Living in a stunning home is the sweetest desire of every person. Imagine your dream houses with a gorgeous swimming pool, personal spa adding many amenities and luxury items.

We all love our houses hence we always love to explore the most expensive properties in the world to get a better view of the houses.

When you invest in buying some property, it is obvious to take more than one survey about it. And buying your dream house is undoubtedly a significant investment. But investment counting is not suitable for buying a beautiful mansion-like house.

 In the whole world, many properties are available which are full of luxury items. And many of the luxurious houses look like a mansion. Even some of the dream houses are designed like a palace.

Top 10 Dream Houses You’ll Wish Were Yours

Top 10 Dream Houses You’ll Wish Were Yours

The buying of a new house is not only about investing a huge amount of money. There is a far deeper feeling, and the meaning of life is associated with your decision. House is the most secure place on the whole earth where we feel most comfortable.

And when our favorite place is becoming the most beautiful luxurious place in the world, the meaning of your life is slowly changing.

Here is the list of the top ten gorgeous houses that you have dreamed about buying in 2021.

1. Ellison Estate – California

Larry Ellison is the seventh richest person in the world. Now Larry Ellison does not just own Oracle. He owns a 10,000-square-foot mansion. The Mansion is a dream home in San Francisco’s swanky Pacific Heights. And we all have the name of the pacific heights with the name of “Billionaire’s Row.”

Ellison bought this beautiful mansion-like home for US$3.9 million. This 23-acre estate is modeled as a 16th-century Japanese imperial palace. And as with the Japanese house design concept, nature plays a crucial role in the house and interior decorations. This property is becoming the most beautiful nature-friendly luxurious dream house in 2021.

2. Four Fairfield Pond – NewYork

Ira Rennert owns this beautiful big mansion-like home. The owner of Renco Group. The four Fairfield pond is a mansion face dream house that stands on 63 acres. The dining room is 91 ft long, and along with the dining room and luxurious garage, there are many entertainment amenities present to entertain the guest and host. The mansion has a total of 29 number of bedrooms and 39 restrooms.

The location of the mansion is so outstanding, hence if you love the Sea. And every day you want to wake up with the wave sound of the sea. Then there would be the perfect choice for your dream houses. This Atlantic Ocean-facing mansion stands on an area of 110,000 square feet.

3. Mesa Vista Ranch -Texas

T.Boone has purchased almost 2,900 acres of area on the south side of the Candian River, Texas. Then he took almost 50 years to construct this place as the best ranch in the USA. The ranch is the dream place for many people who are living in the suburban area. And this ranch is the perfect definition of the perfect combination of beautiful nature and the ranch facility.

Mesa Vista is one of the most developed ranches in the United States. The beautiful mansion-like dream house is surrounded by a man-made river and streams. The design is enhancing the quality of the importance of wildlife. This luxurious house stands like a beautiful castle that is surrounded by small natural streams and natural woods.

4. The Odeon Tower Penthouse – Monaco

The Odeon Tower Penthouse - Monaco

Monaco is the place where all the dreams of living beside the Sea and luxury are cooking true. Odeon tower is a double skyscraper in Monaco. The tower is 170 meters long, and it is the second tallest tower on Europe’s Meddeterian coast. These long glass towers have a rooftop penthouse along with the helipad.

This is a  49 story concrete glass tower. This gorgeous penthouse is worth $335 million. This dream house was developed by the Marzocco Group. And the architect of the building is Alexandre Giraldi. This five-story penthouse is constructed with a beautiful water slide itself.

5. The Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace – France

The dream house was acquired by fashion designer Pierre Cardin in 1992. The design is unique, and the 1200 sqm large property was originally designed for Pierre bernard. The big artistic lounge is the biggest attraction of the place. The interior design is contemporary. The unique curves and structures are making this dream house not only luxurious but as beautiful as the dreams.

This magnificent mansion is facing the face of the Mediterrane sea. The exception is the 500 seats outdoor auditorium along with the beautiful human-made garden, pond, and swimming pool. The surrounding area is almost 8500 sqm long and full of exceptional entertainment.

6. The One, Bel Air-Los Angeles

This mini shopping mall-like complex is becoming the most beautiful dream house in Los Angeles. The whole area of the property spans about  100,000 square feet. The size of the mansion is just in a one-word massive. 

The mansion is stretched along a full quarter-mile along Stradella Road. And this mansion is a little bit higher in the street, and beautiful white architecture is topping on the street like a spacecraft. And from far, it looks like a giant spacecraft that is floating in the sky.

7. The Great Gatsby Mansion – New York

The Great Gatsby Mansion - New York

The location of our next dream house is 235 Middle Neck Road in Sands Point, New York. The mansion of the Great Gatsby Mansion movie. The luxurious mansion is really a gorgeous house. This 11,955-square-foot long mansion has a total of 13 bedrooms and eight restrooms. 

The floor is made with an original Oak finish. Almost each of the bedrooms has its own fireplaces. The estate spans over 5.33 acres, and in the front of the mansion, a 391 feet long private beach is present, along with a long tennis court and a six-car garage. A boathouse and guest house is the best part of this beautiful mansion-like house. 

8. The Villa – France

The French lifestyle is a clear sign of living in luxury. And this is the place where you are getting all taste of living like a king. The most attractive part of this mansion is the clear swimming pool. Most of the people are loving the atmosphere of the surroundings as the place is just standing in the middle of the woods. You are getting the full chance of enjoying the environment while swimming.

The Villa France is a sign of french luxury, and mouth-watering french foods are the place’s best features. The beautiful chandeliers are floating on the top of the guest. Each of the interiors carries the taste of French luxury.

9. The Fish House – Singapore

Singapore is the place where all the technical upgrades are taking place along with the luxurious lifestyle. The concept of the house is bonding with nature and the sea. The basement level media room is submerged in the seawater. And the room has a glass wall. You can enjoy the sea view while just sitting on your relaxing couch.

The curved roofs of the house represent the waves of the sea. The restroom has a clear glass window so you can enjoy nature while taking a bath. The small lights under the swimming pool are making this beautiful place gorgeous like a fairyland. The design is modest but hence luxurious on the other hand.

10. Suzhou – China

Dream houses are like a fairytale story. Suzhou in China is just like a dream house that is coming to the real world from the dreamland. This house is designed like a beautiful Chinese imperial palace. Small man-made rivers and streams are present in the surrounding area.

This big mansion-like house has 36 bedrooms along with 36 restrooms. The architecture’s traditional approach has hit the jackpot of making the environment like living in our dreams. All the bedrooms are facing south, and this place is the perfect sign of the ancient Chinese architectural structures.

Bottom Line:

Investing a significant amount of money in purchasing your dream houses is the most appreciating event in your life. One-term property investments are making you more focused on your goal. The beautiful luxurious house is not only a matter of monetary investment. This is the sign of your taste and modesty. So, do not compromise your choice at the time of property buying.

Your house must be the most extensively calm and beautiful place where you spend the rest of your lifetime.

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