Agog for the next dinner party! The most important thing after food is the interiors, which make an impression in front of your guests. A little rearrangement and some add-on furniture pieces can entirely change the appearance of your house interior. Just add some statement pieces, and let your guests ogle your home for hours.

Bygone are the days when chairs are only considered as a sitting place. Nowadays, statement chairs are the favorite thing to enhance your decor. Interior decorators can vouch for it.

A famous New York-based interior decorator, named Billy Baldwin quotes –

“Be faithful to your taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Check out some latest and uniquely designed statement chairs here. Place it in your home, and see. Your guests would not stop mentioning it.


Top 14 Dining Chairs That Will Make Your Dinner Party Stand Out

1. Prenez-Le Chair

Prenez-Le Chair

This foot-shaped sculpture statement chair by Louis Durot is surely going to be the focal point of your interior. This massive and comfortable statement chair is surely going to be the highlight of your home interior. Remember to spare space for this settee, an artistic chair.

2. Glass Statement Chair

Glass Statement Chair

Have you ever seen such an artistic glass chair? From indoor bars to the dining area, place these chairs, and put a light fixture on either side of the chairs. This unique glass chair will surely win a lot of appreciation from your guests.

3. Bloom Statement Chair

Bloom Statement Chair

Make your subtle interiors light up with this hibiscus flower-inspired bloom statement chair. This red exotic chair is all one needs to add the missing flare in the living room. Make merry with petals like seating and backrest.

4. King Scorpion Arm Chair

 King Scorpion Arm Chair

This peculiar and characterful statement chair is a great choice to add mystery and drama to your decor. A scorpion-inspired chair is enough to make your guests speechless. Perfect choice for a gaming zone. Isn’t it?

5. Ocean Statement Chair

Ocean Statement Chair

This beach-inspired ocean statement chair is a perfect example of craftsmanship. Enhance the look of your living room with these coastal-style ocean statement chairs. Your guests will be awe-struck by these 3D statement chairs.

6. Automobile Statement Chair

Automobile Statement Chair

Take the movie session of your dinner party to another level with this automobile statement chair. Forget about the tiring day by sitting on this soft and fluffy automobile chair. Suitable for the living room or gaming zone, this chair is comfortable enough for two.

7. Teacup Statement Chair

 Teacup Statement Chair

Time to supper has come with this teacup-inspired chair. Sit comfortably and sip your hot drink while chit-chatting about the long working day. The neutral colors can amplify any interior style, impeccably. Enjoy the Alice and wonderland vibes with this chair.

8. The Egg Statement Chair

 Egg Statement Chair

Do I need to elaborate on what this piece is about? Quirky, light, and warm. This chair represents it all. The color combination and perfect finishing make it look highly realistic. This eye-catchy piece is a perfect fit for snack time. Even vegetarians can’t resist this ‘egg’. What do you think?

9. Apollo Statement Armchair

This luxurious Apollo chair and Saturn pouf by Lara Bohinc is inspired by planetary arrangements and motions. The golden legs represent the planetary trajectories. This armchair can be placed in the dining area to get the royal feel.  The unique backrest and seating are enough to make your guests feel eternal bliss.

10. Banana Leaf Lounge Statement Chair

Banana Leaf Lounge Statement Chair

Dinner is done. Time to relax and have some fun. The extravagant metal leaf design makes it luxurious and aristocratic. Sit on this upholstered arched chair with thick emerald cushion padding. And enjoy the after-party session, relaxing and comfortably. 

11. Embroidery Autumn Statement Chair

Embroidery Autumn Statement Chair

If you are more into wooden and minimalistic furniture, this chair is made for you. The curved embroidered backrest is the USP of this chair. Designed by a Swedish designer, Johan Lindsten, this chair is conveying the story of four seasons. This ergonomically made wooden chair provides comfortable sitting.

12. Bohemian Embroidery Statement Chair

Bohemian Embroidery Statement Chair

Is your house decor becoming old and non-appealing? No worries. The vibrant colored embroidery and comfortable sitting will cover all your decor’s shortcomings. This single chair can be used for the living room and dining area. People with traditional taste will surely love this eccentric piece.

13. Englewood Velvet Statement Chair

Englewood Velvet Statement Chair

The epitome of style and grace, this velvet chair could be the show-stopper. The combination of velvet and golden legs will add a luxurious look to your home decor. Let this gorgeous chair enhance the beauty of your dining area. And treat your guests with these velvety comfortable sittings.

14. Ramsgate Statement Chair

Ramsgate Statement Chair

Wooden and minimalistic furniture can never go mismatched. This strong wooden chair with a unique design could be a perfect setting for outdoor dinners. With these chairs, you can have proper space between two sittings, as these chairs captivate less space. Surprise your guests with these captivating yet simple chairs.

Among many other factors, suitable furniture also plays a vital role in front of your guests. Keep the decor and furniture complementing your personality. Get any of such statement chairs that describe you the most. After all, David Hicks, an English interior decorator, and designer, once quotes:

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.

Explore more such statement chairs at Only Dining Chairs. And enjoy comfortably with your guests.


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