Mediterranean architecture for homebuilding became popular in opulent waterfront communities. You have a calm breeze from the water bodies and aesthetic appeal. The rustic yet biophilic design of the Mediterranean home featuring open courtyards, bespoke red tile, ornate details, balconies, and vibrant landscaping made Mediterranean homes appeal to homebuyers of all ages.

Mediterranean Architecture Styles: Italian Vs. Spanish 

All Mediterranean homes have similar design patterns: indoor-outdoor living spaces, arches, clay tile on the roof, lush landscapes, and curves in the interior. Yet, these revival styles can be distinctive depending on the region. The Italian Renaissance style includes extravagant exterior and interior decoration through fixtures, plasterwork, stone embellishments, decorative pillars, and courtyard decors.

In contrast, the Spanish revival style incorporates tile work inspired by Moorish and Turkish cultures. Their extensive wrought iron works on the windows and minimal ornamentation on the exterior. US Mediterranean homes predominantly use accents from these two architectural styles, and here are the architectural aspects to distinguish them:

Italian Mediterranean Architecture

Italian architecture emphasizes ornamental aspects through fences, exterior walls, and windows. The grandeur of arches, outer stone/stucco work, and massive internal courtyard portrays the Italian Architectural splendor.

Rather than functionality and transitional design, Italian architecture stays true to its roots. Therefore, unlike Spanish architecture, symmetry serves as a critical design element for Italian Mediterranean houses.

Spanish Mediterranean Architecture

Spanish Mediterranean houses lack the ornamentation and over-the-top aesthetic appeal of Italian homes. These houses remain faithful to the classic European styles but follow modern trends such as asymmetry, clean lines, and upscale layouts.

However, Spanish-inspired houses display Mediterranean majesty through vibrant and intricate tilework and windows with wrought-iron details are another Mediterranean design touch.

Best Locations For A Mediterranean Home In The US

The coastal and waterside posh residential properties, mainly in California, and Florida, have Mediterranean design accents. It is due to the similar climate of the region with long summers and mild winters. Here are the top two locations to find your dream Mediterranean home in the US:

1. California

The massive 840-mile coastline stretching across California made it the best zone to build a Mediterranean-style home. They rely on several patios and loggias (rooms with at least one open side). It helps them to enjoy the sea from every corner of the house. The houses blend traditional Spanish and Italian architecture. It featuring indoor fountains in the courtyard, decorative exposed beams, and ornate designs through plaster, iron, or marble work. It is also known for curved windows and openings.

The residents can enjoy a gentle sea breeze and pleasant temperatures all year round. It’s attributed to the expansive terraces and balconies of Mediterranean homes. Moreover, the light exterior color blocks out too much sunshine and keeps the house’s interior at a comfortable temperature.

The external noise gets concealed since these houses incorporate stucco and brick for construction. You can get it even in peak tourist seasons. Moreover, stucco construction increases the durability of the house against common natural issues of CL – seasonal storms, salt, wind, and rain.

2. Florida2. Florida

Florida’s 230 days of sunshine and abundant sea breeze made the Mediterranean architecture style famous about a century ago- especially in South Florida, which boasts miles of coastlines and affluent cities such as Miami and West Palm Beach.

Since the Mediterranean style takes full advantage of nature through open courtyards and indoor-outdoor transitional layouts, most FL lavish houses are inspired by Mediterranean design features, including lakefront properties. However, the styles for lakeside homes are more of a transitional  Riviera-inspired architecture; a prime example can be Lake Worth’s Isola Bella Estates, where the Villas are free from balconies and ornate facades but implemented arched doorways, lavish kitchen/bathroom fittings, and tile roofing.

FL’s Mediterranean homes are perfect for individuals who like quiet luxury through muted colors, sophisticated decor, and no embellishment in the exterior facade. These refined houses have arches, red/bright colored roof tiles, and exposed stone walls, yet the clean lines and restricted ornamentation make these Mediterranean houses timeless beauties.

Mediterranean Home Prices In The US

Mediterranean constructions are favored beside locations near water, whether lakefront, seaside, or riverfront. However, owning such homes comes with a hefty price due to the prime location near water, larger property size, and design features that often need to be sourced from Europe.

For instance, a 2,929 sqft lakeside Villa in FL costs $860K even after a price drop. In contrast, a similar-sized house at Miami Beach sells for over $2 million. On the other hand, Mediterranean single-family homes near the coastline of Los Angeles, CA, start over $1 million and reach up to $38 million.


Be it a coastal chic residential property or a lakeside villa, architecture still follows the Mediterranean style as it offers the pinnacle of lavish living through panoramic views, top-tier material, and robust structure that withstands the brunt of coastal calamities. The price might seem exorbitant, but the authenticity of these houses is worth paying every penny.

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