking.

#4 Will Not Wear Down As Fast

If you have already tried floating vinyl plank flooring, you might have encountered several issues. As there is always a gap between any subfloor and its floating floor, usually, they tend to be a little give in those floors.

As a result, foot traffic, might result in the floor breaking really easily and quickly. But, when it comes to glue-down vinyl plank flooring, this won’t happen.

#5 Can Also Be Quieter

For the same specific reason that I have mentioned in the above section, the little vacant space between the subfloor and the floating floor makes a hollow sound while walking in them. 

But, as glue-down vinyl plank flooring does not have any type of air gap, it happens to be usually quarter.

#6 Sometimes Cheaper To Buy

Whenever we are buying anything, it is usual to look for the best option at a reasonable or cheaper price tag. The same goes for flooring options as well. All those vinyl plank floors, which are particularly made for glue down, often come at a cheaper rate.

They are thinner, so, practically, the company is spending less on the material. As a result, the price tag comes with a smaller number of it.

#7 Realistic Visuals

One of the most popular and likable appeals of glue-down vinyl plank flooring is the realistic look that it offers. When you are opting for glue-down vinyl plank flooring, the colors, patterns, and textures that are used for creating it are extremely authentic.

As a result, the final vinyl flooring will give you floors that will look and also and will feel like real wooden floors.

#8 Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

Vinyl plank flooring requires occasional cleaning. Especially in case, you are using it in a high-traffic area. All these are super easy to clean and maintain. You can use a vacuum, broom, or microfiber sweeper for really quick cleaning of your vinyl flooring.

A damp mop, along with a mild cleaner, will do a great job for some deep cleaning. The best part is that no waxing is required here.

#9 Ample Variety

Whether you want marble, wood, stone, concrete, or decorative tile, you will get all these varieties with glue-down vinyl plank flooring. They come in enough options to spoil you. 

That means not only will you be easily able to find your flooring, but also that will also go with your interior style. So, practically you can choose from their wide variety to perfectly match your home interior and the look you actually want to get.

#10 Scratch Resistant

Let’s be practical; when you are choosing to floor for your entryways or any other high-traffic areas of your home, you must go with something that is durable and also scratch resistant.

If you compare hardwood floors with other floorings and vinyl plank floorings, vinyl floorings are way more durable and also scratch resistant. So, you do not need to pay much to maintain the look for years.

#11 Comfortable Underfoot

Your home is your place; it has to be comfortable enough for you to relax. Vinyl plank floorings not only feel softer and conformable but also absorb some of the impacts of your footsteps.

There are some vinyl plank floorings that have extra sound-barrier backing in order to muffle footsteps. Here, the extra underlayment might also be added for further enhancement of the quiet and soft character of vinyl floorings.

#12 Eco-Friendly

If you are opting for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, you can start by choosing glue down vinyl plank flooring for your home. As it is extremely durable, it automatically lasts longer and doesn’t need replacement sooner, and saves on resources.

There are some vinyl flooring brands that make their floorings in such a way that it produces fewer VOCs or volatile organic compounds along with some other chemicals, which affect your home’s indoor air quality. That means you are getting a healthy home.

#13 Easy Installation

Now, when you are considering flooring, it obviously comes, “how to install glue down vinyl plank flooring?”

After all, it is glue down vinyl plank flooring. As the name suggests, due to the glue down feature, you do not need to worry a lot about the installation process. They simply click into place and create a floating floor, which needs really less preparation of the subfloor.

The installation part is so easy that you just can do it all by yourself. No specialized equipment is required; also, as the process is super easy, you also can expect low labor costs.

#14 Hardwood Flooring Look

As we all know, the glue down vinyl plank flooring offers a textured and also the appearance of hardwood flooring. Practically, hardwood floors cost a huge amount of money. In that place, with glue down vinyl plank, you are not only getting the look but also at a much lower rate.

The patterns and colors of every plank have exactly enough variation to look real. And at the same time, they are more consistent than natural products.

#15 Fewer Pet Accidents

We all know that scratches and accidents are the most common ways our pets can harm the floors. Glue down vinyl plank floorings can honestly take all the torture from your beloved pets. It is indeed a convenient choice if you are a pet parent.

Glue down vinyl plank floorings can last for years and years with the aid of pets. In addition to that, it also has a non-porous surface, which means it will not absorb odors easily from those unpleasant accidents.

Choose The Best Glue Down Vinyl Plank Flooring

I know, after knowing all these advantages of glue down vinyl flooring, you are considering this as one of your options. But, there are some things you need to consider when you are getting vinyl flooring so that you can get all the benefits of it.

Here they are,

  • Check the surface texture.
  • Consider the wear layer thickness.
  • Whether it is waterproof or not.
  • The strength of the glue.

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