If you live on a property where you’ve got a lot of outdoor space, consider yourself lucky. Not many people get to live in a space with a wealth of real estate, especially in the city.

More so, in recent times when families have been spending more time at home than usual, renovations are becoming common.

The need to improve homes isn’t just for functionality, but also to transform it into a place the whole family can enjoy for lengthy periods of time.

Among the projects, you could do on your property, pay close attention to your outdoor space. If it looks unimpressive at the moment, now could be an excellent time to give it a facelift.

With suitable landscaping, you can enhance the function so that soon, your yard can be an extension of your living space where the entire family will have time to relax and enjoy.

Below are some of the best tips to remember to create an outdoor space your family can enjoy together:

1. Consider Comfort

1. Consider Comfort

All other elements considered whatever renovation work you do in your backyard, be sure to never sacrifice comfort. No matter how beautiful the space may be, if it’s not comfortable, your family won’t spend extended time outdoors.

One of the best ways to add comfort is to pick the right outdoor seating. Once you make a trip to your trusted home goods or The Porch Swing Store, for instance, you’ll come across a lot of outdoor furniture that’s weather-proof.

All you’ll need to do is pick a style that matches the feel of your exterior.

A nice porch swing could be a great addition for the kids as well! If you don’t have a tree to hang a swing on, you could buy a swing set so they could be seated comfortably but also have fun.

2. Have Outdoor Pillows

2. Have Outdoor Pillows

Once you’ve selected outdoor seating, you can take things one step further by purchasing weather-proof, outdoor pillows.

Pillows can come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from. Be sure to choose the pillow that blends with your swing and other elements you plan to add to your space.

Pillows on your outdoor seats can make your outdoor space more nap-worthy. If the breeze is cool and you have a tree to provide some shade, a brief nap in your garden might be a nice change from staying indoors.

3. Give Kids Enough Space To Run

3. Give Kids Enough Space To Run

If your outdoor space is small, remember to keep your furniture proportionate to the area it’s in so your kids will have a place to run around.

Children need to have free play, and apart from outdoor toys and tables they may have, nothing beats running around. If you have young toddlers at home, running and screaming are to be expected.

Your kids might feel tight and constricted if the furniture overwhelms the garden, which could lead to a less than pleasant experience. If the furniture intrudes into space, it could also be a safety hazard as well.

4. Hang Some Lights

4. Hang Some Lights

Why go back inside your home when the sun sets if you can continue spending time in your garden at night? If your garden isn’t well illuminated, transform your outdoor space into a family-friendly by hanging some lights around.

If you have a tree, make use of the branches. You can also have wall lights on your fence or solar path lights.

You’d want to have enough lights that by nighttime, your family can still love the time outdoors, be it for an outdoor movie night, game night, or dinner.

5. Create Play Areas For Your Children

5. Create Play Areas For Your Children

If your outdoor space is enough for a playground, why not have one? A treehouse with a slide on it could be more than enough to make kids happy.

There’s no universal approach to creating a play area your kids could enjoy. What you decide to include is entirely up to you, depending on your kids’ preferences and ages.

Other ideas for play areas also include a small pool or sandbox.


Kids can’t always be kept indoors. If you’ve got space in your backyard, take what you have and use it to your advantage. The tips above could universally apply in your pursuit of creating a family-friendly outdoor space, no matter the size. As you take each suggestion mentioned above, don’t forget to include those that will be utilizing the area. Your family is the people that will make use of the space, so their input and opinion are the most valuable. Making sure your family is happy by the end of the experience means they get a space to enjoy for years to come. Big or small, there’s a myriad of opportunities for you to transform your outdoor space.

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