Do you live in a small apartment that is starting to feel like a box to you? Do you feel like you have little to no available space, which affects the flow and storage options?

Do you feel trapped in terms of what you’re able to accomplish from a design and décor standpoint? There are plenty of others just like you who live in small apartments and feel frustrated with the lack of space; however, creativity can take you far and make even the smallest of spaces feel bigger.

Here are some effective design tips that will make your small apartment feel spacious.


1. A Massive Declutter is Necessary

Apartment Design Tips

There is no way to avoid this tip. It is necessary to achieve a more spacious feel. Decluttering or scaling down your belongings is an important step. It can be so effective that no other design tips are needed. It’s time to get cutthroat about what you need and use, and what can be given away or sent to the trash.

2. Downsize The Furniture – Use Up Less Real Estate

Another useful tip is to downsize your furniture. By using smaller pieces you’ll use up less floor space. Did you know there are often apartment-sized pieces available?

For example, you can find apartment-sized sofas and dining tables meant for small spaces like yours. They are a sleeker design that still feels stylish and trendy. Besides buying smaller pieces, you may be able to get rid of some furniture altogether.

3. Showcase Windows – Remove Heavy Window Coverings

Did you know that heavy window coverings may look stylish in a large space, but can have a negative effect in small spaces? It has to do with the illusion of space, and windows help to make spaces feel more open, bright, and bigger. Removing heavy window coverings will instantly open up the room.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – A Designer’s Top Trick

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Any designer will tell you that a top trick is to hang mirrors in as many rooms as possible. Ideally, the mirror should be opposite a window to help reflect light and give the illusion of depth and space. Homeowners can be creative with the style, finish, shape, and size of the mirror, mixing things up so that it doesn’t look too bland.

A Designer Can View the Space with Fresh Eyes

Sometimes fresh eyes can have a huge and positive impact. When it comes to interior design and décor this is certainly the case.

A luxury interior designer’s portfolio of experience and knowledge means they can look at your apartment with fresh eyes, suggest techniques and styles used and put together something truly spectacular and spacious.

A designer can take your apartment from ordinary to extraordinary and make you fall in love with the space. Using all of these tips plus some creativity will help ensure you get the apartment you’ve been dreaming of. It will not only feel stylish but spacious too.

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