Ahh, area rugs and carpets. Besides being a great protector of your flooring, area rugs and carpets provide comfort and warmth for your feet. Not only that, but these floor furnishings also adds a decorative element that can anchor any room.

A brand-new carpet feels fluffy, soft, and luxurious underfoot. However, in high-traffic areas, that silky feel fades away with the constant flow of pressure over time.

Plus, they tend to get really dirty and ugly. As such, you want to stay on top of your area rug and carpet cleaning and care routine.

So, how do you clean and maintain your floor furnishings in high-traffic areas? Follow these tips:


1. Schedule Professional Deep Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your carpets and area rugs in high-traffic areas clean and fresh is to schedule professional deep cleaning. While the cleaning tips below can help remove ugly stains and unwanted dirt, they can only do so much.

In general, having professional deep cleaning at least every 6 or 12 months ultimately helps maintain your carpets and area rugs better in the long run.

Experts have the necessary experience, tools, and a group of personnel to properly wash, clean and dry all kinds of carpeting and rugs.

If you’re interested, you can browse online and take a look at the services of professionals like Rug Wash Specialist or others in your area.

With professional services, you can ensure that your carpets and rugs are maintained well in the long run, making them look fresher and fluffier than you first bought them. 

2. Frequent Vacuum Is A Must

Frequent Vacuum Is A Must

Since high-traffic areas tend to accumulate dirt and dust, frequent vacuuming can help keep your area rugs and carpets clean. If you can, consider vacuuming your carpets and rugs in high-traffic areas every day.

That said, while most people are familiar with the concept of vacuuming to remove dirt and dust on carpets and rugs, there are a few things to consider to ensure maximum care and protection.

For one, make sure to use your vacuum’s beater bar or rotating brush. This attachment is designed to agitate carpet fibers to loosen soil deep into the carpet’s pile.

Take note, however, that while it’s useful for most cut-pile carpets, it can be damaging to certain styles including lopped styles. It can loosen the fibers, cause a fuzzy appearance, and may even create a run in the carpet.

Also, make sure to use adjustable head height to maintain proper airflow and the best suction. When vacuuming, make sure to do it in every direction so that debris and dust won’t dig deeper into the carpet. This also prevents the fibers from matting.

3. Take Care Of Spills Immediately

cleaning solutions using vinegar and baking soda

High-traffic areas have a fair share of spills. That said, take immediate action and clean spills when they occur to prevent them from becoming permanent stains. This can ensure that your carpet and area rugs look spotless in the long run.

Using a white cloth or tissue paper, wipe away spills immediately. You can blot spills using a damp cloth to remove staining. Once the stain is removed, make sure to dry the area by wiping it with a clean, white cloth.

For more stubborn stains, you can use homemade cleaning solutions using vinegar and baking soda. These common kitchen ingredients have powerful cleaning and deodorizing properties that can help clear unwanted stains.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide to remove hard and dried stains that vinegar and baking soda cant remove. Just be careful using this cleaner since it bleaches carpets. Thus, it’s not recommended for dark carpets or those with natural fibers such as silk rugs and wool.

4. Have a No-Shoes Policy

In general, area rugs and carpets get grimy from the amount of dirt that enters your home from the outside via your shoes and other footwear. As such, you may want to adopt a no-shoes policy in your home.

Consider using walk-off mats in your entryways to eliminate most of the dirt from your shoes. You can also place a shoe rack near your door to encourage your family members to remove dirty shoes and use an indoor slipper.

This basic precautionary method can help keep your area rugs and carpets as clean as possible.


All carpets will get less fluffy and accumulate soil, dirt, and stains over time. This is particularly true for high-traffic areas such as the living room and hallways.

Therefore, it’s essential to be vigilant and know how to clean and maintain your carpets and rugs at home. This ensures they stay in their pristine condition and continue serving you for a long time.

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