Giving your door a quick refresh would always be a great idea to give your home a brand-new look.

Even if it seems like a small thing, your door can help bring your home character. With that, you need to ensure that your door perfectly plays what kind of mood you’d like to give out to your entire property, along with what makes you happy.

As you plan on refreshing your door by giving it a quick repaint, you might come in between two huge choices: do it yourself or hire a professional.

Even if you’ve already bought the Benjamin Moore Grand Entrance paint or whichever brand you prefer for your home, you still need to ensure that you apply them perfectly to deliver your house with the best results.

To help you decide which one would be your best choice, below are some guides you might want to consider:


Benefits Of DIY Painting

Painting your own door would surely be a great way to lift its appearance while also putting your paintbrushes to good use. If you’re considering this option, listed below are some more benefits of why you should go with it:

1. Save Cost

One of the most obvious and best benefits you could get from painting your own door is you can cut a large amount of cost.

Since hiring a professional can be quite costly, their services might be beyond your budget, leaving you with a poor selection of door paints. Moreover, you’re also paying for their skills, insurance, and tools, which might not be on the top of your priority list.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider DIY painting your doors as it’d help you avoid paying any professional fees since everything will be on you. All you have to do is buy paints and some tools.

2. Full Control

There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring someone to do the job, and they only deliver basic results, which you’re confident you can do better.

If you’re easily annoyed with seeing results that don’t live up to your standards, the DIY painting would be the perfect choice for you. This way, you can control how you’d like your door to look and give you the contentment you need.

3. Complete Satisfaction

There’s no better feeling than seeing a part of you inside your home. If you’d like your house to look more sentimental and unique, DIY painting your door might give you a heartwarming feeling, putting you in a great mood.

Moreover, seeing your door finished and knowing you’ve put in a lot of effort to make it happen would surely make you feel completely satisfied and accomplished.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional

Hiring A Professional

Of course, one of the preferred choices of most people when it comes to any paint work is to hire a professional to do all the work for them.

If this is something you’re contemplating, below are some benefits of hiring one:

1. Convenient

Nothing beats the benefit of convenience; hence, you can check out painting companies in Melbourne to get your house professionally painted. If you’re a busy person and can’t squeeze in the time to paint your own door, hiring a professional can take this responsibility out of your hands.

This way, you no longer have to worry about taking time off wherein you can easily hire someone to do all the work for you. This would be great for those with a tight schedule or who aren’t confident with their painting skills as they don’t want to go through the same process over and over again.

2. Professional Service

If you strive for perfection, hiring a professional would be the best choice for your door repainting project. Their expertise can deliver outstanding results that’ll make your door stand out and last for as long as possible.

Since they’re skilled, they know all of the tips and tricks on how they could make any paint last long for decades to come. Moreover, they can also provide an amazing finish that’ll surely complement your home’s beauty.

3. Provides Expert Advice

Hiring a professional service will be a perfect choice if you have little knowledge about the entire door painting process. This will help avoid confusion and ensure it delivers the best result for your home. This can also prevent any trial and error as everything will be done expertly.

Moreover, they can also provide you with the right tips and tricks on making the paint last longer for your home, along with what kind of paint you should use such as high-gloss or matte paint.


As you choose to paint your door, you need to decide which method you’ll go with.

You can either go for a DIY or a professional. With the benefits both can bring to the table, you need to weigh which would be most advantageous for you and decide to go in that direction. With the right research, you should be able to deliver your door paint project with success.

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