We all want solid internet connectivity when it comes to gaming internet speed. However, you need to consider several factors for this purpose to reach an optimal gaming setup. Amongst these factors, choosing Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi routers is a decision that most gamers are confused about.

Well, not to stress because we’re here to share insights into this matter. We’re presenting an in-depth comparison of which one would do justice based on the requirements and the given way of gaming. So, let’s get started:


What To Consider For Gaming Internet Speed?

optimizing the internet speed

When it comes to optimizing the internet speed for gaming, the first thing is to acquire the right kind of internet connection. There’s no point in switching between different connection modes when your internet isn’t good enough.

Therefore, find a reliable internet provider first and for that, we recommend Windstream Internet since it offers top-class performance as needed. It prioritizes seamlessness in internet connectivity and gives the customers the best internet performance as per the chosen plan.

Choosing someone like Windstream will get you sorted for all kinds of internet needs. When this is settled, we can finally move on to choosing between Ethernet cables and Wi-Fi routers.

Pros and Cons of Ethernet Connectivity

When it comes to seamless connectivity without any sort of lags, the Ethernet connection is the one that every gamer goes for. Ethernet makes it easier to get top-notch speed without disruption; given your internet connection is reliable in this matter.

Apart from this, Ethernet makes it easier to enjoy dedicated internet speed especially if you’re gaming and have multiple devices connected to the internet. This removes the issue of facing lags when other devices are online, which would potentially ruin the overall experience.

On the other hand, Ethernet means wires all over the place unless you have an organized gaming setup at your place. Plus, you won’t be able to enjoy connectivity without losing the wire. It’s like having a leash on your device.

Furthermore, in case of any internet issue, you don’t have to worry about replacing more than one component and that is the Ethernet cable. The maximum that you’ll have to do is check different Ethernet cables and troubleshoot your internet modem. Alternatively, you can use PRTG ping monitoring tool to troubleshoot network problems, receive real-time warnings, and quickly monitor all network devices. You’ll know whether it’s the cable or the internet connection that’s causing the problem right away.

Apart from this, several devices such as powerline adapters allow you to extend Ethernet connectivity without having to spread a wire web across your place. It works just like a Wi-Fi extender, but only for Ethernet connectivity.

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Benefits of a Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi Router Benefits

When it comes to freedom of connectivity, a Wi-Fi router connection ensures that you enjoy it fully. No matter where you go or sit, you can enjoy gaming on your device with a Wi-Fi connection, given you’re using a laptop that can provide portability.

Plus, a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t need too many wires to keep you connected. Most people do prefer Wi-Fi connectivity because of the mobility and ease of access that comes with it.

However, pro gamers avoid using Wi-Fi connectivity because it’s prone to signal disruption. We all know that Wi-Fi routers lose coverage and face disruption if placed in a closed space or near appliances that emit electromagnetic waves.

Moreover, this constant disruption can cause a drop in the speed of the internet, ultimately ruining the overall game. Even though gamers can choose gaming internet routers that minimize the overall issues faced by regular internet routers, still, they are expensive compared to regular ones and can affect overall expenses.

What Should You Choose?

Based on the above discussion, one can assimilate the fact that choosing either of the two will be required based on what the user needs.

For starters:

  • Choosing Ethernet is optimal if one is looking for constant speed without latency issues or disruptions.
  • Ethernet will make it easier to get a steady internet connection, minimizing overall internet issues that occur due to a router.
  • One obtains direct internet connectivity from the modem/ ISP. Hence the only thing affecting the internet speed will be the internet connection itself.

But when it comes to Wi-Fi routers:

  • Choosing one will bring ease of use and will allow users to enjoy seamless connectivity without having to worry about connecting wires.
  • The ease of use makes it easier to continue gaming even on a gaming laptop or smartphone.
  • A DHCP protection can be created that would mask the SSID, allowing only eligible devices to connect to the Wi-Fi without disrupting the speed.

If you’re the one that wants superb connectivity anywhere you go, then a Wi-Fi router is the option for you. But, if you’re gaming on a gaming setup, sitting in one place every day, then an Ethernet cable is a good choice for your gaming internet speed.

In a nutshell, going for Ethernet connectivity is a great choice when you’re looking for seamless gaming internet speed. Even though you can choose a gaming internet router, still, it would be good to have additional devices on your router rather than having your gaming setup on it.

Closing Thoughts

Considering what has been discussed above, we can say that it’s all about gamer preferences. However, as most of the gaming community agrees, using Ethernet is the safest way of enjoying solid internet performance.

But if you want, you can also adopt power line adapters that will let you enjoy Ethernet connectivity over a distance without having to spread wires across your space.

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