Are you trying to attract buyers to your home? Maybe you want to turn heads. With a few changes to your driveway, you can become the envy of your neighborhood!

In fact, updating your driveway curb appeal could increase your home’s value by 7%.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to learn how to add curb appeal to your home.

Give your home the makeover it deserves today!


1. Update Your Door

When arriving at your home, most people look straight toward your front door. You’ll fail to impress anyone if your door looks battered and dull, though. Instead, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Choose a color that pops against the color of your house. If your home is a light pastel color, choose a bold, dark red. Painting your door will help you hide any imperfections.

It could even add $6,000 to your home’s value.

New garage doors can add to your driveway curb appeal, too. You can make your home look luxurious with a carriage house-style door. You can use Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to get started.

2. Get the Lawn Green

A dying, dirty lawn can scare people away. If you want to learn how to add curb appeal, start planting.

Make sure your lawn looks spruce and thriving. You can switch to artificial grass instead.

Consider the best plants for curb appeals, such as boxwoods, impressive annuals, or thuja evergreens. Try to choose disease- and drought-tolerant plants that give your curb a lush look.

3. Start Washing

It’s normal for your home to get dirty over time, but don’t leave it that way! Instead, consider power washing your home. The high-pressure spray will remove dirt from surfaces like brick.

If you have any softer surfaces that need cleaning, be careful. Too much pressure can cause more harm than good.

Use a garden hose and start scrubbing instead.

Look at your windows and siding, too. Clean away dirt or cobwebs with vinegar and warm water.

4. Add More Light

Let there be light! As you use these curb appeal tips, make sure to look at your house at night, too. People can’t appreciate your hard work if they can’t see it!

Add a few affordable light fixtures to your home. You can position them to light up the entire front of your house. Consider adding lighting along your driveway, too.

Brightening your home will attract anyone’s gaze, even at night.

5. Redesign the Driveway

A few small changes to your driveway can have a big impact.

First, look around for any cracks. You’ll want to fix these with sealant right away.

If your driveway is looking dingy, consider resin coating. Resin can help your driveway look smooth and shiny.

Make sure there’s a defined pathway to your front home, too.

Leave Neighbors Green With Envy: 5 Tips for Better Driveway Curb Appeal

Impress anyone who steals a glance at your home! With these driveway curb appeal tips, you can leave a lasting, impressive impact. If you’re trying to sell your home, these upgrades can make a big difference.

Searching for more tips? We can help.

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