Anyone who happens to be seeking out Colorado land for sale has a few different things to consider. It’s no surprise that you want to stake a claim in the state. It has every choice imaginable, from wide open ranges to mountain countryside, and even dense urban areas.

Colorado is one of the most scenic states in the union and has a rich history that goes back even before it was admitted in 1876.

There’s no way around the attraction that so many people feel toward it and making it your home can be the best decision of your entire life. Here are just a few of the things to consider when you’re on the market.


Top 6 Factors To Consider Before Buying Land In Colorado

Buying Land In Colorado

1. Only half is in the Rockies

Colorado is nothing if thought of as a mountain state, which it also happens to be categorized as. The Rocky Mountains run right through it and it’s seen as one of the major draws the state has to offer its residents. That’s not all it has going on for it, though.

Colorado borders Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming. Each of these states is different from the next and Colorado gets to enjoy everything they have. That means that it has something to offer everyone, no matter what kind of landscape they want to call their home.

2. The Highest Mountains in the Country

The United States is home to 88 mountains that go above an elevation of 14,000 feet. These mountains are colloquially called the “fourteeners” and you can find most of them right in Colorado. The state is home to 53 of these and no other location in the union comes close to that number.

If you want to find the state with the next highest collection of these mountains, you’ll have to leave the continental United States and head to Alaska. You won’t find the same kind of grandeur, though. Alaska is only home to 21 “fourteeners”, so there’s no substitute for Colorado here!

3. Denver is an Urban Hub

If you think that Colorado is all about wide open spaces, then you have to take a look at Denver. It serves as the capital of the state and comes in as the 19th most populous city in the entire United States. It’s also the 5th most populous state capital, so it has plenty to offer on a day trip.

Its history stretches back to 1858 and its population is still on an upward trend. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking out great shopping, in-depth history, or just simple culture. You can find it all in Denver and you never have to leave until you’re ready!

4. Many Wildlife Areas

Anyone who loves nature walks and seeking out wildlife is going to have plenty to do in Colorado. There are 222 wildlife areas and each one spans massive amounts of land, many of which are open to public hiking and trekking. They’re the best things to ever happen to both wildlife and the people who love to hike among them.

You never have to go very far to find nature and that’s why so many men and women decide to settle in Colorado. You can also enjoy the Western Stock show right in Denver. It’s the largest rodeo in the world and it happens right here, in Colorado.

5. 11 National Forests

Not to be outdone by wildlife areas, Colorado has also made sure to keep its fair share of national forests. The Colorado Rockies happen to hold a very significant amount of public domain land within the United States. That land contains 11 national forests that are open to the public.

You won’t find any other hiking trails in the country that surround you in nature the way that these forests do. They total 22,000 square miles and you’ll be hard-pressed to explore them all. That doesn’t mean that you can’t strap on your hiking boots and give it a shot, though!

6. It’s Growing in Popularity

There’s no way around the fact that Colorado is only growing in popularity. Anyone who’s able to buy land wants to do it here and it’s not hard to see why. You don’t have to memorize every single fact about the state to know that it has everything you could want in a home.

It’s currently the fastest-growing state in the country and it’s been on an upward trend for the past few decades. If you’re considering buying land in Colorado then you’re never going to be able to find a better time than right now.

Make the decision that will improve your quality of life for as long as you choose to call it home and you’re never going to regret the choice to move to the great state of Colorado!


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