If you are tired of your interior and are sufficiently inspired to look for unique features to enhance your living space, you have come to the right place. We have trawled the net looking for such things, and here is the pick of the best to change the look of your home.

A new transformation of your living space is creating a different vibrant fresh look for your home.


6 Cool Ideas To Transform Your Living Space

Your living space is the central part of your home. This place plays a very important role in home decorations. Most of the guest and house parties are organized in this area. For this reason, this place needs to be a very well maintained and well-organized place.

Here are six cool ideas to transform your living space in a more vibrant and decorative way.

1. Stained Glass

1. Stained Glass

If you have yet to see what an expert glazier can do, search with Google Images for ‘stained glass features’ and be prepared to be amazed. Colored glass isn’t restricted to windows; it can make for an attractive partition or even filling in balustrades.

2. Water Wall

These are incredible, and with colored LED lighting in the background, you can create a relaxing and dreamy ambiance, and it isn’t as complex as you might think to have a water wall installed. One wall of your living space with the water wall decoration with the proper lighting system is looking more dreamy and glamorous.

3. Custom Aquarium

3. Custom Aquarium

The ultimate water feature, a custom-built aquarium, can be free-standing or inset into a living space wall; check out Fantasea Aquariums, a leading Australian designer and supplier of bespoke aquariums who have all the solutions. 

Most people find the fish bring a relaxing ambiance, and maintenance is manageable, and you will get to realize that fish have their own character. Lighting and interior accessories can create a unique ambiance, and take your time choosing the fish species (the aquarium supplier can help with this).

4. Bespoke Staircase

Some people think the staircase is a fixed component that cannot be changed, yet the truth is you can have a new staircase designed and built by a joiner. Imagine a teak circular staircase or a walnut feature that runs along the back wall of your living space.

There are many designs that the joiner would show you, and the staircase is built in sections in the workshop and installed together. Here is a guide to texturing with a roller, a great technique if you can master it.

5. State of the Art Hot Tub 

5. State of the Art Hot Tub 

The latest generation of hot tubs is amazing! Led lights and so many features and the terrace is the ideal location, while the master bedroom would not be out of place. The ultimate in luxury living, having a hot soak sipping your favorite cocktail can soon be a reality, and you are only a Google search away from viewing models. 

This would be quite an investment not only for your living space. And one that all the family will appreciate, which will also boost the value of the property.

6. Engineered Timber Flooring

If you are shocked by the cost of a solid hardwood floor for your living space, you’ll be happy to learn that engineered timber is much cheaper and still has the look and feel of solid timber. The multi-layers make the boards strong, and the outer layer is real timber, with a core made from compressed wood shavings. 

Engineered timber is every bit as durable as solid timber, and it can be installed on any substrate. And if you would like a quote from your local flooring contractor, Google will oblige.


We should all take home improvements seriously, and if you want to get creative, there are so many attractive features that you can add. The Internet can help you find design inspiration and find a supplier; a well-decorated living space improves the whole interior decoration of the house. And along with that, your property value is also going to increase.

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