If you have a home office, thinking about home improvements and style updates should place this room at the top of your priority list.

That’s because it’s crucial to have an office space that leaves you happy, healthy, and motivated while you’re spending time in it – and interior design updates will make a world of difference on this front. If you’re looking to create a more productive home office, here’s how.

Firstly: Choose the Right Home Office Space for You

Firstly: Choose the Right Home Office Space for You

Before you spend time and money upgrading the space you already use, take a step back and think about whether it’s actually the right home office space. Have you been using space in a busy area of the house, such as beside the kitchen, in the conservatory, or even a desk in the living room?

This may lead to you being disturbed by other members of the household while you’re working or maybe even getting distracted by things around you. So, it’s important first off to select a space to improve that you know is going to be the best for you

. The best choice, if possible, would be a spare bedroom or a secondary room that isn’t part of the main living area.

Encourage as Much Natural Light as Possible

Encourage as Much Natural Light as Possible

Natural light is absolutely essential to feeling productive, so this should be top of the design to-do list when upgrading your office space.

Upgrading your windows to a more light and open design, such as upgraded timber windows or a different style of glass, will help to encourage as much light as possible in the room. You may even want to install skylights if your office is at the top of the house.

You can also use mirrors to reflect natural light more easily around the room and have your space feel lighter and brighter.

Position your desk facing a window if you can.

Use Light or Soothing Wall Colors

Use Light or Soothing Wall Colors

This depends entirely on your own personal style or the environment you feel most comfortable in, but lighter and brighter colors help to be more productive in working spaces.

Soothing colors like blue, creams, or even simply bright white can have your office feel more alert and a more welcoming place to be in. White walls can also help to reflect a healthy dose of natural light to keep your mood positive.

Eliminate Distractions from the Room

Eliminate Distractions from the Room

Even though your office is within your home, it shouldn’t be considered in the same light as other rooms of the home. If you can, get rid of distracting technology like phones and televisions and keep your home office a separate entity from the rest of the house.

Consider investing in desk divider screens to create a sense of privacy and separation within your home office, further enhancing its professional atmosphere.

To be your most productive, it needs to feel like a professional working space rather than a personal space filled with items you would enjoy during your downtime.

In Summary

These tips cover general rules to help you feel more positive and productive, but what matters most is understanding how you personally operate. If you feel much more productive with deep and rich wall colors rather than white, for instance, follow your own preferences – just ensure you upgrade the room with productivity in mind.

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