If you would like to purchase a fireplace that has a difference and you are not sure of what you want, you might consider taking tabletop fireplaces. You might prefer the flexibility of movement or have limited wall space for moving your features across the floor.

Traditional fireplaces are a lovely addition to the home, but the tabletop fireplace can suit all seasons; from the indoors to the outdoors. If you want to put a unique twist in your home, there are many things you need to consider before picking the right fireplace for your home.

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How to Choose the Best Tabletop Fireplaces?

Therefore, here are the tips to choose the best tabletop fireplaces according to your own convenience.

Inside or outside?

The best part about purchasing tabletop fireplaces is flexibility. They can be portable for them to be on the dining tables in the garden and then move inside when it gets to the evening. These fireplaces come in a broad range of designs, and some have glass protection that shields fire from the breeze, making it ideal for the garden.

The heat generated by these fireplaces is ideal to take the chill of clear summer evenings and give you a location to sit after the sunset. They are easy to install and cheap to buy as most of these models come with instructions on how to maintain. When it is inside the house, you can put the tabletop fireplaces on the end table or sideboard creating attractive features for use in different rooms.

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Different types of fuel

The main fuel types used in tabletop fireplaces if bioethanol. This fuel is efficient and eco-friendly because it is safe and cheap when using. Most canisters have instructions, and you can fire small fireplaces for several hours with one canister as per its size. These fireplaces burn cleanly and are ventless leaving no soot or smoke that can clog the home.

This fuel is also good for individuals with breathing problems like COPD or asthma because it does not produce any smoke or harmful gases. They are safer than oil burners and candles thus giving you peace of mind when you have pets or children that can knock them over.

Inset fireplaces

Fire Place

If you are looking for permanent features, you can decide to put the tabletop fireplaces in the furniture during construction. These modern designs can generate a real statement for your garden and house. You can also choose to purchase a table that has an insert of the fireplace, giving you a sophisticated and sleek feel. The disadvantage of having a fireplace embedded in the furniture is that it is not portable like a free-standing model.


When comparing the type of tabletop fireplace, you will buy, considering the operation and purchase price is vital. The cost varies widely, and installation costs can inflate them if you require construction. For tabletop fireplaces, you do not need outdoor vents, and the costs of purchasing it might not be too high.

The cost of operating the fireplace will depend on where you live. The cost of biochemical fuel varies from one region to the next. It is, therefore, crucial to ask a supplier that will help you to choose the right feature that will be easy to fund while in operation.

Heat Efficiency

Fire place

Alongside the cost, you will have to consider how the effectiveness of each tabletop fireplace. The heat value is calculated in BTUs. A BTU is the heat amount required to increase the temperature of one water pound by one degree.

The BTUs produced by a fireplace can forecast the amount of heat one tabletop fireplace can produce. The total number of BTUs a fireplace can produce also tells the size of the area it is capable of warming. You need to have efficient tabletop fireplaces that use fuel well and produces a maximum amount of heat as per your needs.


Nowadays, people strive to do all they could to make sure that the environment remains sustainable at all costs. The tabletop fireplaces you choose for your house or garden needs to be friendly to the environment. It is crucial to note that electrical fireplaces are one hundred percent efficient, as they convert all the electricity they have into heat that is needed in the room.

Electricity is the most efficient energy to use because it comes from alternative sources like wind, solar, and water. This choice of fireplaces is the most environmentally friendly for your house.

You can also opt for the fireplace that uses natural gas because it is less harmful to the environment. However, it is still a fossil that contributes to the production of greenhouse gases and non-renewable. It is not the best alternative when you want to conserve the environment.

Alternately, wood is a carbon-neutral fuel that does not emit a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere while burning. The carbon dioxide produced when burning cannot compare to when it was alive. Since wood is renewable, having wooden tabletop fireplaces makes them an environment-friendly choice, particularly when you use it in high-efficiency wood stoves and specialty pellets stoves.


When considering the type of tabletop fireplaces, you need to put into consideration the convenience it will give you. The ease you will choose to start the fire after installation needs to be put into consideration. The amount you need to put aside for maintenance should also be factored.

A wood fire is the most effective beginning with the ease of getting wood for running it. Building a fire requires some skill, but when lit, it may take some time to build into a proper blaze. After building a fire, you will have to add wood for it to keep going continuously. In case you want to leave, you will have to wait until it burns out by itself before leaving. However, the wooden fireplace is quite messy due to soot and ashes. It will leave the house with residues of soot and smoke.

You can opt for the electric tabletop fireplaces because they do not require preparation or attention. You just push the button, and you are good to go. When you finish burning the fire, you will just have to turn it off. It does not have a mess, no cleaning, and no maintenance, except when checking on the cable or plugs.

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