Diwali spirit has already started lighting up the world, and it is everywhere. 

Now, happiness is seeing the Indian national team on a winning streak in the 2023 World Cup. 

When stuck in traffic, I see billboards of Cadbury celebrations. I’ve also come across Hritik Roshan advertising Ferrero Rocher on Instagram. 

I do have a few options for sweetening Diwali up. I can get some sweets from that shop down the street. But what about the lights? And all the other Diwali decorations? 

So, I did a little research and came across a few great Diwali decoration ideas that I wanted to share with you. This article can be your guide to Diwali decorations from scratch. Keep reading; this is going to be interesting. 

Diwali Decorations – Bring In The Flowers First

Bring In The Flowers First

Of course, you cannot imagine Diwali without Diyas. But. the best way to fill it up with warm colors is to bring some flowers and leaves. You have to look around a little. But your local flower seller must have Merrygold flowers. They are common and the best for Diwali decorations. 

But remember to contact your supplier early on. It’s the festive season, and you don’t want to return home empty-handed. 

Now, put your earthen Diyas in different places with the flowery decoration. If you want alternatives to Diyas, I suggest looking around the house and finding as many little glass jars as you can find. Now you can buy candles and put them inside the jars, and there you have it, your homemade diya. You can also go ahead and buy tea-light candles. 

Make Diyas At Home

Make Diyas At Home

I will not suggest it. If you are not a professional, there is a high chance of getting it wrong. Especially if you live in the cities, clays will take a lot of work to come by. But, if you are from village areas or towns, and if you have enough time on your hands, you can make your Diyas. 

  • First, buy a diya from the market. I suggest taking a bigger one than the one you want to make. 
  • Get enough clay for the number of days you want to make. 
  • Use the Diya you bought to mold your clay into Diya. 
  • Once dry, dip them in colors of your preference. 

It’ll be easier to buy some from the market. But, if you do have the time to really celebrate, then you can get your hands dirty with this DIY process. It’ll be a memory worth having, believe me. 

Diwali Wall Decorations!

Diwali Wall Decorations!

Wall decorations are more manageable if you are a DIY person. You can decorate your wall using paper tassels. Club them with artificial flowers to brighten up the arrangements. 

But, if you want to get more creative, you can make paper Diyas and hang them from the wall at an equal distance. The more diverse you can be, the better it will look on the wall. Also, if you can throw in tuni lights along, the decorations will look even better.

Diwali is as much about colors as it is about lights. If you can make DIY paper lanterns and hang them from the ceiling, it will complement the hanging decorations on the walls. 

Paint Your Rangoli

Paint Your Rangoli

How can you forget rangolis in Diwali? Especially if you like Diwali floor decorations, you can make some rangolis. You can do them using flower petals. But natural flowers don’t stay fresh for long. So, you can go with color dust. 

It makes your house entrance and the living room more festive, warm, and welcoming by painting your own rangolis. Also, place a Diwali in the center of the Rangoli to make it look even better.  

You will come across multiple rangoli ideas on Pinterest. You can also see a few instagram reels and Youtube shorts to teach yourself to make a few for your living room. It is not that hard, trust me. Also, if you have kids at home, ask them to help you out. They’ll be more than excited to participate. 

You might want to check the few simple rangoli ideas I’ve compiled below –

Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns

If you have a bunch of paper cups laying around at home, you can use them to create some DIY lanterns. Use threds and tie the cups together and build your decorative designs with pearl. You can use thread to tie the cups together and create a decorative design using pearls to make your wall hanging stand out. 

Door Hangings From Plastic Bottles

Door Hangings From Plastic Bottles

If you look around the house, there should be some plastic bottles of Coca-Cola, Sprite, and the like. Now is the time to use them. Just cut them into two halves and use the upper portion to hang items for the door and the wall. To make them even more beautiful, wrap the bottle parts using colored threads. Then, you must drill a hole in the lids and hang them from the wall or the doors. 

You can also use the bottle parts for creating lanterns. Follow the same process for the door hangings you created. But you have to insert little bulbs inside the bottles.

Balloon Garlands

If you have kids at home, they will enjoy the Diwali decorations you make with balloons. You can decorate one wall of the living room using balloon garlands. But make sure to pick balloons that are warmer in color. Yellow, red, and golden colored balloons work the best. 

Diwali Table Setting For A Diwali Feast

No one can imagine a festival without festive meals. You must be planning a Diwali dinner with your family. While some of you may want to go outside, some would love to have the festive feast at home. 

If you are doing it at home, then why not decorate your table in Diwali spirit as well? You can use Diyas, fresh flowers, and kundan rangolis to decorate different table parts, leaving space for people to eat. While you are at it, use handcrafted placemats. Also, I suggest serving your delicious dishes on plates and pots made of brass. That will add some desi flare to your Diwali feast table decorations. 

Happy Diwali!

Before I wrap this up, I wish you a very happy Diwali. Of course, you will find most of the decoration items in local stores and supermarkets. But, if you prefer making your own Diyas creating your own wall decorations, then I suggest trying out the different DIY crafts mentioned in this article.

Hopefully, you will find the different Diwali decorations I have suggested in this article. Also, if you have any queries, let us know through the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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