Your home comfort level will decline fast in extreme weather without a properly working HVAC unit. Though the air conditioner issues are the last thing anyone would wish to hear, it is unavoidable even with the best-maintained units.

AC requires regular maintenance, replacements, and repairs like any other mechanical equipment. Collaborating with Mister Quik Home Services or other company near you offering the same service, ensures timely unit maintenance, guaranteeing efficient and more extended service.

Below are some common air conditioning issues you are likely to encounter.

5 Common-most Air Condition Issues

Air Condition problems

1. Obstructed Units

Regularly inspect inside and outside the AC to check for any obstruction signs around the unit. Look for debris around the AC unit’s branches, twigs, leaves, or dirt. These items can block or obstruct your unit’s airflow.

A unit that does not get sufficient air works harder than usual for optimal output. This may lead to overheating of the unit, which requires frequent repairs or professional maintenance by an expert. Remove any obstructions around the AC components to ensure the unit works smoothly.

2. Dirty Air Conditioner Filter

A dirty air conditioner filter is one of the most common issues. On average, you will need to change the AC filter once every three months.

However, the frequency depends on specific factors. Consider changing the filters sooner if you live in a dusty area or during extreme seasons when the AC works harder. A large household with pets may need to change the filters monthly.

Check your air conditioner filter monthly to see if it needs changing. If you notice significant dirt and dust, switch the filter or clean it. Remember, this is the part that filters the air before you breathe.

If you do not change or clean the air filter, you begin to breathe in dust and dirt. You may also notice some cold or hot spots around your house. If the air at home becomes stuffy, your household may develop breathing issues, especially for people with conditions like asthma.

DIY experts may decide to change the filters themselves. If you do and the same issue persists, call in an expert.

Common-most Air Condition Issues

AC requires regular maintenance, replacements, and repairs like any other mechanical equipment

3. Faulty Thermostat

Many people mistake a thermostat issue with the whole AC unit error. Components in the thermostat bend or become misaligned, which leads to the unit’s problems.

A low battery thermostat will also cause problems as the thermostat cannot signal the air conditioner to the Ac unit for temperature regulation.

As a result, you will experience a decline in the comfort level of your home. Replace your AC batteries regularly. Consider directing the air vents away from the air conditioner.

4. Water Leaks

AC units produce condensation and have drain pipes to ensure proper water drainage. Look for any water leak as it points to a cracked or clogged drain.

If dealing with a clog, pour a little bleach with hot water periodically down the pipe to help clear the drainpipe. The leak may result from a heat exchanger, evaporator drain pan, or collector box. In that case, consider calling a professional to avoid further damage.

5. Strange Noises

A squealing or screeching sound from your AC blower motor points to a faulty belt that may break or a motor bearing. If that is the problem, you can sort it by adding lubricant to the oil port.

On the other hand, clanging, rattling, banging, or thumping means a problem with the motor assembly or the blower. Call an AC professional if you hear any of the noises.


While you may opt to perform your air conditioner maintenance, some things require professional attention to keep the warranty. Address any anomaly in the AC as soon as you notice it to prevent a bigger problem. 


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