When it comes to immigrating to the USA, providing the proper documentation will be essential for you. If you make even a single mistake here, your application might get canceled as well. Thus, in case you need any assistance in this regard, we’ll ask you to opt for a lawyer who’s well-versed in this regard. You can visit website to know more about it.


Documentation For US Immigration – A Checklist

When it comes to acquiring a Visa for your USA immigration, you’ll need to offer more than one documentation as a whole. The checklist for the same may include –

  • Unexpired passport (it usually expires within six months after the intended time or date to enter the USA).
  • Photograph (provide at least two color photos that are compliant with the specs of the Department of State).
  • Appointment letter (if you’ve been appointed by an organization, be sure to throw in the joining form in the pile).
  • Birth certificate (you should carry the original and an additional copy of your, your spouse’s, and children’s birth certificate with you).
  • Prison and court records – if applicable (if you’ve been convicted of a crime or two, be sure to include that document as well).
  • Translation (if there’s any document available that’s written in any other language than English, you must provide a translation as well). Click here for your USCIS translation needs.

Finally, we’ll also ask you to check the official page of the US Embassy to learn about the fees and whatnot. It should definitely be helpful for you.

Types Of Immigrant Visas

If you’re thinking about emigrating to the USA, you have to choose between two different types of visas altogether. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Type – 1: Family-Based Visa

It’s ideal for someone who’s a member of your family and wants to live with you in the USA. In this aspect, you can do a petition for an individual who’s your –

  • Brother,
  • Sister,
  • Son,
  • Daughter,
  • Parent, or
  • Spouse.

However, if you’re a lawful permanent resident, you can only apply the same for your wife and unmarried daughter or son.

Type – 2: Employment Visa

In this aspect, you’ll need to get a job from a USA-based employer. If you want to acquire the same, you’ll need to be a part of the following subcategories –

  • People with extraordinary abilities (in education, applied science, business, etc.).
  • Multinational executive or manager (who’s been employed for at least a year).
  • Outstanding researcher or professor (with more than three years of experience).

If you don’t belong to any of the aforesaid, you might not get a chance to get an employment visa for your immigration.

Getting An Immigrant Visa – Essential Tips To Follow

When it comes to getting an immigrant visa, you’ll need to follow the correct rules properly. Please keep reading to know more about it.

  • In most cases, someone else will have to sponsor your immigration petition for you. So, wait patiently until it’s been approved and a visa is available for the taking.
  • Go through a proper medical examination. If you have a contractible illness, your visa application will not be approved by the authority.
  • Don’t forget to go to your interview and don’t be late for it. If you’re unable to get on time, they might cancel your application before making a move.
  • Finally, wait for a proper decision on your application. It might take around a month or so before a result comes in or out of your favor.

Once you’ve received your immigrant visa, you have to pay the required USCIS immigrant fee. In return, they’ll provide you with a sealed package of documents. You’ll need to give it to the US port of entry. After that, the authorities will admit you as a permanent resident of the USA and get your green card as well.

The Final Say

Like any other immigration procedure, emigrating to the USA can be pretty complicated as well. It might get even more confusing when you get to the documentation part. If you’ve done something wrong there, your application might get canceled.

Therefore, we’ll ask you to hire an Immigration Lawyer Orlando at the earliest.

They’ll help you complete the process much more efficiently and ensure that you’re going through procedures correctly.

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