A roof is an essential part of any house, because it protects everything beneath it, including things you hold dear. This includes family and valuable investments.

Due to the crucial role a roof plays on a house, roofing jobs call for exceptional skills and expertise. Hence, finding a dependable and experienced roofing contractor is an uphill task. 

A poorly done roofing job might leave your family badly exposed to the weather elements. Therefore, any experienced roofing contractor should know the best materials and how to apply them to various home designs.

Here are six deciding factors when choosing the best roofing contractor, like the one who does roof repair in Chesapeake, VA.

Qualifications and Experience 

1. Qualifications and Experience 

It takes years of experience for a roofing contractor to be in a position to handle various types of roofing tasks expertly.

For this reason, you have to ask for the qualifications and experience of any roofing contractor you want to hire. Always look at their training certificates and find out how long they have worked in the industry.

A scrutiny of their portfolio can give you a rough idea of their past accomplishments and what they are capable of doing. 

2. Contractor Licensing 

A validly licensed roofing contractor inspires confidence and assurance that they will do a commendable job. Roofing contractor licensing procedures vary from one state to another. While some states only need registration or certification, others need licensing. 

To know what to check out for, you must familiarize yourself with your state’s roofing contractor licensing preconditions. Most licensed contractors are likely to have undergone formal training, passed several tests, and attained a certain level of experience in the industry. 

3. Contractor Insurance

Most licensed contractors also carry insurance. Besides protecting the roofers from any injuries at their workplace, the insurance also secures you as the house owner. It means that if a contractor gets into an accident while fixing your roof, they will get compensated by their company, not you.

Therefore, proof of insurance is an important thing you must demand from a contractor before hiring them.

Preferably, get a roofing contractor who has a general liability cover. Besides covering the contractor, such insurance covers take care of any damages that might occur to your property while they work on your roof.

Contractor Insurance

You must choose the best contractor to get value for your money

4. Multiple quotations 

When looking for a reliable roofing contractor, it is advisable to go for not less than three bids from different contractors. Many people might often hurry to have their roofs fixed as quickly as possible, only to spend much more than they should have.

When you get multiple bids, you have the latitude to carefully consider what each contractor charges and other factors like professionalism, licensing, communication and reviews. It ensures you get the best value for your money. 

5. Customer Reviews And Testimonials 

It is always prudent to run some background checks on any prospective roofing contractor before making decisions about hiring them. It helps to clear any lingering doubts about their competencies and reliability.

With most professional roofing companies having a robust online presence, visiting the company’s website might be the best way to do a background check on them. On their website, you can find reviews and testimonials from the contractor’s previous clients.

Please pay special attention to any negative reviews from clients and the contractor’s response to them. Contact some of the clients to get their views directly if need be.  

6. Roofing warranty 

Determining whether your prospective roofing contractor offers a roofing warranty is essential. Your ideal contractor provides a quality guarantee to cover any installation damages.

They should also have a manufacturer’s warranty that takes care of faulty roofing materials that they might use. It helps you to avoid incurring any unnecessary extra expenses. 

Roofing warranty 


The roofing of your house is a costly affair that you should never take lightly. Hence, you must choose the best contractor to get value for your money. Ensure you use some, if not all, of the above factors to help you make the best choice. Choosing the most experienced contractor with a competitive price would be advisable.


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