Loft extension is the best decision when you need to make good use of the unutilized area above the ceiling to add more space to your house. You might need an extra office, gym, movie or gaming room, or even bedroom.

If the house is suitable and you find a good designer, the loft extension might change everything for the best.

Sometimes, the loft extensions might be a challenging task especially if you do not have enough loft extension money in your budget. It is important to understand that loft extension cost is not minimal, and neither is the project simple. You must have enough money to fund the whole project for the outcome to be spectacular.

With that said, let’s take a look at the common determinants of loft extension cost. You should consider these to make good decisions on the kind of loft extension you need.

Your Location

Your Location

When it comes to loft extension costs, the first thing you should keep in mind is your location. Where is your home or office or the building you want to extend located? The price of the materials, planning, and labor will be determined by where you are located. In some places, the cost might be high and in others low.

The best thing to do is to talk to as many architects and builders as you can and shop in different places to collect enough information. This will help you decide the materials to use and the professionals to hire.

Loft Extension Cost Is Influenced by the State of the Building

Loft Extension Cost Is Influenced by the State of the Building

The state of your building is also another important factor to consider to know what the loft extension cost will be. First, find an expert to assess the house because it will be hard for you to do so without specialized skills. Experts will determine the viability of the potential project, what you need, and what the payment will be.

Most professional loft extension architects and builders will want to inspect the loft before giving any quote. If you want, you can contact a loft conversion architect from Humphreysandsons to give you a quote.

The Space Required

The Space Required

The kind of loft conversion to build will be determined by the space you have. There are many types of loft extensions, and all come with a different loft extension cost.

Adding a room in the loft might cost you a decent amount, but it is not as much as a mansard loft conversion, which is the most expensive. Your existing roof structure type will determine whether you can choose a hip to gable. This one is very popular because it is affordable.

Features Impact the Loft Extension Cost

The loft conversion may require windows, electricity, internet, and other features. The windows will be added depending on the design of the house and the amount of light it will need. If the room is an extra bedroom, it might require a bathroom or shower room. This will surely add to the amount you are going to spend on the loft extension.


Different buildings have different designs. Some will require more work like creating extra space or adding light. It is advisable to find a good architect who will give you a quote for the cost of extending your loft. All this will help you get the exact loft extension cost for your project.

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