Roof decking or decking with roof both are the same. This works as the base foundation of your house roof. Unless you are not taking care of your roof decking, your attic is going to face the challenge. And whole roof foundations are not going to stand in stable conditions. This is the reason a strong building always needs good base foundations and proper decking with roof design.

Let’s see first what the roof decking is.


What Is Roof Decking?

Roof Decking

Plywood decking with roof, is a simple foundation from which the roof of your house is getting connected with the house. This belongs under the regular roofing system. The primary purpose of building this roof decking is to support your house roof. And to hold the whole top in the exact place.

Commonly the roof decking is made with plywood or composite plywood. Both of these two materials can rot and decompose. But during the manufacturing process, the water-protecting resin layers are used to improve the bonds of the plywood. Hence the plywood is a much denser option than the composite ones. But the roof decking material plywood comes in the higher price ranges.

But as you can see, both of these materials can be destroyed, and if the roof decking is decomposable or in the rotten stage, the whole roof foundations are in bad shape.

What Are The Reasons For Decking With Roof Rotting?

Reasons For Roof Decking

You are spending a bulk of money on the plywood-made decking with roof. But if you do not carefully maintain your roof decking, there is a chance that your whole shelter will affect and rot.

Here are some of the reasons which are the main culprit of the roof decking rotting.

1. Not Proper Drainage System

Your roof needs a perfect draining system. You are applying different innovative deck roof ideas.

But unless you are creating sound drainage systems for your roof, the rainwater is starting to sweep under your roof. And as a result, your deck roof is beginning to absorb more water. And within a few years, your house’s decking with roof structure is starting to rot.

2. Not Repairing Your Roof Leaks

The decking with roof structure is a connecting foundation between the roof and your house. If you do not repair the holes of your roofs, the rainwater is starting to enter the structure, and the plywood strat to root.

Even when you are using the water-protecting layers, the rotting process is going to be slow, but it will happen.

So you can see in both cases the water is the only culprit. Due to the water leakages, this structure is going to reach the rotting stage. But how to know that your roof decking is in the rotting stages.

What Are The Signs Of Rotten Roof Decking?

Rotten Roof Decking Signs

After you complete decking with roof construction, you always have to check the conditions of the roof. Especially after the monsoon and winter. The heavy rain or snowfalls are both hampering the conditions of the roof. As a result, the roof decking is starting to rot.

Here are some common signs by which you will know the present conditions of your roof decking.

  • Water stains marks on interior walls.
  • Roof leaks and the water droplets.
  • Water stains on rafters.
  • Wet marks on the room ceiling.
  • Peeling wallpaper.
  • Mould and mildew smell and stains in your attic.
  • Sagging ceiling and roofline.

These are the common signs that your constructed decking with roof is now rooting, and need immediate changes. But you will get two options to form the connecting bridge between the roof and house structure. One is building roof decking, another one is roof sheathing.

Let’s have a look at what roof sheathing is.

What Is Roof Sheathing?

Roof Sheathing

The roof sheathing is one type of decking with roof construction type. But there are slight differences. The traditional roof decking is always made with plywood. But you can use many solid metals as roof sheathing.

A single year of wood board, metal, even cement is used as the sheathing materials. The quality of materials depends entirely upon the roof and the house’s building materials.

Many builders are creating a more substantial and lightweight sheathing for the houses.

Modern sheathing sheets are built by combining aluminium and wooden boards. Aluminium sides are workings the heat-reflecting base, and the wooden boards are making the attic breathable and airy.

Now you know the answer to what is roof sheathing? But what is better for your house is plywood decking with roof or roof sheathing. To understand it in a better way, I will elaborate on the differences between these two.

Roof Decking Vs. Roof Sheathing

Plywood decking with roof and the roof sheathing sound similar. But there are many differences based on the construction methods and the material.

Here are the differences that will provide you with better ideas over these two processes.

Roof Decking

Roof Sheathing
The decking materials are only thick plywood and regular composite plywood board.

You can use aluminium and other hard materials for roof sheathing to construct the boards.

Roof decking needs more maintenance than sheathing, especially when using the resin-made water protection layer.

Roof sheathing materials depend on the roof weight, and the house weight carries capacity.

We often can see this decking in the summer areas, especially in the tropical zones.

You can do roof sheathing in any area. Only you have to measure the weight-bearing capacity of your houses.

Roof decking is airier than the sheathing.

Roof sheathing is more stronghold, but it is less airy than the decking.

Now you know the major differences between the roof decking and roof sheathing. But before taking any step, you have to analyze the factors first, which means your weather and the weight carry the potential of your houses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Is The Purpose Of Creating Roof Decking?

The roof decking provides more stability to your house roof. The roof decking is similar to the wall decking. This roof decking is created to provide more stability and strength to your roof.

2. How Often Does Your Roof Decking Require Replacement?

Most of the roofs are engineered to last for around 20 years. The actual lifespan depends on the material’s quality of the decking. But if you are living in a very wet climate, you have to be more conscious about the attic damages and the moisture. In that case, if your attic does not have enough ventilation process, the chances of damage are higher.

3. What Are Structural Roof Deckings?

Structural roof decking materials are thicker and stronger. The sheathing of the roofs is made with stronger and harder materials. The defence mechanism is more robust in the structural roof deckings. The best features are you do not have to put any thermal barriers for roof deckings buildings.


When you are going to find any rotting signs for decking with roof plywoods, you have to take immediate steps. The proper maintenance processes promise long life for your roof decking. So, which method and precautions are you going to take? Do not forget to share your roof maintenance process in the comment sections.

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