If you’re living in central London, no doubt you know something about trying to save money. London living is not for the poverty-stricken. The rest of the country would be amazed by being able to afford a studio flat in central London.

Not only are you counting your pennies, but no doubt you’re breathing in when you walk in. All the best flat stories come out of London, from cupboards that become bedrooms to the skinniest buildings.

If you’ve found yourself in a Central London studio flat, take a look at our guide to help you make the most of it.


Top 5 Interior Decor Tips To Make Central London Studio Flats Stand Out From Crowd:

Central London Studio

1. Store it

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you simply cannot keep all of your things in a studio flat. You might not have the space for that second chest of drawers, or there isn’t enough storage for your clothes.

A good solution to this is to put your items into self-storage. Keep everything you don’t need at the moment in your storage unit, ready to pull out, undamaged, when you need it.

Keep your winter clothes in there through the summer months, keep your keyboard or guitar in there until you have a gig, keep that second sofa you can’t fit in the studio, etc.

2. White and light are your best friends

It might be boring and done to death, but there is a reason that all rented flats and showrooms are kept painted white. Well, there are a few.

It’s an inoffensive color that won’t bother everyone, but it also reflects light the best. In a small apartment, natural light is best for making a small space feel bigger, which is in short supply in British flats.

The white paint bounces natural light around the room, making everything feel brighter, bigger, and less depressing.

3. Use vertical space

There is a lot of unused space in any given home. Those of us with space to spare will fill it with artwork, plants, etc. We speak, of course, of vertical space.

Unfortunately, in a studio flat, it’s important to use that space carefully. As nice as a poster would be, there are more practical ways you can use that space.

The most obvious way is with a tall cabinet. You can use tall furnishings that elongate your room and also keep all your books and games organized.

Go half and half with shelves and drawers and you’ll have some extra space for your clothing. If a full cabinet is too much, you can install shelves, although a single piece of furniture would be the renter-friendly option, rather than drilling holes in the wall.

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4. Upgrade your bed

Along the same lines of using vertical space, you might want to rethink your bed. Bunk beds have gone through quite the transformation lately, where they’ve turned into versatile “loft beds”.

They come in doubles or kings, with stairs of various heights, rather than ladders, and offer a lot of downstairs storage.

That could be a compartment under the mattress or enough space to fit a desk or a sofa. Just don’t sit up to fast in the morning.

5. Establish boundaries

If you’re someone who needs to separate work from relaxing, you can invest in some dividers.

You might want to not think about the dirty dishes while you’re trying to watch a movie, or not love traveling from the bathroom to the bedroom after a shower having forgotten your towel.

Maybe you have a roommate and you need to establish more than physical boundaries between rooms.

There are a lot of ways you can go about this. A curtain is one way, which can be installed on your loft bed or on a ceiling railing. Another is a physical divider, which comes in a range of prices. Shop around and see what’s most practical for you.


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