Going the extra mile to ensure your entire house is safe from burglars can help you rest easy.

One tip to stepping up the safety of your house is to install security systems in all corners of your property.

These safety measures can help give burglars a hard time breaking into your home, which may eventually discourage them. So, your home security is worth all your energy and efforts.

However, it is worth noting that you don’t have to break the bank or do extraordinary stuff to secure your home.

There are little efforts you can apply that make the difference. This article looks into the simple things you can do to discourage burglars from your home.


5 Easy Ways To Discourage Burglary In Your Home

1. Protect Your Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are the major entrances into the house. That is why you should ensure they are well secured to prevent the entry of thieves.

Locking your doors and windows is not to be taken casually or done once in a while. Thieves want their job done fast and easily. Leaving your doors and windows unlocked makes it as easy as they want it.

rotect Your Doors And Windows

A house secured to the smallest hole will discourage burglars from making attempts to break through.

Locking your entrances should not be only when you are going out. Even when you are indoors, keep them shut and locked.

While leaving the house, either for a short or long time, cross-check all doors and windows to ensure that they are locked. It is one of the simple home security tips, but it works. 

2. Set Up A Sound Security System

Your home should have a sound security system. It is one of the best means you can employ to discourage the penetration of thieves.

The mere spotting of a security camera is enough to scare a thief away from your house. Some security systems have features that can alert you or make sounds to alert your neighbors that someone is trying to break into your home.

Sound Security System

When this happens, the response of the intruder is to flee to prevent getting caught. It would discourage them from breaking into your home.

As said earlier, straightforward ways to avoid the intrusion of burglars are what is being discussed. You don’t have to break your bank or lick up your savings to install a security system in your home.

There are basic DIY security systems and stand-alone devices you can install yourself. Summarily, there is something for every budget that can be installed to keep your home safe. 

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3. Keep Your Yard Well-Trimmed

Your yards have to be well-trimmed to ensure maximum safety in your house. Keeping overgrown shrubs and trees would serve as a good hiding place for thieves. Trees could even serve as pivots for thieves to climb up your window.

Therefore, you must ensure proper and regular trimming of tall shrubs and trees.

Sound Security System

When burglars see a well-trimmed yard, they automatically recognize the absence of any hiding place and do not bother to stop by.

It is not to say you shouldn’t have any vegetation in your yard or compound. You only need to ensure that they are well-trimmed.

Also, put away ladders and stools that burglars can use to climb into your home. Remove heavy materials that could be used to break your door. Just ensure that your yard doesn’t look attractive to thieves.

4. Use Home Automation 

The use of home automation will help to put security measures in place at regular times. It is useful when you are not home.

Some of these home automation systems include automated door locks, smoke alarms, security cameras, control of lights, etc.

Home Automation

With these, you can get quick alerts on the happenings in your home environment. Even when you are away, you can rest easy that your home is fully protected.

For instance, lights come on at regulated times, and burglars wouldn’t be sure about whether you are home or not. Some home automation systems would give you immediate video feeds when anyone walks into your yard.

A two-way talk from a smart doorbell would scare intruders away. All these in places and you would discourage burglary in your home

5. Keep Valuables Away From The Eyes of Strangers 

Don’t leave things lying around your yard that could lure thieves to your house. Keep your property locked away in a garage supplied by Tassie Sheds Hobart

Things like scooters or bicycles should be kept locked in the garage and not lying around in your yard. Also, never leave the cartons and packs of your new appliances lying around.

It could also entice thieves of your new purchase and eventually attract them to your house. Keeping valuables away from your compound is a simple way to discourage burglars from your home.


Most cases of a break-in into homes happen during the day when the owners of the house are away. However, following these simple means would ensure that you discourage or even repel thieves away from your home and surroundings. Fortunately, you can do this on a budget. Take the proper steps to ensure the security of your home.


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