It is such a positive breath of air to see everyone follow the holistic life where we are trying to reuse and recycle for sustenance.

We are striving to make certain amendments to make the elements of our lives eco-friendly and cost-friendly. Because let’s face it, our resources are limited.


One such method is a crushed concrete driveway. If you are planning to get it for your new house or the next renovation then you are going the right way. There are still some things that you have to keep in mind; costing being one.

If you have queries then you have reached the right place. The excerpt below will give you all the answers about the crushed concrete driveway.

What Is Crushed Concrete Driveway?

What Is Crushed Concrete Driveway

Crushed concrete is a layer made with asphalt debris that is collected from other construction projects to be reused later in order to create driveways, panthers, paths, and many more. When concrete structures, streets, sidewalks, or other parking lots are demolished, the concrete is typically disposed of in a landfill.

Concrete isn’t biodegradable and does not degrade, so it just sits there, takes up space, and causes problems to the environment. Meanwhile, new concrete is formed at the same time to start the process again. Fortunately, you can have an alternative to these unsustainable and inefficient processes: recycle!

A recyclable crushed concrete driveway is reusing and assisting in reducing landfill overflow. It also saves resources for making new concrete. Concrete is crushed to certain sizes and then cleaned to remove unwanted dirt from the mix. It is then used as a solution for many construction and landscaping problems.

Method Of Installing Crushed Concrete Driveway

Crushed Concrete Driveway Installation

Here are the steps in installing a crushed asphalt driveway.

Pick The Correct Length For Installations Of Concrete Driveways

Purchasing and putting in your very own concrete installation is possible, however, it may be an assignment to locate the proper kind of asphalt concrete. But, with our expert advice, you will be able to complete this assignment.

Purchasing the incorrect length of crushed concrete driveway or kind can lead to erosion or drainage issues, these are problems that can be faced by novices. The concrete driveway is likewise heavy and hard to put in.

Take The Professional’s Help

Unless you’re a pro landscaper used to heavy masses and setting up things with precision. If you are facing too many issues, remember that something concrete can be difficult to break if the installation is incorrect. Therefore, it is always advised to call for a professional to complete a certain activity properly and in the primary time.

The group of professionals will advocate the proper kind and quantity of asphalt concrete that will be best for your household or commercial driveway. The supply and deployment of the driveway can be done in a single step with the least time-consuming. This type of crushed concrete driveway can be done with the least damage to the landscape around.

How Much Material Do I Need For A Crushed Concrete Driveway?

Material Required For Crushed Concrete Driveway

The measurement of the concrete is a difficult estimation, this determines the material you have to buy. If you order too much, it could be a waste of material that is not sustainable. Although, there is a calculation for it.

Step 1: Measure The Concrete Path’s Layers:

The first one is understanding the dimension of the crushed concrete driveway path you are covering.

The layers you will require.  Hence, if it is driveway concrete then you should be using a thick layer of installation.

In order to analyze this, First, measure the width and length of the project area. Then multiply the width and length to get your project square footage. For example, if an area is ​​18by 10” then measured concrete is 360 square feet.

Step 2: Count The Numbers Of Layers And Depth Of The Area

Secondly, you have to determine the number of crushed concrete driveway layers and how deep the area you will need to cover depends on the project type. For the disclaimer you will need at least two inches, so buy the material accordingly.

Next, you will need to determine the material size you are using. Depending on that the coverage area according to per ton changes. Once you have determined the material you are using and the material’s size, you can then contact the supplier to find out how the coverage one ton provides for starting.

Step3: Raw Material Requirements

Then you have the square footage which you will divide according to the coverage area per ton of materials used.

For knowing the actual concrete material’s amounts, you have to take the measurements of the crushed concrete driveway. First, take the measurements in the square footage. Then divide the square footage areas. For covering the per areas, you will require at least one ton of materials. For better material requirements analysis, do use the following formula.

Length x Width = Square Footage

Square Footage / Coverage areas for singleton = Actual raw material requirements for your project. You can ask your nearby logistic departments to analyze the cost of a crushed concrete driveway. You know how many of the materials are your requirements. So from this number, you can count the actual raw materials cost. But if you are hiring the laborers, you have to calculate that amount separately.

Installation Cost Of The Crushed Concrete Driveway 

Cost Of Concrete Driveway

Underneath mentioned is the average crushed concrete driveway cost according to the Gravel Cost/ per yard.

The average gravel price is $60 to $70 per yard which has a rough estimation of $! To $3 square foot for gravel.

If I give you an example then a 4×20 gravel driveway will cost you $250. On the other hand, a 10×20 gravel driveway will cost $600 to $1800 for installation.

1 Car Driveway – $302 to $905

2 Car Driveway- $610 to $1822

Gravel Road – $605 to $1211

Driveway Limestone Vs Crushed Concrete

When coming to the difference between the two then the pros don’t differ more.

Limestone driveways are made of rocks that are found in marine environments. This is the reason it could be difficult to install since the material is rare and expensive. This is the reason why crushed concrete for driveways is more affordable and environmentally friendly because it can be reused.

Crushed Concrete Driveway Pros And Cons

Pros Of Crushed Concrete Driveway

Like every civil construction material, the crushed stone concrete driveways also have some pros and cons. You know the water-draining system is becoming far more smooth. But that is the single side of the effects of the project. Along with the water draining methods, the projects have many more pros and cons.

Here are the ultimate crushed concrete driveway pros and cons. First, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of concrete driveways installations.

1. It Is Budget Friendly

Needless to say, the cut down in price is the biggest advantage for this installation. The gravels used are reused from other construction sites. Hence, they are always cost-friendly.

2. Sustainable

The reuse methodology will be environmentally friendly as we are using every resource on the Earth. A crushed concrete driveway is a more sustainable solution than other types of driveways. After single installations, you can leave the driveway right in the place for at least 10 years only after the seasonal rains do the maintenance work.

3. The Aesthetic

The entire style of the driveway with the crushed gravel look will be aesthetically pleasing in its neutralness. Aesthetic and more natural looks are the most complementing part of constructing the driveway with crushed stones.

4. Easy Repairable And Eco Friendly

A crushed concrete driveway is easy to construct. Even the maintenance process is much easier. You do not have to do any hard work for the maintenance. Even you can repair the potholes along with the bumpy areas without taking any help from a professional. Entirely reusable raw materials are making the driveway more environmentally friendly.

Cons Of Installing The Crushed Concrete Driveway

Crushed concrete driveways are easy to install, but many cons parts are. Before installing it, let’s look at the cons of installing the crushed concrete driveways.

1. Not Looking Very Fashionable

A crushed concrete driveway is not looking very fashionable like other driveways. Yes, maybe it looks very aesthetic, but you can install it within a few days. If you are searching for a white princess castle-like driveway, this will not fill your purposes.

2. Vehicle Weight And Potholes

Vehicles’ weights can cause severe damage to your driveways. Yes, these driveways are not for heavy-duty uses. You have to maintain the actual weight measurements for the driveways.

3. Water Can Do Serious Damages

Water can rot your driveways. This is a severe issue. The water can not enter the driveways. So if any dents or potholes are there, the water will not be going to move from there. And stagnant waters are causing the areas to rot. Even due to the uneven surface, snow cleaning is much more challenging. As a result, snow and water both are causing your driveway to rot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Driveway

Q1: What Is The Most Durable Driveway Material?

Concrete-made driveways are the most durable. These driveways are hard, but you need to have help from the professionals for the installations. But to maintain their durability, you have to follow the correct maintenance procedures.

Q2: What Is The Easy Maintenance Driveway?

The gravel driveways are accessible materials for constructing the driveways. You do not have to wait for the setting. Quick installing is possible. Even you can use it right after finishing the installations.  

Q3: What Is The Strongest Material For A Driveway?

Compact gravel, earth, and cement-made driveways are the strongest ones. You need at least 3500 psi compressive strength for a stronghold. This can be achieved by 5-6 inches of thick, over compacted gravel, water, cement, and earth—50 aggregate less than one inch.

Final Thoughts

Crushed Concrete driveways are cost-effective, eco-friendly and the ultimate solution for getting a better driveway with all the sustainable advantages. It can also never crack and the respiration cost is also less.

Just make sure that the advanced professional completes the work and the gravel used is of the correct amount to avoid wastage. Because that is the entire purpose of it.

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