The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It distributes power from the main electrical line to the various circuits in your home. Over time, your panel becomes overloaded or outdated, posing a severe fire hazard.

If you have an older home, its electrical panel may not handle current demands. Look for electrical installation services in Naples, FL, to understand what an upgrade entails and the benefits.

Here Are 8 Reasons To Consider An Electrical Panel Upgrade

1. You Have Frequent Circuit Breakers Tripping

If the circuit breakers frequently trip, your panel is overloaded. An upgrade will increase your electrical panel’s capacity, so it doesn’t trip as often. It includes adding more circuits to handle the additional load. However, ensure the new panel can handle the increased power load by checking the amperage and voltage.

2. Your Home Is Undergoing Additions or Renovations

If you’re planning to add an appliance or make other changes to increase your home’s power needs, you may need an electrical panel upgrade. The new panel should accommodate the additional load to avoid overloading the existing system. Also, consider future needs when making your selection.

3. The Lights Flicker When Large Appliances Are On

If the lights flicker when you turn on the washer, dryer, or other large appliance, your electrical system can’t handle the current demand. Upgrading to a larger panel will solve the problem. Loose wiring connections could also cause the issue.

Have an electrician inspect your system to rule out other potential problems. However, consider an upgrade as you increase the number of devices plugged into the system over the years.

4. You Have Fuses Rather Than Circuit Breakers

If your home has a fuse box rather than circuit breakers, it’s time for an upgrade. Fuses offer less protection and are more dangerous than circuit breakers. They can also be challenging to find when you need to replace them.

An electrical panel upgrade will give you peace of mind knowing your home is up to code and safe. The breakers offer better protection against power surges that could cause damage to your appliances and electronics. They’re also easier to reset if they trip.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

An electrical panel upgrade is a selling point if you plan to put your home on the market

5. Your Home Is More Than 40 Years Old

Homes built before the 1970s often had 60-amp panels. Today’s homes need a 100-amp panel to accommodate the increased power demand. If your home has a 60-amp panel, upgrading to 100-amp provides enough power for your needs and future-proofs your home.

6. There Is Scorching or Burning Around the Panel

Scorching or burning signifies an overloaded system. The wiring may be too small for the current load, or there may be a loose connection.

An upgrade will correct the problem and prevent a fire. Also, note that when the wires are old, they become brittle and break. The current may not flow correctly, so the heat builds up and causes a fire.

7. The Panel Is Rusted or Hot to the Touch

A rusted or hot panel is a sign of an overloaded system. The increased load causes the system to overheat, and the rust signifies damage. An electrician will inspect the panel to ensure it’s safe. An upgrade will protect your home from an electrical fire.

8. You Need More Power Outlets

If you need to plug in multiple appliances or devices and don’t have enough outlets, it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel. The addition of new circuits will give you the outlets you need. It will also prevent overloading the existing system. An electrician can help you determine how many outlets you need and where to place them.

Another Reason: You Want to Increase the Value of Your Home

An electrical panel upgrade is a selling point if you plan to put your home on the market. It’s also a good idea if you’re planning to keep the house for many years. You’ll have peace of mind that comes with knowing your home can handle the current demand and any future needs. Most importantly, your home will be safe.


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