Cabinetry is an important thing to consider in any kitchen.

It adds storage space, but it also changes the look of the whole room. As such, settling for the right frameless cabinet is an aspect that you mustn’t overlook.

Frameless cabinets are very popular, and over the years, more and more people have added them to their kitchens.

When you compare frameless cabinets with other options, they have many benefits.


5 Advantages Of Having A Frameless Cabinet

Whether you want to fully renovate a kitchen or change your old cabinets, it is important to know what frameless cabinets can bring to the table. 

Here are the advantages of a frameless cabinet that you should know about.

1. Easier To Mount

When you compare them with framed cabinets, frameless ones are more convenient, and it is all due to one aspect – it is easier to mount the shelves.

cabinet Mount

The frameless glass cabinet doors are not only easy to mount, but these doors also look very stylish.

Framed cabinets make mounting the shelves quite challenging, all because of the center style. But in a frameless cabinet, you do not get any center style, so it’s much easier to mount the shelves.

With some of the framed cabinets, the customers will never be able to insert any adjustable wall shelves at the very end after the cabinet is constructed and installed on a wall.

~According to Sunny C. from 

Upon inserting the adjustable shelves in the framed cabinets. This task also requires one of the fidget-around fittings of the shelves in a frame, which is opened before lowering them in position.

With frameless, this task is also an easy process to do without any fidgeting requirements.

2. Cheaper

If you want to go with a more pocket-friendly option when installing your cabinets, frameless cabinets can help you achieve this. Due to less material being required, the frameless cabinet is less expensive than framed ones.

Cheaper cabinet

Furthermore, you can easily assemble the cabinets yourself without having to pay someone else to do it. So, you can save even more money.

The frameless mirror medicine cabinet does not also come with a very high price bar. These are a little cheaper and easier to install. These are the main reasons every modern homeowner likes to have these cabinets.

3. More Storage Space

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a frameless cabinet is the fact that they offer you more storage space.

Storage Space

They have no face frame, so you get a few extra inches of storage. Not to mention that you can install the side of the cabinet by the side without requiring the middle style that framed options need.

Sure, the additional space you have inside, thanks to the lack of a face frame, may not seem like a lot, but you’ll be thankful for it later.

You’ll be surprised how convenient it can be to have some extra inches of space.

With the help of the changing times, the infamous shaker cabinets change and evolve with the specific types of trends, the shaker doors are timeless and have been incorporated into the frameless cabinets.

Framed cabinets have a face frame that sits on the front. This frame reduces the opening space one has when putting anything into the cabinet. While placing larger countertop appliances and putting them away, the frames are way much hindered for every homeowner.  Making the task tedious or not possible. Even with some of the wall cabinets along with putting away stuff or taking the stuff down from the frameless cabinets after it did in a much easier way.

~Sunny C. from

4. Modern Design

More and more people are looking to achieve a modern kitchen design. This rise in popularity of the contemporary kitchen look also made more individuals rush to get frameless cabinets for their cooking space.

Modern Design

The frameless cabinet also comes with elegant lines, offering a sleek look that many hope to achieve. Since there isn’t any face frame, frameless cabinets offer a rather modern style to the kitchen, so if this is the design you want to go for, you should consider frameless cabinetry.

With the help of the changing times, the infamous shaker cabinets change and evolve with the specific types of trends, the shaker doors are timeless and have been incorporated into the frameless cabinets.

~says Sunny C

It will give the design a sleeker new finish. Modern design has not stopped this type of trend from incorporating the shaker cabinet door along with the drawer fronts.

5. Durability

While the face frame you find in framed cabinets gives them a certain amount of stability, a frameless cabinet can have just the same amount of sturdiness – especially if they are well-constructed.


Many companies use all-plywood materials to create some of the best kitchen cabinets, making sure they will last as long as possible for people who buy them. Also, they test the cabinets for resistance to different levels of humidity and temperature.

The frameless cabinet boxes’ durability is high. And it also makes the look pretty unique. Many people think frameless designs are not very durable.

But this is not entirely correct. The durability is entirely depending on the material of the modern cabinets.


Frameless cabinets may be just what you need in your kitchen.

If you want to achieve a contemporary look but also want to ensure durability and enough storage space, you can rest assured that a frameless cabinet will not disappoint.

What is your opinion? How are you going to pick the frameless cabinet? Let us know your idea through the comment sections.


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