Moving can be a pain. You have to find an apartment, organize the actual move, and find space for all your possessions. Try UMoveFree to make the process easier. The site can help you search for an apartment and give a free move.

Once the moving process is done, you can start decorating your new place. Here are some fantastic ways to decorate your apartment without putting your rental deposit at risk.


1. Make Sure What Your Contract Allows

Before planning any decorating, make sure you know exactly what your contract allows. Most contracts will state that you need the landlord’s express permission to make changes like putting nails in the wall or painting. Requesting to put up shelves or something similar should be viewed as a reasonable request and can therefore not be denied.

Keep in mind if you get permission to hang something on the wall, it’s also reasonable that your landlord expects you to remove the item and nails and fill the holes when you move out.

2. Lean Instead of Hang

When decorating your rental space walls, you should opt for leaning items against the wall instead of hanging them. Leaning creates an informal, boho feels in your living space and makes it easy to reposition if you feel like it’s time for a change.

3. Dress Your Windows

Dress Your Windows

Transform a room with the proper window dressing. You can create a cozy space while also adding your personal style by adding curtains. Your landlord probably used vertical blinds, making the apartment look like an office space.

You don’t have to use this as your primary window dressing. Adding curtains won’t impact your security deposit and can brighten up your space.

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4. Invest in Rugs

A rug can make a huge difference in a room. Since most rentals have tiles or heavy-duty carpeting, it’s often not visually appealing. Adding a rug to your living space can brighten it up and tie the rest of the room together. Look for something that goes with your curtains to create your own sense of style.

5. Upgrade Tiles

Retiling the kitchen and bathroom is probably out of the question. You can upgrade the tiles in these rooms with tile stickers. You can create beautiful mosaics and add color or style to the room. When you move out, you can simply peel the stickers off.

6. Add a Decal

Another great way to customize your space is with the use of decals. Use it in kids’ rooms or the living room. There are many exciting ways to use decals throughout your apartment.

7. Add Wallpaper Panels

Add Wallpaper Panels

You can use a variety of wallpaper panels to add color and style to any room. You can change the panels as often as you’d like, and it’s easy to remove when you move out.

8. Clotheslines Instead of Frames

Instead of hanging frames on the walls, you can hang photos on clotheslines with pins. You can also tack them on the wall with sticky tape. You can be creative with hanging these photos, which gives you more freedom than traditional frames.

Final Thoughts

There’s no end to the creative ways you can decorate your rental apartment without risking your security deposit.

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